Does The Presence of a Soul Within a Brain Provide a Vital “Energy” To The Human?




(This question has to do with points brought up in recent studies pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls, concerning Life Before Lives. In past life regression hypnotherapy, he has enabled people to relive their pre-birth planning for their present life. Then he reports the method that their eternal soul uses to combine with the fetus which will serve as its new Earth body. Since this idea was new to me, I asked a series of questions about it. Here is the answer that The Holy Spirit gave to the above question about whether the presence of a soul provides an extra energy to a human body:

Not directly, because that human will survive without the input of the soul during its lifetime, even if the soul is present, but masked and denied. Plus, with some artificial insemination methods of today when scientists oversee the creation of the embryo, the resulting human may miss out altogether on the combination with a soul, since this addition needs to be coordinated with a Higher Level.  That lack can be addressed later if such a human opens to the spiritual life. So, it is possible for a human to function on a biological level without even missing the inner component of a spiritual soul.

But, there is an extra energy available within the soul of the human, which can be accessed by turning in a spiritual direction. This is very observable and I don’t think anyone would argue about that, especially if they have access to their inner soul source and draw upon it habitually.

Respectfully speaking, the soul is also energized by being a part of a human being’s life. It could never function alone in this vibrational dimension, so it is absolutely dependent upon a good relationship with its physical counterpart. Together, they function very, very well with both of them exercising their own free will, but needing the other half to make things work out to the best of everyone’s ability.

This is the first marriage that any human faces. Each spouse – the physical brain and the spiritual soul – must learn to co-exist within the temple of their own body. Those who have the most success with this union, will have a beautiful chance at making a successful earthly marriage. Again, here is a pattern in microcosm, which can also be found farther up the ladder in macrocosm. Those with successful marriages have a better chance of creating a harmonious society, and so on and so forth.

The simple things become more complex, but at the base, it’s all about the marriage of the material and the spiritual.

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