Sample Questions

In Secret Diffusion is all about questions asked of The Holy Spirit by clairaudient, Linda Layli, Layli Linda. Here are a few of the questions you will find answered inside the book:

1. Do animals pray or talk to You?

2. What was the original mission statement of Reincarnation?

3. What is the best way to spiritualize?

4. How about saying prayers for a person who is dying and do You have any advice for those who are extremely saddened by the loss of someone they love?

5. You say that every planet has a particular “Quirk.” What quirk does Earth have that is specifically wrong with it?

6. Is Earth a school for the soul or a boot camp?

7. How do You define prayer?

8. Any comments for the Atheists and Agnostics among us?

9. What can You tell me about Heaven and Hell?

10. Any advice for prospective parents?

11. If we come to Earth to learn how to spiritualize; and if spiritualization is all about love, then how can life on such a difficult, and frequently unloving, plane of existence teach us to do that?

12. Why has no one ever heard from Houdini? He may be the most famous person to promise that he would speak from the grave and yet no one has ever claimed contact with him. Surely psychics have tried to reach him, if only to collect on that promise. Does this mean that some people will never be available for after-death communication?

13. Do You have any advice for psychic people who have talents that give them an extra edge of information?

14. Where does each being’s consciousness come from in the first place?

15. We don’t understand how vital the moments of our lives are, do we?

16. Our society has become permissive in so many ways. How has this affected child-rearing?

17. Are poor marriages bad places to bring any baby?

18. If overpopulation is one of Earth’s greatest problems, then what is the answer?  How can couples, countries, and continents overcome the problem of unwanted pregnancies?

19. How do You feel about abortion?

20. Do You have any advice for parents?

21. How do You feel about Homosexuality?

22. If our Space Science were a human being, how old would it be?

23. So, there really are civilized planets out in space which already know a lot about Earth? There must be some visible clues which provide traces of alien involvement or activity. Can You name some?

24. Has there been a deliberate attempt on the part of Earth humans to deny the existence of UFOs? The U.S. government has been accused of this. Why?

25.We Earthlings happen to think that we are at the pinnacle of Your creation, don’t we? Are we?