Previously Answered Questions for the Holy Spirit

What Is The Relationship Between Birds And Humans?
What Are The Holy Spirit’s Feelings On Gambling? On The Computer, Like Bingo?
Does The Presence of a Soul Within a Brain Provide a Vital “Energy” To The Human?
On Trying To Decipher Information That Is Way Beyond Our Comprehension Level
How Can Mankind Develop A New Cosmic Consciousness?
What Does The Term “Spiritualized” Really Mean?
Why Is Living on Earth, a Heavy Matter Realm, Important to Spiritualization?
Is There Such a Thing As a Non-Physical Existence?
Is Earth A Great Big Space Experiment?
Are Psychic Talents Alien to Planet Earth?
Prayer Feels This Way From The Other Side
Can Humans With Very Different Backgrounds Get Along?
What Are The Reasons That A Soul Reincarnates?
Are Human Lives Scripted?
Yesterday’s Quotes Are Pertinent for Today and Tomorrow, Ad Infinitum
How About The Spiritual Destinies of People Born In Wealthy Circumstances?
Why Are We Not Able To Accurately See Into Our Future?
Do Pets Reincarnate And Do They Choose Their Owners?
Two Months Ago, My Son Died…..
What Is The Difference Between Dreams and Out-Of-Body Experiences?
Life Is Simply A Party…It’s Okay To Leave It When Your Time Comes
Life Is Like The Tossing of Grains of Sand
How Can I Use my Profession To Inspire New Leadership In Society?
How Can I Connect With Both The Inner And The Outer Aspects Of Another Human Being?
In What Dimension Is The Holy Spirit Who Speaks To Me?
In Changing Dimensions Between Life & Death, Do We Always Return To The Same Planet?
What Are StarSeed Eyes … Where The Whites of The Eyes Show Below The Pupil?
What Is The Meaning of A Soft Spot Over The Crown Chakra?
What Is the Relationship Between Consciousness & Karma?
In a State of Unconsciousness, The Consciousness Still Exists
Could Consciousness Be Referred To As A Magnetic Force?
Where Do Our Prayers `Go`? Exactly What Do They `Do`?
What Is Meant By The Removal of Consciousness? To Whom Is This Ever Done?
An Interview With Commander Ashtar Sheran of The Galactic Federation
What About Spontaneous Human Combustion?
How About Spontaneous Human Combustion On The Operating Table?
Almost Nine Months After My Son´s Passing, I Caught A Quick Glimpse of Him
When Will God Deliver My New Car?
What Are Acid-Based Protozoa & What Do They Have To Do With Atheists?
Are Some Babies Coming In For The First Time and Are Others Old Souls?
Some Questions About This New Millennium We Have Just Entered
Are There Spiritual Penalties To Never Having Children?
What Happens To A Beloved Dog At The Moment Of Their Death?
Why I Have Been So Silent As I Am Traveling Around The World
What About The Existence of Heaven & Hell?
The Existence of God and The Holy Spirit
Death and Butterflies
When Pets Die, What Shall Their Owners Do? The Third In A Series
The Effect Of Negative Thinking Upon Reality
Can We Learn Of Our Past Lives While In This Life?
How Can A Person Develop Their Inner Hearing Abilities?
Pets Can Choose Whether To Reincarnate Again
Where Does One Turn For Inner Guidance? And What Is The Voice That Answers?
Is Modern Technology Changing Our Consciousness? Is It Good For Us?
A Comment From A Bereaved Pet Owner, Recovering From The Death Of His Precious Yorkie Dog
The FIP Death of a Savannah Kitten Has Broken a Family’s Heart
Perhaps This Is Why We Can’t “Feel” Our Beloveds Around Us After Their Deaths
This Is A Wonderful Story About Sammy, A Dear Dog Who Died And A Family Who Loved Him
My Son, Randy, Who Died Two Years Ago, Came to Me In A Dream About His New Work
Will Gay Marriage Ever Be Legal In This World?
What Does It Mean When We Say That Our “Ears Burn?”
Why Are There Characteristic Medical Problems Between People of Mixed Races, Such as American Indian and Anglo?
How Can My New Puppy Resemble My Former Pets So Accurately?
The Death of Your Pet Teaches You Detachment
We Love Comments & Questions…..Just Not Requests For Specific Psychic Pet Information. We Don’t Do That For Humans. Ler’s Don’t Do It For Animals.
Divine Intersection: The Story of My Life
Are There Parallel Universes?
A Question From A Pleidian Starseed
Are Some Departed Souls Unavailable To Communicate With Loved Ones?
Why Do So Many Humans Fear Snakes?
Did I Cause My Pets’ Deaths By My Negative Thinking? Is Magic Real?
Tackling The Subject of Human Fear….Snakes and Otherwise
How About The Fear of Death?
Is There A Fear Eliminator?
Can Negative Thinking Cause Death?
What About “Possession?” Is It Real?
Why Do Some People Always Feel Different From the Rest of Humanity?
How It Feels To Have A Global Conversation About Snippets Of A Past Life
Are Dreams Real and True Incidents Or Simply Fictional Tidbits of Our Imagination?
Which Chakra Are You Working Out Of?
How Does The Holy Spirit Speak to Someone and How Can They Hear Him Every Day?
Why Do Some People Feel Reactions To Solar Flares In Their Bodies?
Epilepsy Is Not All That Bad…..To The Epileptic! In Fact, You Get Insights From The Other Side!
Introverts, Extroverts, Intro-extroverts, and Extro-introverts…..And…..Alligators????
A Sweet Christmas Story From My Son, Randy, Who Works With Dying Children In Heaven
DOG = GOD / GOD = DOG!: A Dog Speaks Up About The Quality of Love Possible Between Pets & Humans:
Euthanizing Your Beloved Pet! How Do You Live With It?
How Can The Human Race Heal The Karma Inherited From Our Ancestors?
What Task Must the Human Race Now Conduct For the Benefit of All?
Do Souls Who Refuse To Evolve Spiritually Ever Incarnate On Another Planet In The Galaxy?
Does The Holy Spirit Believe in “Artificial Intelligence” or in “Intelligent Design?”
News Flash! God Both Does and Doesn’t Exist, All At The Same Time!
An In-Depth Look At Heaven’s Opinion Of Happiness
In Defense Of Ridiculously Silly Human Beings
Did I Kill My Darling Dog?
What About The Use of Tarot Cards?
Will My Yorkie Reincarnate and Let Me Buy Him Back?
How Does Bone-Jarring, Window-Rattling Music Affect Its Regular Listeners, Mostly Male Teens?
Do Freckles Mean Anything?
Is There Any Way To Regain My “Lost Energy Fields?”
“EVOLVING. Please No Interruptions” ….And We Both Laughed!
Setting Out Upon God’s Good Sea, One Must First Discover His “Soul Locker” and Unfurl That Vital Piece of Equipment
The Hallmark of Negative Behavior Is Early Elimination!
Time Is An Environment!
Parallel Universes, Simultaneous Past/Present/Future, Premonitions and Destiny?
Dream Advice To Potential Suicides
Pre-Birth Planning…and The Deeper Spiritual Purpose of Pets
One Day, In Utter Poverty, Came This Vision
What Is The Secret Behind The Bermuda Triangle?
Once YOU Can Hear The Voice of The Holy Spirit…. What Then?
Why Is There Such A Human Desire To Find A Mate?
What About Loud Women Who Cackle When They Laugh And People Who Talk Through Their Nose?
Can Humans Ever Reincarnate As Animals or Do Any Animals Get Reborn As Humans?
Different People Use Different Methods of Gaining Psychic Information. Which Can We Trust?
“How The Hell Did I Get Here?”
How Do The Dead React When Heaven Is Different From Their Religious Expectations?
What Do The Constellations, Orion and Pleiades, Have To Do With Earth’s Population?
A Comment Conversation About Orion Starseeds & A Picture of Starseed Eyes
My Date With Saint Peter – How I Healed Myself in A Condor Prayer, San Pedro, Ancient Medicine Retreat
What Is The Source of God’s Consciousness? And, Why Not A Female God?
Here’s A Fanciful Analogy Comparing Plastic Bags With Human Spiritual Awareness
Is It Okay To Be Judgemental?
How Does The Holy Spirit Feel About Hoarding?
A Bagful of Uncut Diamonds, Hidden In My Suitcase
A Dream About My Unbuttondownable Mind
The Death of a Serval/Savannah Kitten As A Millennial Signpost?
Kirk Nugent – An Incredible Light Worker
Do We Always Reincarnate With The Same, Recognizable Facial Features?
What To Do With Dementia Patients Who Insist Upon Running Free?
Spirit Orbs Above The Secret Garden Hostel In Quito, Ecuador
Do You Have An “Earwig” Inside Your Head? One That Sings To You?
Animals NEVER Reincarnate As Humans
Can Humans Ever Reincarnate As Animals or Vice Versa?
A Pleidian Starseed Feels Angry All The Time And Impatient With Her Children. Why?
The Timely Conjunction of “Journey Of Souls” With A New Stage Of My Life
How Can I Tell If My Dead Grandmother Is With Me? And How About My Departed Animals?
Even Tiny Pet Deaths Leave Big Holes In Their Families’ Hearts
I Have Officially Become A Dead Pet Whisperer!
There Is Joy In Death —- Even In the Departure Of A Small, Furry Pet Child
What Happens When We Fight Death?
A Love Letter From The Holy Spirit About Deja Vu
My Book About Hearing Voices- “Millennial Springtime: Love In The Vast Lane”
A General Question About Being A Starseed
Would You Like A Pen-Pal About Off-Planet, Starseed Matters?
Surviving Pet Owners Are In Much Worse Shape Than Their Deceased Pets
Dedicating Your Life To Pet Rescue!
A Full, Effective And Practical Guide Concerning Communication With The Holy Spirit
How Your Dead Dog Feels When You Cry!
Every Earthling Is Actually A Starseed!
For More Detailed Starseed Information, I Recommend An Expert
With Starseeds, It’s More Like A Caped Chromosome, Rather Than A Caped Crusader
Why “Forgiveness” Is Important….And Who Should Do It
What About People’s Reactions To Sun Flares?
Why Do We Refer To Earth As Being “Down In The Soup?”
Hurricane Patricia – The Greatest Hurricane That (N)Ever Was!
Earth Is A Being In Her Own Right!
When An Innocent Pet Owner Feels Guilt Over Their Animal’s Death
The Central Question For Mankind Today – Our Attitude About Death
I Tried Something New Tonight….Taking Dictation to Questions Asked Live On Stage!
More Open Mike Questions For The Holy Spirit
I’m Organizing The First Chapter of The Hearing Voices Network in Mexico
More Sensitive & Spiritual Travel Questions About My Chosen Lifestyle
Comparing A Christmas Tree To The Death Of A Child
Using Personal Power Responsibly, Especially If You Are a Psychic!
Heaven Can’t Help Us, If We Refuse Its Helping Hand
What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Mermaids? If Any?
What Is The Meaning Of Our Goosebumps When We Hear Spiritual Sounds Or Spiritualized Voices?
An Interview With Sir Jack Maxmillan About His Own Happy Death!
A Child’s Shihtzu Doggie Just Died! Is He Okay?
Perhaps Your Dog Who Died Has A Lesson to Teach You?
What Would You Do If Your Mother Deliberately Killed Your Beloved Dog?
Why Do Humans Feel Stress In The First Place And How Can We Deal With It?
I Got Pregnant When My Hamster Died. Is It Him Returning?
Living With A Negative Spouse
What Happened To My Little Lost Scairdy Cat?
My New Pets Were Born Exactly When My Old Pets Died!
Why Can Some People Only Feel Love And Other Higher Emotions When They Are On drugs Or Intoxicated?
Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
More About Loud, Cackling Women. Why Does Anyone Do This?
Are Same-Sex Couples Relating To Their Inner Selves?
What Comes Before Life?
Pet Questions Without Answers
Ziggy, The Cat, Launches a Whole New Idea For Pet Death Therapy
Taking Dictation During An Open Mic Night In Tallinn, Estonia
An Artistic Challenge To Anyone Who Is Mourning The Loss Of A Pet
Turning Over More Philosopher’s Stones In Estonia
So Many Questions….So Much Time For Inner Dictation!
What Is The Truest Thing?
More Estonian Questions & Answers
Balancing Family Life Between Yourself And Your Elders
“Get a Life, Or Get a Wife” Awards Contest!
Do Soulmates Exist? How Would One Know If They Have Met?
What Are The Mechanics of Falling Asleep?
A Very Surprising And Original Take On Human Marriage Practices
Do The Same Themes Recur In Every Reincarnated Life Or Are They Original Each Time?
How Do We Establish Balance Between The Male And The Female?
The Frustrations Of Resisting The Role of Becoming A Personal Psychic!
What Do Dead Dogs And At-Risk Elephants Have To Do With Each Other?
What Is The Story About Transgender People?
A Vegan Asks How Can Mankind Reconcile Its Cruelty To Animals? Part One
A Vegan Asks About Meat-Eating —- Part Two
I Feel Sensations When I Pray. Is This A Good Thing, or Not?
Why Does Death Exist And How Does It Affect Voice Hearers?
I’m In Paris, France, To Attend My First Hearing Voices Conference
PARIS – The 8th World Congress of The International Hearing Voices Network (HVN)
Are There Living Humans Without Any Soul?
What Is The Morality Behind The Use Of Personal Power?
A Hearing Voices Community Awaits Those With Extrasensory Perception!
When A Human Loves A Bird, Why Must The Bird Always Lose?
Oh, The Beautiful Lessons That A Happy, Free, Bird Can Teach!
Should Humans Give To Beggars? A Surprising Answer!
Borders, Refugees, and Overpopulation? What Is The Solution?
A Human Encounter With The Devil?
Spontaneous Questions Posed To The Holy Spirit At An Open Mic Night In Estonia
A Pittie Named Pac Died Too Soon! But, Don’t Pity Him!
Your Pet Does Live on Forever, In Memory; In All The Events Of Your Life!
Ambushed By A Born-Again Christian! What Does One Do?
Why Do So Many Souls Of Different Capacities Come To Earth And Why Is There Both Extreme Pain and Extreme Beauty?
What Are The Psychological Obstructions To Traveling Freely?
What About The Skill of Remote Viewing And Other Personal Questions About Abilities?
Are There Lots of Highly-Developed Souls Living On Earth At Any Given Time And What Happens To Them Here?
The Search For Meaning In Life Is Probably The Same All Over The World
Can A Person Have Too Much Empathy?
Is There A “Meaning” To Global Warming?
Will People Become Extinct Because Of Global Warming?
Does Everything, Including Global Warming, Have To Have A Meaning?
I View Death As Our Friend
What Is The Reason That Humans Experience Psychosis?
Did Jesus Really Walk Upon Earth 2000 Years Ago?
Is Jesus The Only Way To God, The Father, As The Bible Says He Is?
What Is Jesus’ Heavenly Position And Is He Really The Son Of God Or Just A Figurehead For The Church?
Has Anyone Else, Except Jesus The Son Of God, Ever Seen The Father?
A Crisis Is A Spiritual Test. Example: What If You Ran Out Of Cash In A Foreign Country?
How Does The Human Brain And Consciousness Design The Particular Psychosis For Each Person Who goes Down That Path?
Civil Disobedience. How Do You And The Upper Spiritual Levels Feel About That?
There Is A Well-Used Analogy That A Frog, Placed In A Pot Of Cool Water, Will Not React If The Water Is Gradually Heated To A Boil.
What About The Great Artists In Many Classical Literary, Music or Art Fields? Are These Abnormal Or Freak Capacities?
Is There A Grand Scheme In The Creation Of This Planet, Of The Solar System, Of All The Universe?
What Is Your Opinion Of A Person Dealing With Psychosis Who Chooses To Be Afraid? Or One Who Refuses To Pray For Help From The Heavenly Dimensions?
How Do I Get Out Of Depression? I Keep Wanting To Kill Myself.
What Is The Secret Behind The Egyptian Pyramids?
A Grieving Owner Believes She Killed Her Little Pet With A Commercial Flea Product
A Radical Take On Bipolar Disorder Inspired By Plushie, A Dead Pet Ferret
Are You a “Mind-Writer”? I Am.
What Is Darkness?
Why Does The Bible Begin With A Description of A Flat Earth?
When Does One Stop Chasing Happiness And Start Enjoying It?
What Should One Do About Burying A Beloved Dead Pet? Is Cremation Alright?
Does Lightning Have Consciousness?
Islands Of Plastic Water Bottles Are Polluting Our Planet’s Oceans! Help!
I Missed Two Comments Which Came In Months Apart; But, Look How Well They Fit Together!
Who Designed DNA And Activated It?
How Can An Individual Help The Most And Spread Happiness To Other People?
Is It True That Star Children, Starseeds, Are From Another Planet?
What Do Stephen Hawking, My Son Randy, And Laos Have In Common? Besides Me?
Did You Know That America Bombed Laos For Nine Years Straight? How To React When You Feel Deceived?
Our Ultimate Test: How Do We Act In An Emergency? How Fast?
Wet Hens Are On The Warpath! America’s Secret War In Laos!
Let’s Plan America’s 250th Birthday Party! We Have Eight Years!
Many Metaphysical Questions Submitted By A Reader Named Brooke
More Good Questions From A Reader Named Brooke
What Happened To Ancient Societies And Is There a Planetary Wake-Up Call Coming? What Is Earth’s Future?
What Is The Role Of Words, Language, The Internet?
Meat-Eaters, Vegans, Big Pharma, Contraceptives? How Does It All Stack Up?
Does Objective Truth Exist? How About Snake Consciousness?
What Does It Do To The Mind, Body And Spirit To Travel To New Places?
How Can Humans Do A Better Job Of Taking Care Of Themselves?
What Can We Learn From Cancer or Any Disease? Is It Our Karma or Caused By Overpopulation?
Why Don’t We Live A More Integrated Life With The Different Kingdoms On Earth?
Do Babies Know Everything When They Are Born? Being Straight From Source?
Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People And Why Do Negative People Get Away With So Much?
Where Is Heaven? Does It Actually Exist, In The First Place?
Where Is Hell? Does It Really Exist?
What Is Cancer? Something That We Must Fight Or Nor Fight?
Is Fear The True Devil?
Discovering Spirit Orbs In Photographs
Panic Attacks! What In The World Are They?
How Can One Tell If Your Inner Speaker Is the Holy or Unholy Spirit?
The Voice Hearer Must Conquer Their own Fear
Are We Different In Our Inner Gifts, Like Clairaudience?
Has A Dream Ever Prepared You For Real Life?
When One Must Give Away A Beloved Dog, Who Will “Own” That Pet In The Afterlife?
How Can Anyone Start Their Own Ability To Hear Voices?
What is the Difference Between Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences?
How Can One Inspire New Leadership In Society?
Oh my Holy Spirit! How would You quantify These Latter Years And How Am I Living Them?
A Review of “SOUL’D OUT”, A Musical Stage Play
Are Angels More Like Us Or God?
Before We Come Into Life, Do We Pre-plan Our Storyline?
In Pre-Birth, Do Our Potential Qualities Go Into A Shaker?
Does Freedom Actually Exist? And Is This A Divine Or A Man-made Concept?
Global Warming
A Tide of Consciousness?
Does Smoking And Other Addictions Affect The Soul?
Does God Ever Purposely Inflict Illness Or Injury Upon A Living Human?
“How Would I Behave In Any Given Situation?” Said God As He Called Creation Into Being.
Discovering My Old/New IGF Friends Along The World Trail
Are The Recent Natural Disasters Fulfilling End Times Prophecies?
What Is The Holy Spirit’s Opinion of The Death Penalty And Of Euthanasia??
What Does It Mean When Someone Sees A Friend’s Face In Their Mind With A Sudden Impression Of Their Health?
Earth Is A Spiritual Boot Camp!
What Would I Do In Any Given Situation?
What About Humanity’s New Science of Engineering DNA?
Camillo´s Christmas Miracle – A Touch On The Shoulder!
The Holy Spirit´s Comments On Coronavirus 19, Our Global Pandemic
Life After Death: Our Progress Through Ever-Expanding Dimensions
My Dream Experience Of Our Eternal Progress Through Many Episodes Of Life & Death