Do You Have a Question For The Holy Spirit To Answer?


Would you like to help me with an experiment? I’ve never had a chance to solicit questions from very many people and I have temporarily exhausted my own “grocery list” of things to ask about.  Because I’m quite sure that reading this website, or my book, In Secret Diffusion, must have brought up more than a few inquiries in your mind, I’d love it if you would share those questions with me.  Then I’ll put them to The Holy Spirit and write His answers here in my blog.

We all have certain limitations and mine seem to fall into the area of dealing with specific personal questions, such as: “Will my boyfriend come back to me?”  “When will I get a job and make some money?” or “Please contact a dead human or relative and tell me how they are doing.” I have no idea and can’t even find out such answers for myself. I’m not a psychic, but am a Clairaudient, looking for cosmic questions that might generate answers which will inform everyone.I know that many of you want your dead pet to reincarnate and that subject has run away with itself.

Also, it’s necessary for my mind to be able to understand both your question and His answer…. so that eliminates physics….and a lot of other complicated stuff, right there! But if you’ll stick to more general topics, similar in scope to those listed on this website, then I can probably manage. Any sincere question within those guidelines will certainly be worth taking a crack at and I’d love to have your input. Let’s see what else we can learn about this interesting and complicated thing called Life!

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