Camillo´s Christmas Miracle – A Touch On The Shoulder!

December 18, 2019, Casa Kiwi Hostel, Medellin, Colombia. By Linda J. Brown

Do miracles happen? Probably, ALL the time, if we would only stop to notice them within our rush of life and conversation. Here is a sweet and simple moment that my friend, Camilo, experienced yesterday. He, and all the other staff members at this great Casa Kiwi Hostel, in Medellin, Colombia, have truly become family during my three-month stay here.

Yesterday, Camilo, who works at the front desk, was feeling sweetly sentimental about my upcoming departure. I jokingly admitted that I’d certainly miss my luxurious, desk-equipped, private, ensuite room and may, very well, not be able to easily return to sharing a mixed, bunk hostel dormitory in my next Lima, Peru, hostel.

Then, he swept his arms and grandly proclaimed that he would suggest that my room should become formally named for me: “Linda’s Tribute!”  Indeed, other rooms on the higher floors have painted boards above their doors, identifying them as flowers like, Azalea, and such. My room is not named.

I was reacting to this very kind thought, when Camilo suddenly sat back in his chair behind the desk and became very still and distracted! Abstracted! Stunned! He said something in Spanish to Maribell across the room, and then, kind of, “came to” and spoke to me: “Someone just laid His Hand on my right shoulder!”

That “Being” was invisible but had to be standing right behind him in the very narrow space. Camilo spoke, seriously and quietly, about the Touch being unmistakable, though brief. We both admitted to feeling goosebumps on our arms as he described it.

During my entire twelve weeks here, we have never spoken extensively about my metaphysical side. Only, maybe, the merest mention of my long history of running conversations with The Holy Spirit, which has resulted in four published books and two websites. They all know I´m an author; but not necessarily, about what.

My solo travel website ( does not address these inner issues. But, my mystical website: ( does. But, until now, has not included any mention of invisible touches…that I was aware of, anyway. I may be a Voice Hearer, but I´ve never been mystically touched like that on the shoulder by a disembodied spirit! Wish I had been!

Wrapped together in this bubble of wonderment, I asked Camilo if, by any chance, he too conversed constantly with The Holy Spirit?! He stood up, fumbled his wallet out of his pocket and produced an illustration of Arcangel San Miguel (in Spanish) or in English: Archangel Saint Michael, who is his Protector! His Guardian Angel! As I was admiring that glorious artwork image, someone came to check into the hostel and so the moment ended.

Now, with that brief hint of Camilo’s true self, Oh My Holy Spirit! Would You like to comment on the Hand that Camilo so distinctly felt upon his right shoulder from “Someone” standing close behind him?

My God! My God! My God! My God!” You don’t seem capable of writing long enough! And there are, literally, not enough notebooks in creation, to contain what I could tell you about this Moment in Time!”

Plus, the traffic beside this patio is so noisy that it´s hard to hear You!

I know it! You and I haven´t done much dictating during this time here, as you are working so hard on your journal-culling project, and it is simply too noisy, on this streetside patio, to hear each other think. Let alone, communicate! Now, let´s try to explain what almost never happens to a living human being. This was Me, The Holy Spirit, that was touching Camilo on his right shoulder. I almost never attempt to do this, because it might seriously injure that person, if they could not survive the enormous power that flows from this Upper Dimension.”

December 19, 2019

Things got too busy to continue this dictation yesterday; so I’m hoping that we can now find out more about this very exciting incident. Oh my Holy Spirit! Camilo and I would both love to understand what that most-tangible, and recognizable-to-him (but invisible), shoulder touch was. I imagine it like a man-to-man/father-son, spontaneous affirmation that he had suddenly felt. It stopped him short! His voice calmed and then stilled. His left hand reached up to his right shoulder. Both to illustrate, and to preserve that preciousness. Then, an awed wonderment filled his face as he described it to me. Please explain this to us!

Oh My Linda Layli, Layli Linda! I don´t know how to describe it any better than yesterday. I was so sorry not to be able to tell you all about it right away. But, it’s impossible to describe, even now. It’s amazing what Camilo can survive! My energy is so strong as compared to human energy sources, that it would kill most human beings to feel it directly; rather than filtered through to their brain’s consciousness source, which is non-physical and what We, in Heaven, accept as your communications channel. Not the flesh and bone structure. I touch you, Linda, and you don’t die! And so, I was standing there with you and just didn’t think a minute to reach out and touch him, physically: “Man to man! Um… “Me to man!” Let Me tell you something, Linda Layli, Layli Linda! We have no words for this incident! This is the first time in all of history that this has happened!”

Oh, my Loves Above! I’ll bet not! It may be very rare, but I’m sure our Holy Books tell of this. You are on such a High Level and there are so many other planets in creation. How could every story be on the tip of Your tongue? Take a little time to research this and figure out what truth it reveals about this human being named Juan Camilo Giraldo Morales! You didn’t know who I was, either, until You did a lot of digging into my past. Anyone who carries The Archangel Saint Michael’s portrait in his wallet, is sure to have a LOT of history to dig up! For starters, I’d like to call upon Saint Michael, The Archangel, because I know that He’s right here with us now, since He has been mentioned so much lately.

Oh, Archangel Saint Michael! Please, help us understand Camilo’s experience yesterday!

Somewhere in Time and Space, we have all been together before! Even if We’re called slightly different names, We, in Heaven, have Our own Sources to communicate with Earthlings all over the planet! Name changes of the Holy Beings are due, mainly to the difference in languages. For instance, God is called Dios, here in Colombia, a Spanish-speaking country. But, there is still Only One God, as your friend, Mary has so eloquently demonstrated when she thought you believed in many Gods. Thank you for that, Mary! Maybe, Camilo can help sort out these confusing details about Our Levels of Heaven and Earth as he opens his spiritual channels wider and wider as We give him Our Helping Hands!”

Was that your hand on Camilo’s shoulder?

No, it was The Master’s hand! It was The Holy Spirit’s Hand! Jesus is right here with me now, and He promises He will guide and hold all of you, too, as always!”

Hello, Jesus! Did I just hear Someone Up There say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to You? It is only six days till Christmas!

Absolutely! They say that to Me every year. I love My Holidays at Christmas and Easter!

I have some information for Camilo. He is My follower because he’ s right here in My Heart, all the time! I have helped him to open his channels remarkably swiftly and that has brought Saint Michael, My Archangel, into his life to keep him safe and protected. Now, this Merciful One, Linda Layli, is going to tell him what she wants him to know!”

Okay, Camilo, it´s back to me! Wow! What a blessing and a surprise! Please, please, please, use these spiritual and metaphysical skills just as much as you can! Practice! Read! Pray! Exactly like all of us are speaking together now. Informally, happily, unscriptedly, so that these channels within you will remain open and continue to expand!

Be sure to listen for God’s Answering Voice before you end your prayers and turn your attention back to the world. Make it a two-way conversation….like this one is. Have no fear about anything. Just “buckety-bucket” through your life until you can really pop up there, to be with Them forever! Just remember! His Hand is on your shoulder! He’s “Got your back!”

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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