What Is The Relationship Between Birds And Humans?


                                       A BIRD SPEAKS UP!


Wendy Archambault asks: Is there a relationship between birds and humans? This was after a shorebird swooped towards the shallow surf where she was standing, causing her to notice a large shark only three feet away, enabling her to leave the water in time.

Oh my Holy Spirit! Is there a relationship between birds and humans?

“Yes, there is. It is unknown completely because most people do not relate directly to any of these birds in the air. There are two kinds of birds: domesticated and somewhat social; and those which cannot be contained in a cage. Linda Layli, Layli Linda has seen both kinds, as every other human has, but you don’t know anything against anything about the avian races on your planet. There are so many different varieties, when you stop to think about bird-dom in an analytical way. What they are doing is populating these Upper Regions above the Earth. Of course, they must land on trees and rocks and the earth itself, for rest and food and nesting purposes but the air is their home away from home. They are an alien race, occupying this planet for millennia. This planet would be strange, indeed, with no birds present. The humans would notice immediately, even though you basically ignore all of them most of the time because they are so ever-present. Yes, you are guessing their purpose – one of their purposes – Linda Layli. Do you want to tell Me what you thought of, as you were writing this dictation?”

Yes, I thought of the use of caged canaries in a mine shaft to warn the miners of the first sign of toxic gas underground. Because of the bird’s tiny body, it would succumb earlier than a larger human and would give the men time to evacuate. It seems very hard on the poor, sacrificial bird but it is probably a very simple and accurate gauge. Would that mean that when our bird population begins to die off in large numbers, that there are new and dangerous toxins affecting Earth?

“Yes, that’s true, that’s true. Beauty is another fragile thing about this Earth Below. All birds are very pretty when studied for their own qualities – even the vultures and carnal birds who complete unpleasant tasks to help clean the planet of debris. You see, a bird is so really fine with its delicate structure and yet, its utter strength to stay aloft indefinitely…under the right conditions, of course. It can use nature marvelously and its freedom is a thing to behold. Birds do not even suffer the madness of territorial animals, though they do have their customary places in the great scheme of things and in the constant, shifting arrangements of their lives.

They are constantly going to and fro, responding to invisible stimulae – electrical and other types of signals, which they use to navigate by. Animals and birds occupy different dimensions than humans do, though these dimensions intersect at many, many points. Humans can observe bird life and they can often eat bird life, by consuming their flesh and their eggs, but they cannot enter their sphere as a participant. It is dimensionally-closed to them; as is true of animal, insect, and reptile dimensions, also.

Now, to answer your question about whether this particular sea bird could have recognized Wendy’s peril and deliberately tried to warn her about it. Absolutely true! This bird even telegraphed a message to her mind which Wendy was astute enough to grasp. Likely as not, the shark was simply curious about this unusual human creature. It doesn’t sound as if he had an attack on his mind. We will never really know but it was not his aggression that alerted her, it was the bird’s concern for her and she acted rationally and left the water which was a really good idea. Because, once noticed, the shark might have slipped back to being a responsible shark, doing what sharks are famous for, this being sundown and feeding time.

If humans respect their boundaries, they will have many opportunities to come closer to the edges of the dimensions and may even get to interact, occasionally, as must have happened here. Do you suppose that Wendy is well-known to many Gulf creatures because she is always coming to the same part of the shore and shallow water in a way that is a heart-communication beaming out, rather than for her own closed-circuit enjoyment, as most of us do?”

(There was a moment of Upper Research when the sound sort of burbled without producing thought. They were turned away from my mind in order to find out His supposition.)

“This is amazing to Us to witness. Wendy has created a pattern of safety for all of these dear and benevolent creatures. The shark was taking her measure. Ever since sharks have been roaming the seas, they have been The Unconquered. They understand the uses of marine power perfectly, and they rule supreme, casting fear in the hearts of fish and man and birds alike. But Wendy was not afraid, although she got out of his way in a prudent manner.

She was known to this shark because her psychic powers of deep love are very important to this Gulf and to the waters of the planet. There are a number of people, like Wendy, who supply energy to the oceans and they are revered by nature, as nature is revered by them.

They are very, very spiritual beings who come into life with so much love for the whole human condition that they can serve the balance between all dimensions represented here. Wendy must have specialized in the Gulf waters, though she could translate her abilities to fit nature wherever she might be.

This is a good story to remember and she was warned by the bird as she was entering their dimension as one of them, protected by them as one of their own. Most species only communicate with those who are in their own species. Very few animals even think to include those higher or lower on the chain than themselves; but when this happens, it is wonderful to behold and both parties will fondly remember that moment. This anonymous seabird now has a built-in, action-stopping camera in his brain, which is constantly reviewing the magical moment when a beautiful woman….”

(an interruption in His dictating…)

“My God! It’s the bird talking to Me. He is saying something extra special. Do you want Me to translate for you? (I nod.) Okay… it is coming rapidly…. Basically, he wants to tell Wendy that they all love her so much and to let her run around in her pink wetsuit forever and ever. “She is a Goddess of the Beach, as far as they ever know and they want her to really, really watch out for the Grandfather of the Deep, who will eat anything it sees. This one was not planning to eat her at just that moment, but they didn’t want her to get hurt if he changed his mind, so this bird took his own chances and overcame its fear to go closer to the water, than he would have otherwise, to warn his friend, The Pink Goddess, so that she would be okay, after all. That’s it! Thank you for listening to me! Thank you for taking this message to The Pink Goddess for all of us. We love it when she comes to see us, though she may think that we ignore her, we are keenly aware of the people on the beach and in the water, and we know our regulars very, very well, indeed.”

“Birds are the Watchers of Humanity and we could tell story after story about our assignments, the ones whom we watch. The CIA has nothing on us! I don’t think humans understand the surveillance they live under and they don’t know what we are saying in our birdsong. Actually, this is a sideline; this spying we do, but we are very wonderfully good at it, as we are good at everything we attempt in this alien planet of ours – this Earth.

We populated it so very long ago, before the humans were created, but we originated somewhere else in the galaxy and were planted here to populate this world when oxygen levels became high enough to sustain a bird population. There is much that humans don’t appreciate about their planet and they are “pooping on their nest,” so to speak. So, we are not sure what the human race will do next and we hope that people like Wendy Archambault will prevail.”

(The Bird Voice changed over the course of the above dictation. It began as a tiny thread, barely audible, when it was spoken by the bird who warned Wendy. Then, it changed and became stronger and fuller, but still bird-like, beginning with Birds are the Watchers of Humanity. I knew that this was coming from an overall Spirit of the Birds…more of an Entity, than just one bird.)

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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