What Are The Holy Spirit’s Feelings On Gambling? On The Computer, Like Bingo?




(10-04-10) Carol Savage was the first person to post a question on my In Secret Diffusion website.

Hi Carol,

Thanks for sending your question and being the person that I practice on and learn how to do this answering on the new website here. I’m sure I’ll get better, over time. This is a great question and it brought out a long answer. Trouble is, the kind of no-cost bingo games that you are talking about…as you defined to me in a later email… are not the kind that He sounds so upset about. So, since that point doesn’t come along until way down in the dictation, let me assure you that you are just fine and can happily enjoy those bingo games forever, as far as He is concerned.

Just the mere word, “gambling” isn’t the problem, at all. Even penny-ante betting to make games a little more fun, is no big deal. It’s Gambling with a capital “G” that He has spent most of His time defining here. So it’s the person’s intent and then,  all the effects upon society, due to gambling, that He took this opportunity to express Himself on.

That’s why these great questions from the public are going to be so much fun. We’re going to learn all sorts of stuff that we might not have thought about when we posed the question. That’s what happened in the writing of the book. Okay, here’s the result of my dictation session the other day on your question: “What are His feelings on gambling? On the computer, like Bingo?”

Oh my Holy Spirit! Let’s take up the whole subject and range of gambling, in general, and then let’s get specific about the modern internet versions. How do You feel about gambling?

“In general, it’s a terrible thing that has plagued society down through the ages. I cannot tell you how much grief gambling has caused and it fuels criminal activities. At the roots of gambling is fund-raising for the huge business of organized crime. Sometimes, it has a pretty face on it, such as the lottery, purported to be, (and actually) supporting education in the United States; but this (educational connection) is one of the most insidious developments in the field of gambling in recent times, because it has virtually extended its reach into the homes, in the name of the children.

This one move has legitimized the act of taking a chance for a small investment in favor of the far-fetched possibility of becoming an instant millionaire. This has educated legions of people to pay a dollar at the supermarket, or convenience store, hoping to get out of poverty with just one hard-earned dollar bill. Instead, they spend a great deal of their salary on futile hopes and dreams and deprive their children of needed nutrition, excusing the whole business because it “supports education in their State.”

This is a terrible extension of the long and sticky fingers of the Gambling Entity directly affecting your society, which calls itself so modern-day and so free of domination! Gambling soon becomes an addiction and it can destroy just as effectively as drug use or alcoholism. There is much more to say about gambling. Mostly, it destroys above and below the carpet. In the disguise of respectability, it addicts a new crop of willing players with its flash of easy money and its ever-present availability. No longer must gamblers go to smoky poker rooms to feed their addiction. It is now all around them, on every store counter and on every computer, so that they can indulge their newfound taste for high-risk stakes, right there in the open and without the company of others in a game.

Their gambling can escape even their own detection when they pay with a credit card and don’t even keep track of how much they are losing at these daily pursuits. It will, eventually, click into an addictive behavior pattern, embedded in the brain, and one little harmless gambling game can lead to other, more expensive and complicated, diversions… especially after a few wins. The youth are also being lured into this very available vice.

Linda Brown! This is a very important question because it’s an age-old rot in the heart of any society and it has always been practiced.

In more primitive societies, it has been almost entirely, a male occupation… casting bets with stones or dice thrown on the earth… but it had nothing to do with women and children. Over the centuries, the games became much more sophisticated and the stakes much higher, but it was still mainly a masculine vice. Only in this previous century, have women liberated themselves enough to shoulder their way up to the poker tables, and now even grandmothers spend their pensions on the lottery, along with everyone else. And don’t even get Me started on the prospects for future involvement as the computer opportunities to lose money proliferate in the small and apparently innocent games like poker and Bingo.

Bingo used to be a church-sponsored, social activity with penny-ante betting and it is still a happy social event, if only a few dollars are at stake during an evening out with friends. I do not mind people “gambling” under such circumstances. The act itself is completely neutral with God. It is not evil, in and of itself, if it remains in the category of a game, made a little more fun when there is something more valuable to win. It all relates to whether the pursuit is genuinely harmless, or whether it is only apparently innocent and actually is a part of a whole fabric called Addictive Gambling.

Under that carpet lies a deep and dark Empire, which thrives on every dollar spent, no matter what game or ticket of chance it is spent upon. Horses, sports, lotteries, internet gambling, etc… every dollar is a fund-raising dollar to continue the Kudzu vine of the organized institution of the Gambling World of Existence.

Kudzu is extremely hard to eradicate and it can cover the countryside, one house and one abandoned car at a time. People who regularly gamble are pouring fertilizer on Kudzu and perpetuating its existence far into the future, seriously compromising the lives of their little kiddies, whose educational system has now become addicted to receiving lottery dollars.

Does this answer your question?”

Yes! Whew! Yikes!

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