Do You Have a Question For The Holy Spirit To Answer?


Would you like to help me with an experiment? I’ve never had a chance to solicit questions from very many people and I have temporarily exhausted my own “grocery list” of things to ask about.  Because I’m quite sure that reading this website, or my book, In Secret Diffusion, must have brought up more than a few inquiries in your mind, I’d love it if you would share those questions with me.  Then I’ll put them to The Holy Spirit and write His answers here in my blog.

We all have certain limitations and mine seem to fall into the area of dealing with specific personal questions, such as: “Will my boyfriend come back to me?”  “When will I get a job and make some money?” or “Please contact a dead human or relative and tell me how they are doing.” I have no idea and can’t even find out such answers for myself. I’m not a psychic, but am a Clairaudient, looking for cosmic questions that might generate answers which will inform everyone.I know that many of you want your dead pet to reincarnate and that subject has run away with itself.

Also, it’s necessary for my mind to be able to understand both your question and His answer…. so that eliminates physics….and a lot of other complicated stuff, right there! But if you’ll stick to more general topics, similar in scope to those listed on this website, then I can probably manage. Any sincere question within those guidelines will certainly be worth taking a crack at and I’d love to have your input. Let’s see what else we can learn about this interesting and complicated thing called Life!

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62 Responses to Do You Have a Question For The Holy Spirit To Answer?

  1. Casey says:

    What were the plans for the dinosaurs? Were they a failed attempt at something greater or purposely placed for humans to come after?

  2. Casey says:

    Is there a way to purposely stop your soul from spiritual growth and will it to not return to source. I have been searching for ways to stop myself from reincarnation and stay as who i currently am for the rest of time.

  3. Ralph says:

    What does Stephania see and feel in me

  4. Deana DeHaven says:

    Is my sweet little Oscar on his way back to me? Next year on my birthday at PetAllies? Never gave I had such a deep bond and I am heart broken to have lost him to a seizure Saturday night. Please ask the Holy Spirit for me. Love hugs and Holy Light. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. wonge says:

    How do you differentiate that your answers come from the Holy Spirit or the Unholy Spirit?

  6. Claudine Boissonneault says:

    Me again! I was re-reading your book, and i came across the section were you talk abou burial practices. Since here lots of people seeks help over the grief of a beloved pet, i have a question about the ‘what we do with this little body we loved and cared so much now that the soul is away’. Most of us go with the cremation, as is it mostly recommended in veterinay clinic. What is the Holy spirit view on this?!..

  7. Claudine Boissonneault says:

    Question : is the Earth Flat, with a ‘dome’ (firnament) as told in the bible in the Genesis?

  8. Claudine Boissonneault says:

    Hi Linda Layli, Layli Linda. Hi Holy Spirit. It’s been a while. I’m here again, looking for answers from the Upper Realm.. as heartbroken as i can be. I just had to put to ‘sleep’ my little Plushie (Peluche), one of my beloved ferrets. The fact that she sleep now is not what’s bothering me days and nights, but how she left our plane. I would really appreciate if you can comtact me via e-mail, so i could ask you my qeustion. Tha k you..

  9. Amanda says:

    Did the same Jesus spoken of in the Bible really walk the earth and perform miracles 2000 years ago?
    Has He been reincarnated once or more since then?
    Is He on earth right now? And is He really the only way to God the Father like the Bible says He is?
    And if He was the one true Savior, then is He the Savior for more than just this planet?
    If He is real, then what is His Heavenly position? Is He really God’s Son?
    Did He die for our sins or was He just a figurehead for the church?
    Providing all of this is true, has anyone else except the Son ever seen the Father?

    • Linda J. Brown says:

      Hi Amanda, I just realized that I didn’t let you know about the many blog posts that resulted from your excellent question. I just want to make sure that you see them. Thanks.


  10. Lora says:

    Hello, I recently lost my Dog Haley about 4 months ago. She had cancer and passed at 13 yrs old. I had her since she was 6 weeks. I still miss her every day and still cry alot. She was my best buddy and I love her dearly. Can you ask if she is ok and if she is still with me. Is there anything she wants me to know? I still think I see her in the backseat of my car. Will she always be by my side. She will be my last pet, I cant take that pain again, so I havent asked her to come back to me, I want her happy and at peace. I know someday we will be together forever. Please ask for me. Thanks.

  11. S Storey says:

    I know that I have two reincarnated pets already. I am wanting to find the reincarnation of my daughters orange kitten that was killed by a large dog yesterday. The young kitten was orange and very small at only four weeks or so. I was watching a dog for a friend and I thought my daughter was awake to watch her kitten. She wasnt even though she had spoke to me. The big dog finished going to bathroom earlier than the smaller dogs. When i went back in I found the tiny kitten dead laying on the floor having been attacked by the large dog. 😢 It was devastating for my young daughter who loved that kitten very much. We took her body to the vet immediately afterwards. It was not our usual vet but one that was open and the same one we had been to the day before. I asked them if they had any orange kittens since I knew that this vet runs an animal rescue. At first they said no but the vet tech then remembered there were kittens born just the day before. There was one orange kitten born with the rest of the siblings being dark. My question is can this one orange kitten be a reincarnation of Nala even though it was born a few hours before Nala’s death? My daughter needs her cat back so much as she is going through so much emotionally right now. She is devastated. We go this week to meet this new kitten. We have had a reincarnation twice now Im hoping for a third time.

  12. Vaan says:

    Why am i hearing higher frequency ringing in my head (ever since i pray for people who’re possessed by evil spirit) and what does it mean?

  13. Vaan says:

    Why am i having sleep paralysis and can holy spirit help us while we’re attacked in sleep?

  14. I love your work and the responses from your sources. Beautiful. We have lost our dear friend Lucky, he was a domestic black and white rabbit we rescued some-4 years ago in Arizona. We now live in Santa Fe where we moved to be married (we are 2 gay men). Lucky just appeared in our neighborhood, he was scruffy and hungry. For several months I watched him, sat with him, sang to him, and left food for him (he lived under our truck). We live in a small space so taking him was a challenge. I tried to get him into a rescue or shelter, but they said they were full. We have no idea where he came from, abandoned, or escaped? What was his name? He lived part of the time along the Verde River. We went to a memorial in Seattle for 1 month, I prayed for him the whole time I was gone, and got a neighbor to feed and water him. When we came back he was gone, but soon he appeared again. We decided to take him in. He had fleas and a tick on his eye. He adapted to our home well and was house trained. We loved him so much and I made sure he had the best care we could offer. He got an allowance of 100 dollars a month for food and care, he ate organic vegetables and would dance around me each morning when I would prepare his plate of breakfast. He ate better than us. I made sure I got up at 7 each morning, and changed his shavings box every day. I wanted him to have the best home. He was always so healthy but developed a rabbit virus that created a tumor that blocked his rectum, this made it difficult to go to the bathroom and use his box. He could no longer keep himself clean and even though I tried to help him stay clean I know it was getting out of hand. We knew surgery was the only answer and we felt this would be too hard on him. We both agreed when we rescued him that when he no longer was able to enjoy good health we would put him down. After agonizing over it for a month we finally took him into the humane society. They came out to the car so he would be more comfortable. They gave him a shot, then another, and another, I felt TERRIBLE! My partner cried for 2 hours straight. I held him, and we petted him every second for an hour and half. Finally, his heart stopped, I can never go through something like this again. I still feel like I was responsible for him and I had to make a decision as to his health, but why was it so complicated? I feel like I have betrayed him. Since he has gone, he has visited each of us in the night, we have cried enough tears to fill an ocean. I am not wanting him to reincarnate to us of course, but do expect to see him again as a spirit rabbit. I pray for him all the time and tell him I love him constantly, I don’t want to keep him earthbound, but this is so hard for both of us. We really bonded with him. I guess my questions are in the scope of my story, I just hope he understands why we made the decision and even though I don’t think he suffered, I hope he is happy and free now, surrounded by love. That is what I desire for him. Is there any way to know his real name and where he came from? Does he have any thoughts for us! Thank you, I love your work, and am thinking about writing a book about Lucky. Our hearts are broken a thousand times, we love you so much Lucky, we have never abandoned you. I still leave a few slices of banana for you each morning.

  15. S says:

    Hi I had this lovely pet bird named Rocky, I used to call him Nop, every morning wen when he would see me wake up he would start singing n dancing in his cage, I was very attached to him. He knew when I. Was depressed or sick or in pain and he would come and try to sit as close as possible and would make some small tiny sounds which made me feel he is consoling me I traveled abroad for my job I dint want to go because I dint want to leave him alone I could understand him his likes n dislikes I would always protect him from things he was afraid of like umbrellas ladders etc wen I was leaving I saw him very sad he never spoke to me, n it has been six months for me abroad n he was sick n on 28th July he never ate the whole day n passed off at night. I’m feeling so responisible for his death. I never got to be with him in his last few struggling moments, my parents buried him in the neighbours garden below the window of my house, I’m really feeling dead, I don’t feel I deserve to live. I don’t kno where he might be. He was always der when I was sad upset or crying due to my depression n when he needed me I was not able to be there with him, I’m apologizing everyday for not being there with him, I feel no worth to live my depression has gotten worse now, I just want him to know I’m very sorry for bot being there for leaving him for the sake of a job abroad, I hope he is happy n safe wherever he is, can you please tell him to be happy wherevr he is. I can’t imagine this I can’t bear this loss I dont know what to say or do

  16. JiElle says:

    Great website real provided me with some additional insight into things I had been feeling and theorizing about. Plus I had a small bit of skepticism about whenever I converse with the holy spirits whether I am really hearing from the hilt spirit or formulating thoughts. Now I’m certain that I was correct in feeling the holy spirits giving me thoughts, this conversing with me. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who speaks casually to it. Great site Ms. Linda. Thank you.

    • JiElle says:

      So many typos. Forgive me.

    • Linda J. Brown says:

      Hi JiElle,

      I’m planning today to take dictation on your former question about Homosexuality and dig a little deeper into the particulars of that subject. I’m currently staying in a London hostel in a six-bed, mixed dorm room; so I hope to find a quiet spot to work, if not today, then tomorrow. Sometime very soon I’ll send an email to everyone who has written to me on this website, announcing my newest book called “Hearing Inner Voices – The Dead Pet Whisperer.” I’ve collected the pet questions from this blog and some about Voice Hearing and exactly what you mention in your comment…. plus, the nitty-gritty about how it happened to me and the effect on my family and those early days. I’ve just finished proofing the final copy, so it shouldn’t be long before you can order it on, and it is designed to reassure you that this phenomenon really is real and trustworthy and serious and happy and casual, all at the same time. It’s a Reality whose time has come and not something to be afraid of, or too-humble about…. which is what kept me from listening for 15 whole years. I’m so glad you’re there and I’ll get back to you on your question soon.

      • helen dervenaki says:

        hi dear Linda.on sunday my little canary named piu died.i found him 3 years ago,he was very sick and everybody told me he woud die.but I saved him.he also was totally bold.1 year ago he grew feathers and became the most beautiful canary I`ve ever seen.his death must have been very sudden.i cant stop crying,couldnt he stayed a little bit longer with me?he had so little time to enjoy his new life.have I done something wrong and that’s why he left?where is he now?is he happy ?did he had a good life with me?I know my questions might sound weird,there are so many birds dying every day.i don’t know why I’m so shattered over his loss.

        • Linda J. Brown says:

          The Year 2016 is GIVING US THE BIRD, apparently! Twice in the same month I’ve received very similar, pathetic letters about a beloved…….but imprisoned…..caged bird dying on its owner. And now, this newly-abandoned jailkeeper is crying about the audacity that its prisoner had to up and die!

          This kind of a question/comment is not the sort that I’m inviting people to send! I don’t do personal, psychic questions in the first place and that includes all pet death requests. But, some letters are better than others and these irrational feelings are shared by only a small number of pet owners, thank goodness; so I have previously allowed some of them in order to supply a mirror for the rest of you; even making that the subject of my fourth book “Hearing Inner Voices, The Dead Pet Whisperer,”

          People! Can you please rip off the blinders that your easy-peasy life has pasted on you? Are you the kind of person who would write a letter such as the two examples below?

          Humanity truly has gone soft if this is a prevalent attitude about death! So, I invite you to take part in a universal contest! Whenever you find candidates for a WORLDWIDE, “GET A LIFE OR GET A WIFE!” CONTEST, then circulate them among your friends and your local newspaper in order to awaken others to this type of behavior. Maybe, ridicule can help these people grow up!

          hi dear Linda.on sunday my little canary named piu died.i found him 3 years ago,he was very sick and everybody told me he woud die.but I saved him.he also was totally bold.1 year ago he grew feathers and became the most beautiful canary I`ve ever seen.his death must have been very sudden.i cant stop crying,couldnt he stayed a little bit longer with me?he had so little time to enjoy his new life.have I done something wrong and that’s why he left?where is he now?is he happy ?did he had a good life with me?I know my questions might sound weird,there are so many birds dying every day.i don’t know why I’m so shattered over his loss.

          Here’s the second one that just arrived today. I think these people should meet to discuss the “Good Life” that they gave their little inmates. The one below was abandoned (surely left with others) for six months before it died. But that was apparently okay, because “An overseas job made me do it!”

          Subject: Help needed i miss my nop Message Body: Hi I had this lovely pet bird named Rocky, I used to call him Nop, every morning wen when he would see me wake up he would start singing n dancing in his cage, I was very attached to him. He knew when I. Was depressed or sick or in pain and he would come and try to sit as close as possible and would make some small tiny sounds which made me feel he is consoling me I traveled abroad for my job I dint want to go because I dint want to leave him alone I could understand him his likes n dislikes I would always protect him from things he was afraid of like umbrellas ladders etc wen I was leaving I saw him very sad he never spoke to me, n it has been six months for me abroad n he was sick n on 28th July he never ate the whole day n passed off at night. I’m feeling so responisible for his death. I never got to be with him in his last few struggling moments, my parents buried him in the neighbours garden below the window of my house, I’m really feeling dead, I don’t feel I deserve to live. I don’t kno where he might be. He was always der when I was sad upset or crying due to my depression n when he needed me I was not able to be there with him, I’m apologizing everyday for not being there with him, I feel no worth to live my depression has gotten worse now, I just want him to know I’m very sorry for bot being there for leaving him for the sake of a job abroad, I hope he is happy n safe wherever he is, can you please tell him to be happy wherevr he is. I can’t imagine this I can’t bear this loss I dont know what to say or do. I cannot mention eveything here I really need him to know I love him a lot and I am extremely sorry for not being there I can’t understand anything, why did god take him away from me

          Oh My Holy Spirit! Would You like to weigh-in on this subject?

          “Yes, I would. But no, I can’t! Because it will silence all these believers in your processing of these Words that you are taking dictation on. You see, this website was started so many years ago now, in order to explore the philosophical and spiritual unknowns between the fragile and ephemeral earth condition and the beautifully-permanent life in the Heavenly Realms. You were looking for deep questions and original-thinking.

          It is, frankly, terribly insulting to Us to hear this quality of inquiry which some humans decide to “find out about,” when they have such a rare opportunity as the one you have offered. Recently, We’ve become tempted to shut down this pipeline from My Ear to their ear, because it’s too painful to witness what Humanity has come to. You know what you know, Linda Layli, Layli Linda, and it is so defeating and saddening to deal with small-minded, yet very-insistent people who see only their own advantages in discovering a willing and articulate pipeline.

          This is the lot of many Souls with whom We have made contact! Eventually, they must flee from the likes of such cling-ons, simply to regain their peace and quiet.


          Because this is on the same subject, I’m going to reprint an earlier blog called PET QUESTIONS WITHOUT ANSWERS, which you can also find if you scroll down on the page soliciting Questions For The Holy Spirit.

          Linney asks – “I have lost my cat Rogue recently, and she had kittens about a month ago. There is one kitten that we are keeping because it looks just like Rogue, has the same personality as her. But the kitten is a male. Please respond…. I’m not sure if this is early reincarnation or something else….”

          Oh, my Holy Spirit! Do You have any advice for Linney?

          “N.O! These are the sort of questions I refuse to answer. They are way too specific. It’s okay if you publish them here, but please don’t ask Me to comment, as the Human Race cannot understand these matters and needn’t be asking about them.”

          Martin writes – Thanks so much for your reply, you can’t possibly imagine how much I value your kindness & also wisdom & insights into this realm! ‘Bette My’ is what we called our wonderful Black & White Cat, ‘bette’ means little in Danish. I’m distressed not just from its passing but also the circumstances (it was approx 14-14½ years old).

          Approx 3 weeks prior to its death it had undergone surgery where a tumor had been successfully removed which we were very grateful of. One Sunday it was enjoying some sunshine out on our terrace when it suddenly went into some uncontrollable spasms & since it had been in the sun for a while we thought it had gotten a sun stroke, we phoned the vets but there was only a switch-board employee since it was on a Sunday & she confirmed it could might well be sunstroke so we provide our cat plenty of Water & relaxation in the shade & this carried on into the coming days as we couldn’t see any symptoms or apparent illness apart from our cat not being able to stand properly so it was mostly confined to its transport box where we provided Water & food for it regularly, however the intake of nourishment stopped last Saturday & it passed away late in the evening to our utter shock!

          I’m left filled with guilt & remorse because we neglected to take it back to the vets in time to try & save it, as we were later told it most likely suffered a seizure. The vacuum left behind is unbearable as its presence was ever commanding with its distinctive strong aura!

          Oh my Holy Spirit! Martin feels guilty for his cat’s death because things might have turned out differently if he had returned to the Vet’s and had it treated for seizure rather than sun stroke. Can You give him any perspective on that?

          “It is rather too much to expect that an owner can prevent the death of an elderly cat. He did the very best he could have done with the instructions he was given. There is usually some reason found to punish yourself in the face of an unexpected death.

          Don’t worry, Martin, death is normal, both to animals and humans, and it cannot be put off forever. Now, you need to forgive yourself and give Bette My credit for such a profound self-examination as part of her departure. She did not suffer during her passage from life and she is not suffering now. So, let her go peacefully and wait until it is your turn to die in order to receive proper answers to the questions listed below. These are too complex and not exactly important for those alive on Earth today. Plus, there is now a difference between The Past and The Future within the New Millennium, so old beliefs, such as Reincarnation, do not apply now.”

          1.) What happens to animals in the afterlife, what type of transition do they go through & what type of life will they experience as I gather they live on, some place else in ‘soul spirit’, how does this differentiate from what they looked like here on earth & would we be able to recognize our own pet(s) at the time of possible reunion, have they changed in any way, shape or form?

          “They usually don’t return in any way, shape or form to Earth, though they will greet their owners when they die if there is sufficient love between them and they will look the same as the human knew them.”

          2). Where is our beloved cat now, & how can I keep track of her?

          “Obviously, you cannot keep track of her. It’s not possible while you are alive. Not with your dead family members and especially, not with your animal friends. This is nothing for humans to concern themselves with.

          3). Who meets/takes care of our animals on the other side?

          “Again, too much information is being requested. Impossible to answer.”

          4). Where is this place called ‘the other side’, is it on another spiritual plane, another density/dimension & how far (in distance) is this from planet earth?

          “Never mind these physically-couched questions. It is apples & oranges.”

          5). Is this place referred to as the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ a place where our pets continue the evolutionary path, if so how long do they stay there?

          “Yes, people call it “The Rainbow Bridge.” Let’s just leave it at that. Animals do not come to Earth to evolve spiritually. They are already accomplished. They come to help humans evolve by teaching them how to love. Time is not measurable on that Side.”

          6). Channelers propose the possibility of communication with a deceased animal through telepathy. I would be very grateful if you could tune into my cat’s thoughts via this medium & get return messages describing its current feelings/mood/frame of mind & how would I know it’s my cat you’re channeling to/from?

          “We are not going to experience this cat’s thoughts right now because he is way too demanding of your services.”

          I do feel strange goosebumps on my right lower leg that began when I transcribed this part of this long question into my journal to write down the answer. Let’s just assume that she is using my leg as a scratching post and move on from there.

          7). I would very much like the opportunity to redeem myself towards out cat, is one provided a second chance here in life, as there’s so much left unsaid that I would like to be able to communicate?

          “Maybe this message is that very opportunity? You can speak to your cat privately without any interpreter if there is anything that you want her to understand. She can hear your thoughts when you think of her. Stop being so worried and let her go on with her future self. Just let go of her. This is good advice for both people and pets when they cross The Great Divide. There is a reason for that name!”

          8). Pets choosing to Reincarnate back here on planet earth do they choose their same owners if the bond is sufficiently strong, if so, how are we notified about their return arrival & will they come back in their infancy or as a strong, healthy youthful cat?

          “Never mind hoping for reincarnation in this New Millennium. It has been discontinued!”

          9). Do you think we will become reunited down here on this earth plane in this life-time, if so what would it depend upon?

          “Reincarnation is not happening any more! For man or Beast!”

  17. AMIRHOSSIEN says:

    Given the circumstances, how can I not find my way Please answer a professional manager

    • Linda J. Brown says:

      Hi Amir Hossien, Will you amplify your question/comment a wee bit more? I’m intrigued and it seems that you already have a good and healthy confidence that you receive guidance to get through life successfully. And, if you are a professional manager, it means that you’re also responsible for getting others, as well as your company and employers, through the woods too. I’m not psychic enough to discern your meaning, so if you can provide a specific question, I can try for a specific answer From Above.

      Thanks, Linda

  18. Robyn says:

    Hi, Linda! I am thoroughly enjoying your website full of questions and answers. I have many, many questions. So I hope it doesn’t seem selfish of me to ask them all. First, my sweet Angel dog passed away recently. She was my world. I love her so much. Her passing feels like I’d imagine the loss of a child. I don’t mean to be selfish to her needs but I felt like she would be coming back to me and maybe like we’ve been together before. Could I get some insight on this?
    Second, I have had many psychic moments throughout my entire life. They are moments of just knowing. Some of the future. Sometimes I feel I have spirits following me. On occasion I have felt they were bad but mostly good. Can I get some advice on how to control these abilities and actually use them?
    Third, I read on your site a question about negative feelings bringing health problems, sickness and bad situations. I have heard that in the past, LOA. My husband is a pessimist. The worst I’ve ever met. He has suicidal thoughts, always thinks I’m cheating on him and if anything bad in any situation could happen it will happen to him, ALWAYS! He is suffering from many ailments as a result. I on the other hand am the exact opposite. How can I manifest good things for family if his negative energy is always bringing my positive down. How can I help him. I’ve tried everything. I need him to be better so our family’s life can be better.
    Finally, how do you feel about Feng Shui? Is there anything to it?

  19. Edina Szilagyi says:

    Hi ! I’m really hoping to get an answer even if its nit what I want to hear.
    I had a dwarf hamster,Rupert. He was my little boy,my everything. I loved him like
    he was my own child. But of course nobody in this planet understood me.
    Hi died 12.01.2016 I got him when he was a baby 28.08.14
    Whenever he knew I’m in a room or close to him he ran out of his house and asking me to
    pick him up,and lets play. He wasn’t like any other hamster,he wasn’t run away. He was just sitting in my hand and kissed me none stop
    He even slept with me,and he was playing like a human kid with me. Amazing.
    I have a really weird question for you. When he was suffering dying ..he wanted to be with me until the end.
    But the weird thing that I had no idea I’m pregnant. I was already 5-6weeks pregnant when I figured out.
    And as we counted back,I got pregnant when his health was about going bad.
    And its weird ,because we didn’t wanted a baby for long time yet and I never got pregnant before. So why now?
    I miss him so much. What if I got pregnant to give a new body to him? What I his soul new I got pregnant o he died to get a new body and stay with us. Is it possible? Our love was so strong. And he knew he is my little baby and not my pet. He was special. Please answer me..that would mean a world to me. Thank you. Edina

    • Edina szilagyi says:

      Does anyone received an answer ? If yes here or via email ?

      • Linda J. Brown says:

        Hi Edina,

        Yes, you will get an answer, as soon as I have time to take the dictation as I’m planning to do today. For background, though, I’ll refer you to my travel website: where you will see that I’m in Belize, in the jungle, during my solo, 4 years-long, around-the-world backpacking journey….so, things are not normal, such as the availability of wi-fi. At this facility, it only exists within the dining room, so my emailing time is quite limited. Plus, another person has just sent a rather similar question as yours, with many facets, which needs dictation and typing, as well. I know that each of you will be interested in each other’s answers, as well. If you would like a pen-pal about your mutual experience, I can send your address to her.

        In the meantime, somewhere in the string of topics in there is already a question about a beloved dog becoming the newborn boy for another grieving family. I think the title is “Animals Never Reincarnate As Humans.” I expect that your answer might be very similar, but I never know until I ask specifically.
        But, you might read that until I can get yours sent.

        I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, Edina.

        Thanks, Linda

        • Edina szilágyi says:

          Thank you so much , the reason I asked if anyone gets answer because many sites doesn’t give answers.
          I’m really sorry about that 🙁 and thanks again for your reply and your time .

          • Linda J. Brown says:

            Hi Edena,

            You are right, many sites do not reply and I do understand. By now, I hope that you have read the dictation I took for you. If not, here’s the link: I think you’ll find it very clever. Particularly, Rupert’s request that you tell his story, in person or on the page. After all, with a child to test it on, how hard can it be?

            Love, Linda

  20. Ashwitha says:

    We had Kylo all of 2 days before he was diagnosed with parvo. He fought so hard for his life and we stayed with him as much as possible while he was under medical care at the vets. We only had 5 days with him but I fell in love with his soul! There was something about this boy’s eyes that attached to my soul. I saw love in his eyes, I saw him look at me with desperation when he was in so much pain cause of the virus. I tried to tell him how much we wanted him in our lives, how much love we have for him. He seemed to have been getting better we left him to sleep the 5th night and we were so positive he was going to healthier the next morning but we arrived to the bad news of him passing that very morning.
    He hadn’t seen any part of this life, his death was so untimely and I have so much love to still give him and I would just like to know if he will ever come back to us? Or is he already on his way – I just feel it – his journey with me was not going to end there! His eyes said he wanted to be with us but his tiny little body just couldn’t fight the virus anymore.

  21. Shari says:

    This has all been so surreal. I lost my beloved cat Gracie. She was was a litter sister to my boy Max. I took her in for a teeth cleaning and tooth extractions and without approval, the Vet performed biopsies on her throat citing he thought she had cancer. My cat went in with a sore mouth and came out with her tongue hanging to the ground and phlegm pouring out of her mouth. (I can barely write this) Her biopsies came back negative for cancer but positive for stomatitis/vasculitis and rather than treat her for that they insisted it was cancer and sent me home with morphine and told me it would only be a matter of time. I tried everything holistically and she fought with me for 2 months while I bottle fed her to make sure she was eating enough. She eventually passed at another vet I took her to. The whole experience was so unsettling and unlike the other souls I have had to let go of: my father, and other animals… this was not a peaceful exit–for her or for me. And I am not dealing simply with grief… I have so much guilt thinking that I should never have taken her to the Vet I took her to the first time. That this is all my fault. And then it got stranger… in an effort to console myself, I went online looking for kindle books to help me with the loss only to be led to books that discussed animals, the afterlife, and reincarnation which I have never even considered even though I am extremely open minded. Every time I opened a book it felt like Grace was “talking to me” telling me that she was okay, that I had to let go before she could come back and that she would be back for us. It’s been so strange and so surreal. And now, I have had dreams and feelings that have indicated she might be back… I feel like I am going crazy. I just need some help with this. Thank you.

  22. Paula says:

    Where did my daughter loose her keys

    • Linda J. Brown says:

      Hi Paula,

      I’m so sorry. This is not the sort of question that I can answer….even for myself. The Voice I hear answers only the vast, cosmic sort of questions that most psychics don’t deal with, so those don’t cover with personal questions either.

      The keys will turn up, surely.

  23. Claudine Boissonneault says:

    Hi Linda! It’s been a while since we last chat, but I still go on your website to read your beautiful post 🙂 I was wondering if you could ask the Holy Spirit a question for me… Since the departure of my beloved Cocotte, it took me some time to open my heart again but now my home is full of joy again, full of games and love from my babies ferrets. I have taken 3 rescues to save their lifes from differents and awful conditions of life…. Now they enjoy themself and play and sleep all day long! I know i know a bit of my heart will go every time one of them cross over, but I can’t help myself there is so many animals in need of a real home I just can’t close my eyes and heart over it. But my question is : yesterday was the first time a re-located one, my litte Princess, and i’m wondering if that was a good move, or if she was better with me. I foun her the best home I could, and in the future I plan to have a Refuge of my own to help pets. I think i have found my purpose in this Life, and honestly I just wanted to know what you and the Holy Spirit thought about that
    .. I wish you both a wonderful day, and I hope to hear from you soon !

  24. naza says:

    i recently lost my dog . he was the one person i was closest to . I just want to know if he’s happy where he is, if he has anything he wants to tell me, and if he’s going to ever come back to me like i asked him to several times before he passed. I dont know if its wrong or right for me to go out and get a new puppy , i dont know if he wants to come back , but my heart aches for him. please help me. please

  25. savana says:

    how would i know if my dead grams near me

  26. Claudine Boissonneault says:

    My precious little ferret Cocotte crossed over a week ago.. i can still feel her in our house, sleeping in her *mother* (my sister) bedroom. She went downhill so fast her little body could not take more, we had to take the impossible decision to let her go. I just want to know…. Is she ok?! Is she still beautiful as she use to … And most of all.. i want her to know that she changed our lifes, ans that we will love her forever and ever. I miss you toutouneskiski..

  27. paloma Quintana says:

    Hello my question was I have always felt different and recently I discovered I am a pleidian starseed but even though I discovered that why do I feel so angry all the time anything makes me react and I dont like that feeling I try to control it but I dont have patience with my daughters why ???

  28. Susan Simmons says:

    Given that nearly all Christian religions believe in one life with the hope of entering Heaven, what are the reactions of the people when they cross over into this realm which is so different than what they had always been told to expect?

  29. Anya says:

    I don’t know how to describe the feeling of either knowing it from within, or just remembering parts of something you used to be or how you existed before this life…I sometimes get pissed about that it’s like a fog was put on you on purpose: you know it’s there, you know it, but can’t remember! I guess that’s what old people feel like when they loose memory, helpless and pissed. 🙂 Almost retarded. I always had (don’t know what to call it, not memory of it, not feeling, more like my nature inside was confirming each and every time some weird thought would come on my mind, like this person you just met is someone you know from life before this one, then comes feeling/illusion of that you remember and recognize things, people. But you don’t have any doubts, it’s coming from within and you don’t question it – it’s just like that. So, please, confirm, that some of people we meet in life are meant to be there because they are someone you knew before, in another world. Is it possible? The weird part is that they stare back at you and looks like they experience the same feeling, but who will come to you and say, “Hi, remember me? We used to hang out in that world?!” I know I wouldn’t. So, it is strange but cool. Unless it’s some people you see and after looking in their eyes you just want to get out of there. You don’t know what they did, but you know they are the opposite of all that’s good. I saw people like that two times in my life and they also looked straight at me and smiled like they knew something.
    And another question… Do we travel from world to world, learning, evolving, having experiences that could later have some effect on our lives here, until we learn (what – don’t remember!) and become spirits of higher understanding, or something? It’s like school: elementary, middle, high school. You are given a chance to prove yourself by making choices and if you don’t you keep traveling. I want to know when it’s all done and let’s say I “graduated” will I be able to find my husband there, or it’s only time we have in this life that’s given to us. I want to be with him for all eternity. Do we get a chance to be together (we – all people/souls) in whatever is after this life if we deserved it?

  30. Anya says:

    Is there such a thing as destroyed/broken energy field? How to heal broke n spirit, damaged aura/closed chakras…whatever it is. Is there a way to get it back and become strong again (not physically, but in spirit)?

  31. Megan says:

    I was wondering about freckles and dreams. It seems I have developed a really noticeable cluster of freckles in the exact shape of the pleiades on my stomach & some of them are heart shaped?? Also i have had really strange dreams since i can remember and many have come true or are. I wonder if i am now undoing the mistakes i made in those dreams, which happen to be love based?

  32. Nikki says:


    i lost my boyfriend on 7th Feb…He died all of a sudden…i want to know if he has a message to give or if he is fine and at peace now…i loved him a lot and now completly lost…please help

  33. Érica says:

    Hi again Linda. I hope you’re doing well these days!

    Actually this time I have two questions for you. Not long time ago I was diagnosed with asperger which impacts on the individual’s ability to communicate and socialize, among other things. I noticed many traits of this syndrome are related to starseed’s concept, such as poor socials skills, preference to be alone, an high IQ and a great sense of honesty. So I would like to ask if this syndrome in particular have a connection with a specific group of starseeds. Even though asperger is part of me and I like to be me sometimes is very difficult in my daily life since I try so hard to “pretend” to be normal even though I couldn’t be normal in any aspects of this society. About my second question, I hope you are able to answer me this since it’s a little personal… Is that I’ve always been connected with the Maria Magdalene’s energy and I feel that she is trying to tell me something. May I ask if she is my guide or even had some past life with me? I hope the holy spirit can answer me this 🙂

    Thank you already Linda! Érica from Brazil.

  34. steven says:

    Holy Spirit please tell me how do you speak to me and what can I do to hear You everyday?

  35. Érica says:

    Hi again Linda!

    First of all I would like to say that I trust and like your work even more because unlike many other people who work with that kind of spiritual information, you don’t charge for this service which is a very good thing… And because I trust you I feel that I can trust you with my doubts. Even so I’m sorry about trouble you with another question, but as you can deduce I don’t have many people I can trust enough and talk about this stuff….

    Actually my question is about some dreams I had in the past ,which I was inside a spaceship among some people, probably from Pleiades and Orion. I actually felt a very good feeling of joy while I had this specific dream, but I unfortunatelly couldn’t prove to myself that it was a real astral experience or just an aleatory dream… I would be very grateful if you ask to the holy spirit if those dreams experiences had some real connection for my spirit. Thanks!

  36. Kat says:

    Dear Linda… Some how, I’ve managed to take in 4 dogs, 4 birds and we did have 4 cats, but down to 2 cats at the moment. My question for the Holy Spirit is this: Recently, we have lost 3 cats and 1 bird. I go into deep depression over each loss. I am mourning my cat Trigger currently. I lost him 1 week ago to my neighbors’ 4 Malamutes. They attacked him and he lost the battle with his life. I am so worried that some how I am to blame for their deaths. Some times I feel over whelmed with all of our animals. Did I cause Trigger’s death, and the others with my thinking? I don’t want to lose any more of my precious pets due to my negative thinking. I am scared to death that something else is going to happen. Would you please be able to shed some light on my situation? Also, if you can, while you’re at it, could you please ask my boys Tristan, Cinco and Trigger how they’re doing? I love and miss them soooo much!!! I want to continue helping homeless animals, but at the same time, I’m afraid to. I would love to have my boys back, but understand that they may not want to come back. I’m going to try to stop mourning after reading on your site that it hurts them and puts a barrier up between us. I would appreciate any information or clarification you could give me. Will any of them come back this life time or will I have to wait til I cross over? I hope I’m not being selfish by asking this. Thank you so very very much. Much Love and Blessings…..Kat

  37. Kat says:

    How does Majic fit in on Earth? Is it real?

    Are Tarot cards safe to use? Do they really work?

    Is Possession real?

    Is it true, that anything is possible on Earth? Do we truly have boundaries or can we surpass them?

    How can we draw what we want to us? Can we do it quicker?

  38. Lori says:

    I wanted to ask why so many people have such a strong dislike for reptiles? Snakes in particular even evoke hate from human kind for which I see no reason for. There has been a horrible tragedy recently in Canada where 2 young boys were found lifeless in the same room as an ecscaped large constrictor, yet the media has already hung the python before the investigation was complete. Having repties as pets myself with first hand knowledge of how constrictors feed, the whole story has many unanswered questions regarding what really happened. Had the snake been the true culprit in this scenario, the scene would have been much more horrific.

    Is the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden all to blame for the undue hatred towards these creatures? They have been villified time and time again throughout history for unfounded reasons. How can we (as people who appreciate and even adore them) educate the rest of humanity that they are not evil. They have a rightful place on earth and in God’s kingdom just as any other divine creature we are lucky enough to share the earth with.

    My heart goes out to the family that this happened to. I can’t imagine the heartbreak they are going through.

    But at the same time I am also saddened that the media is purposely causing more hatred towards creatures that a large majority of people are very uneducated about. Why do people hate things they don’t understand?

  39. Érica says:

    Hi there! I’m a 19 years old pleiadian starseed from Brazil. My question is: As a starseed I’ll have some kind of task if the planet Earth ascend into the fifth dimension? Because as a young soul here on Earth I found out that all those knowledge I remembered little by little in my life has a purpose that somehow is missing in my mind. Even the memories of my past lives (including the last pleiadian incarnation) are coming into my consciousness these last months of 2013, even though I don’t know why.

  40. ela singh says:

    Last year on September 4th , I lost my lovely dog Leechi. She died in my arms…………Her death has completely devastated me……..We were soul mates……….I have still not gotten over her death and I dont think that I ever will………..
    My question is ” will she come back again in my life?”. Plz answer……..Thank you.

  41. Rastakat says:

    My F2 Savannah 6 mos old kitten just died of FIP…. it was crewl and horrible. I also own her alomst 2 year old incredablely beautiful beautiful sister, Kaya. She is now pregnant and is GROWLING into nothing. They were so increatlably close and would sleep in the shape of a heart. We are all so heart broken!!! Can she give birth to her sisters spirit? AND what is she growling at at this moment, and since Naya died? I can’t even tell you how we ALL miss her. Enough to move her burrieal place from our creek to our home…. after she had been buried for 3 days. OMG… FIP is so unfair. >^..^<

    • Linda J. Brown says:

      Dear Rastakat,

      Sorry that it’s taken me four days to answer your comment and take dictation from the Holy Spirit on your questions concerning Naya and Kaya. Please check the website,, to read His answer. I can just imagine how sad your family is. The Savannah is certainly a wonderful new breed of cat. I will be flying to Cape Town, South Africa in a few days and will try to see a Serval and learn more about this handsome and majestic sort of pet.

      Love, Linda

  42. Robyn says:

    I would love to help people learn to be happy with who they comfortable in there own skin and be able to confidently live their life. To help them see their a wonderful caring person just who they are. They dont need any abilitys and qualifications to be wonderful. Why do I want to do this. I feel a need to help people. why does a spirit want to come to earth to do this, when there are so many other things on the earth one could do.

  43. Robyn says:

    Why do our thoughts create illness in our body. Like not feeling as though you are able to communicate properley without feeling like people will think you are stupid or dumb, Why does this cause throat problems. And how do we learn to overcome this thought to clear the throat chakra. And all other chakra’s we block with pur thought patterns.

  44. savor says:

    Hi… I am working as of now. Will i be able to take admission in good MBA school this year? I know it can be difficult for you to answer this. Still m just trying my luck:)

  45. Jay Franke says:

    I don’t even understand how I finished up right here, however I thought this publish used to be good. I do not recognise who you’re but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger if you happen to are not already 😉 Cheers!

  46. lypecryclal says:

    Hwantto say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

  47. In recent discoveries concerning a human being’s pre-birth plans for the present life being lived, Dr. Michael Newton (Journey of Souls) speaks of our soul joining our human brain tissue during the period in the womb. Does the presence of a soul within the brain provide an “energy” that is vital to the life of the human?

  48. Wendy Archambault says:

    What is the relationship between birds and humans?

  49. Carol Savge says:

    what ar3 His felings on gambling? on the computor like bingo??

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