What About Humanity’s New Science of Engineering DNA?

From a journal entry of January, 2002 – Our latest buzzword is DNA, the genetic code in the human body and all of life. I’ve just read something about cloning and that we are beginning to engineer this new reality in all sorts of ways. Oh, my Holy Spirit! Can You comment on the fairly-recent science of Human Cloning? My co-worker, Kristen, is asking about it.

“Yes! I don’t want to blither anyone about this, but I don´t think that you understand any of this because you have defined this very method of changing places and changing bodies when someone, in the future, changes bodily conditions and wants to be born somewhere else. As on another planet. Or wishes to be youthened-down and to remain in the same environment.”

Linda – That´s cloning?

“Well, it’s not done yet on this physical plane. Not at all, and We don’t think that you should tell….. Let’s see if We can take your question and come up with something that you can use as a discussion of this topic.”

Linda – Is there a difference in cloning a man and cloning a woman?

“Yes! That’s a fantastic conclusion for Kristen to come up with! We think that she is terribly, terribly, terribly important to women in general and one woman, in particular. She has no idea how wonderful We think she is because she is speaking to you about these extremely sensitive issues. She won´t know just how important she is until after death, but then, she will know just who she is. Yes, it is very beautiful to hear this conversation because it´s allowing you to express your knowledge to another human being and that is most unusual. And, We want you to continue to open up to these receptive souls any time that you can, rather than telling no one; as you have been doing since We began talking to you so many years ago.

Now, in cloning a woman, you don´t know how much knowledge is required and there is no one in creation that can do a very good job of it. So, mostly, there will be men cloned because they don´t require as much talent right at the outset. We know that you are thinking that Dolly, the sheep, was female; but she was not a human being and We know that she was very important to the future of this process.”

(Note: January, 2002. I just read in the newspaper that Dolly is exhibiting arthritis at a very youthful age. Maybe a downside to the stage that Earth’s cloning science is in?)   (Note: March 26, 2003. Dolly had to be euthanized at about six years old; approximately, half the age that most sheep reach.) Continued:

Linda – In cloning, as currently defined by Earth´s human scientists, what happens to the soul of the individual’s DNA that is being used to create a new human?

“Well, that depends upon two things. You see, this is very new and there is no control over who is chosen as the DNA donor. Some people are spiritualized and some are not spiritualized. It makes every difference in the world of creation as to which type of person is going to be cloned.

The other thing is whether God wants to be taken up in the Creative Role and to institute a new method of human propagation in the New Millennium. And, He has decreed that only the spiritualized humans will continue well into this new time period. If he reveals the proper method to a few human beings, then you will witness a new type of human reproduction that was not available to you as a planetary society, EVER, in your past!”

Linda – Do other planetary societies reproduce in this  manner now?

“No! They do not! Not at all! They don´t reproduce!”

Linda – Do You mean that only Earthlings – humans and animals, reproduce?

“That is correct! Because of the interesting conditions on your planet! We don´t think that it is a very interesting subject to carry on to its natural conclusions because that would expose too much; but if you persist in your question in, then I will have to expose these Truths to you.”

Linda – Okay. I´ll ask more on that later. Let´s go back to the question about the capacity of the cloned human being to ever have a soul.

“We don´t see it as not being able to become spiritualized because it is consciousness and it doesn´t matter if that consciousness is added to a Being if it shows up in the physical realm, visibly; or if it arrives in the physical realm within the womb of its mother.”

Linda – Come to think of it, if our history was reversed; and humans were contemplating putting a Petrie dish embryo into a woman´s stomach for the first time in history; then, probably, humanity would react with utter shock and revulsion at that idea! Do You suppose?

“Y.E.S! In fact, it would bring about much, much, much more revulsion than anything scientifically carried out in any scientist´s laboratory!”

Linda – Yes, but how could parenthood be assigned that way?

“Well, you don´t think anything of adoption, do you? This would be similar.”

Linda – Back to the soul. It sounds as if You´re saying that there isn´t some specific chunk of a human´s intangible quality that is called “The Soul,” but that it is a potential that creates out of consciousness, if that person becomes spiritualized. Is that what You are saying?

“YE.S!” That is just exactly what We mean!

Linda – My throat is vibrating!

“We are so excited to be able to have this concept understood by an human who lives on this Earth! This thing about The Soul is highly-misunderstood! It is simply a term that has been coined by some of the Teachers, Who have come here to explain these mysteries to  mankind.”

[And that is it on this batch of dictation.]


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