Answers By The Holy Spirit


Do animals pray or talk to You?

In a way, they do. Animals do connect with Me at all times, but they don’t even think about making a special effort to talk to Me and articulate their needs. They know that I know, I know that they know. We are always in touch, mentally, in secret diffusion. It’s different from a human’s connection and animals are not being morally tested down here in this environment. They are under no obligation to regain a communication with Me, or to light a fire inside of their hearts. This is a particularly human test. Animals are really quite pure-hearted and following their own self-preservation instincts. This world appears different to them, even if they share the same environment with the human race.

What is the definition of spirituality?

A growing understanding of reality, with the spark of love for the wonder of it all, included. This is the ultimate goal of creation: to hold that spark of love for its Creator. This is the ultimate test for every living consciousness existing throughout creation.

You say that every planet has a particular quirk. What quirk does Earth have that is specifically wrong with it?

Earth cannot take many more people upon its surface. It was designed with a maximum population cutoff point. When human levels become too saturated, things begin to go haywire and the planet must self-regulate. That’s what you are seeing now and that is what has happened, once in awhile, in Earth’s history.

How about saying prayers for a person who is dying?

Prayer is the best thing in the world that one has to offer someone who is dying. This enables the Heavenly Entities to be on this Earthly dimension in a much stronger way to assist them. Even if the dying person, or someone in attendance, simply utters the words, “Oh, my God!” this will increase the chances of that one receiving the assistance of the Heavenly Ones at the moment of death. This cannot be stressed enough. Prayer and a spiritual attitude open and assist this moment marvelously and do not increase attachment to Earth and the present life’s experiences, which must now be released.

Do You have any advice to family members who may be extremely saddened by the loss of someone they love?

Yes, don’t worry about them so much. They are going to be just fine and are now looking forward to their new life. Unfortunately, you may be in difficult circumstances without their presence in your life, and it’s natural to miss them and even wish that things were different. If you can take control over your own life’s circumstances and go right on living, in spite of the hole they might have left behind, then your loved one can help you from this Other Side and you might be able to still feel their presence near you.

It’s often anger, seeping into grief, which causes such a corrosive element that sealing off must occur. Keep things in perspective and put your love for them first. Time will help, as the adage goes, and you will be much better off once you can move away from relying upon the negative emotion of excessive grief. Sometimes, it’s simply the knowledge of how your mood affects them, that can cause you to feel more accepting about their death.

What was the original mission statement of Reincarnation?

To ensure that every soul had the full opportunity to develop to its highest potential.

Obviously, spiritualization is all about love. How is an Earthly existence important in learning how to love You?

Well, it’s not easy to love something you can’t even see. There is no proof through your material senses that I even exist, yet you are required to love Me in order to spiritualize. It’s a huge leap but your heart is made to love. Your heart has all the right instincts, though it’s not easily done, to love remotely. Earth is just the stage-setting between you and your Beloved. Can you find your way out of the dark, alone and unaided, back to the loving arms of the One Who Made You? Not an easy task to accomplish. Earth parents are teaching that kind of love to their children. Or so I hope.

Have You any advice for parents-to-be and those awaiting the arrival of a birth?

Yes, just love your child as much as you can. All children are coming in to learn how to love. Every one of them needs a great deal of love and they must learn how to give and receive love while in this physical universe. Parents can start loving their child instantly, long before the child is born or even conceived, and they can love each other. Don’t argue. It upsets your baby very much to hear harsh speech, so just be relaxed and accepting about everything and they will be able to relax about coming into this world.

Are poor marriages bad places to bring any baby?

Poor marriages are bad places to bring anybody…even company for a weekend. Don’t inflict yourselves on others if you insist upon remaining inside of a poor marriage. Get out and take your poor children with you!

What is the marriage situation on other planets?

They also marry, but theirs is not so binding as Earth’s marriage practices. This is because Earth is a matrix planet, and a very foundational one. So, whatever is formed here has a very deep impact on the spiritual Worlds of God. The situation on some of the other planets is much more flexible. So, let’s not confuse the issue by answering to their particulars.

So, there really are civilized planets out in space which already know a lot about Earth? There must be some visible clues, which provide traces of alien involvement or activity. Can You name some?

You don’t even recognize any difference between planetary species. How can you recognize even more subtle clues? Many of your inventions come from these alien visits, such as your computer knowledge and the runaway proliferation of gadgets connected to that. This is the way that interplanetary civilizations help each other to advance.

I want to say something here. Pediatrics is still an infant science, to make a pun. We are going to send experts in child-rearing and child care. We have already started this science with all of the test tube inventions concerning procreation. But child-rearing has fallen by the wayside, especially in your more “civilized” countries. There is no advancement possible if the new crop of children is so sadly neglected. Look for new breakthroughs concerning all aspects of child-raising. You are not taking care of these precious souls that We send you and they are spoiling on the vine in too many cases.

Where does each being’s consciousness come from originally?

It comes from the Mind of The Great Creator! A small amount is parceled off to each person, and to a much lesser degree, to each created thing. It is a royal trust, like a gift from the greatest king to everyone under his dominion. What is done with it will determine that human’s future in His great and universal kingdom. Each consciousness will be checked at the end of every millennium, to see which ones have become lighted spiritually. Those will be allowed to remain inside of their owners.

We don’t understand how vital the moments of our lives are, do we?

That’s exactly correct! And the answer to everyone’s dreams lies in spiritualization. However, the zinger in that equation is that when people hear this put to them in such a practical way, they get busy trying to spiritualize themselves. But that causes them to fall into the category of an insurance purchaser. They simply want to buy a policy that insures that they will live in one of those mansions on the Heavenly hill.

This business has gone on forever within the churches and religions of the world, and it has never paid off when the policy came due. There is no way that a person can manufacture a passion for Me, especially when it’s done for his own sake and not for Mine. This is the exact reason why the urgent need to light one’s own personal pilot light is kept secret. So that this Gold Rush, this God Rush, doesn’t occur. At the same time, the need to love God is a very familiar exhortation, taught to everyone who has ever been exposed to any of the Teachings of a Manifestation of God. It’s certainly not a secret to every member of humanity. They have heard this counsel for millennia, from within and from without.

Do You have any comments for the Atheists and Agnostics among us?

Yes I do and no I don’t. On the one hand, I would probably be a member of their Club. On the other hand, they don’t believe in Me, so how can I talk to them? I think that we really are united, once you take away the odious interference that religions have plagued them with over the millennia. Atheists have the right to be Atheists. That’s how I set things up in the first place! Nobody has to believe in Me, or anything else, for that matter. This is a Free Will Universe and anything goes. Of course, that means that everyone takes his chances and must learn to live with the results of his decisions. But, they should be completely free to form and to live by, their own conclusions.

Religions have done many good things and have been the source of happiness for countless numbers, but they can make life pure hell for people who disagree with them. That destroys Free Will, so that turns Me away from their closed-mindedness. If religions could only relax and not be threatened by someone else’s opinion. Let Me tell you something! I don’t even want to get started on this point. Atheists are choir boys, compared to people who perform venal activities in My Name. That’s why they turned Atheists in the first place!

In planning the work that we will do during our life, does it really matter to You what work each one of us selects to do?

Not very much. If your work is good for humanity, then it is all acceptable. That can be a very unpretentious kind of a job. Just so it is helping things to move along and not hindering the flow of positive energy to creation. Anything that is helping is a positive thing. I don’t particularly care what people are doing with themselves, as long as they are happy when they are doing it. They cannot truly be happy if the work they are doing is negative. So that is what to watch for.

I am not impressed with the amount of money that someone makes. Neither are they, to tell the truth, if on a spiritual track. Suffice it to say, it’s up to each individual to decide what jobs will enable him to survive while on Earth. This monetary order of things is how humans have evolved to share their goods and services. It is what the person does with his central attitude that makes all the difference and not what he does throughout a lifetime to make a living.

Has there been a deliberate attempt on the part of Earth humans to deny the existence of UFOs and all that implies? The U.S. Government has been accused of this. Why?

Yes, that must be true, because these sightings have happened and people have reported them. Such knowledge has been discouraged by the aliens themselves, because they do not want the people of Earth to be aware of their visitations. It is not in anyone’s best interests to have these facts known, because people on Earth would not be able to understand or appreciate the whole situation. It is not in anyone’s best interests to ignore the fact that we are all inter-dependent, but it is necessary because Earthlings cannot deal with the facts of Our galaxy and would try to save themselves from Our involvement.

We Earthlings happen to think that we are at the pinnacle of Your creation, don’t we?

Yes, you do, and that is okay with Me because usually nobody presumes to ask Me that question and I let you think that you are superior to all else. You seem to thrive a little bit more if you have your confidence running strong. Anyway, I love you all unconditionally, so what difference does it make? My creation is limitless and you will see what I mean when you ascend from this Earth Below. This is not something tiny. It is something magnificant. Just wait and see. It won’t matter where humans fall on the great chain of life. Everything has a part to play in the grand scheme of existence and the contest is between those who love Me and those who don’t love Me; not between my own beloved of all the brands of My creative imagination.

If our space science were a human being, how old would it be?

It would be right about a ten-year-old kid. A smart ten-year-old kid, who loves to play with bottle rockets. It is doing very well for itself and cannot develop any faster than the societies which sponsor it, because money is still a problem and a dictating and limiting factor. Some planetary societies are free of these problematic limitations and their people are dedicated in many different, matter of fact ways to space exploraton. It is much more a part of the life of the planet, instead of just a small sideline, as it is on Earth.

Is Earth a school for the soul or a boot camp?

A school is set up for the benefit of the students. Unfortunately, for you on an Earth plane, not everything is set up for your spiritual advancement. In fact, the opposite is true. The thick wall of materialism is deliberately put there to make it very hard for you to spiritualize. That’s why it’s such a grand accomplishment when it happens, and why the resulting human being is so welcomed when he returns from that petrie dish of an Earthly life with an inner flame alight with love for his Divine Scientist, Who may have tested him stringently, sometimes. There is no reason to congratulate Me for their results. Every human being who passes this crucial test of a physical life, deserves all the credit for taking a chance on going down in the first place, and then not getting broken by life’s turmoil and many tests. This school is a rough school of the soul, compared to the most horrible boot camp you can imagine. Its graduates have survived something practically designed to destroy them. Beautiful faces, beautiful souls…but not many can purify in the fires of a life on this planet.