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What if you heard a Voice in your head….for many years?

What if you found out that you could converse with that Voice…and ask any question that you wanted to?

What would you ask? What would It answer?

What if you wrote down that interview…word for word?

What if the Voice said that it was The Holy Spirit? Would you believe it?

This book is the result of a decade-long interview with the Voice in the author’s head. Many of the topics covered here provide tips on how to best handle one’s personal life on this planet; others cover the effect that alien visits have had upon our civilizations – past, present and future. Some speak of the dire consequences of a third global war, if that should ever be Earth’s fate. Naturally, global warming, overpopulation and our persistent tendency for disunity enter the picture as well.

WARNING! This book is an equal-opportunity feather-ruffler! That wasn’t the intention, but at different points for different people, this book will probably bring a squawk out of everyone across the belief spectrum. The interview was serious and in good faith. The answers were honest and completely candid. They are just so…surprising.

“Linda, reading your book is what a sneak peek into a preview party of the latest, greatest movie making its debut must feel like. Unsure of the ending but on the edge of my seat with anticipation.” – Gabriela Celi

Because I had no idea of Who was speaking, for many years, I shied away from, and actively tried to silence this Voice until I finally decided to listen. Thus began a long and lively running conversation with The Holy Spirit.

One day, I realized that I should take the role of talk show hostess and ask all of the burning questions that I have always wanted to know but have never had anyone to ask. So was born this ongoing interview which slips and slides among whatever topics I could think of. It was no-holds-barred and resulted in some very shocking answers.

In my personal life, I’m just a regular woman who likes to backpack alone around the world once in awhile.

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