For In Secret Diffusion…

“Linda, reading your book is what a sneak peek into a preview party of the latest, greatest movie making its debut must feel like. Unsure of the ending but on the edge of my seat with anticipation.”     – Gabriela Celi

For Hey Boomers, Dust Off Your Backpacks…

“I loved this book! I read it the way I read all really good books. I sped through the first part, devouring it, then as I reached the last 70 or so pages, I slowed waaaay down because I didn’t want it to end! The book was so wonderfully descriptive, that I feel as if I’ve been on a journey myself! I’ve just ordered a copy of it for my husband’s aunt, who is herself a true free spirit. You’ve inspired me to open my eyes to what will await me (a boomer) in the future, and to make it an adventure. I look forward to your next book!”    -Lynda C. Breen


“I actually bought this book as a Christmas present for my mother-in-law (who’s about to turn 70), but started glancing through it myself before sending it off. Before I knew it, I had finished the book and felt like I had travelled the world in a few days. It’s not written like a travel book; rather, it’s an eyes-wide-open, funny, first-person account of one senior citizen’s ramble through the world. It’s very readable and honest. I just love the idea of this intrepid grandmother waking up on a crowded overnight bus in India to find an elephant’s face staring at her through the window, blithely accepting rides from probable banditios in Northern Albania and sharing dinner and conversations (having no common language!) with locals all over the world. It’s an amazing way to spend your retirement (financed by a social security!), because, as the author says: life is about pushing the boundaries, no matter what age. Although this book is targeted to baby boomers, I think it would be appreciated by anyone with an open heart and a sense of wonder.”     -Jennifer A. Kirkham


“First, I must disclose that I am the author’s son, and not only that, but I read and commented on this book when it was in manuscript form. Still, I do feel that I can write an objective review. I can say that this book held my interest from first to last, which in a sense, is all one can ask of any book. It’s written in a clear, lucid style which allows the reader to vicariously enjoy the travels without having to, say, personally sit in a packed, unmoving train for ten hours and more. Linda Brown does that for you. She also manages to get in a fair amount of information about the various places she visits. Also, my mom is a very sociable person who writes a lot about the folks she meets on her journey; thus we get to meet them too, and the book avoids becoming constrained and claustrophobic. Really, to put it most simply, it’s just good travel writing.”     -D. Brown


Linda J. Brown takes us on the adventure of a lifetime. She throws on her backpack and dives into to third-world countries, a fearless traveler who doesn’t care that she’s a senior citizen on the road alone or living within the bounds of her Social Security check. Brown is an incredible character who will inspire you to find the adventure within yourself. Buy this book!     -Book Magnet (New York, NY)