What About People’s Reactions To Sun Flares?

Wes writes: I am so glad I came across this article in a previous blog posting here: https://www.insecretdiffusion.com/site/?p=794

My fiance and I can barely move. We are both very sensitive and psychic and he is bi-polar which I am starting to think, at forty, maybe I am too, because we are in so much pain. This entire year has been wasted, literally, to so much pain. Medicines just don’t help and,  actually, some have opposite reactions; such as, some that are supposed to calm you make us anxious and vice versa.

My sister is a shaman of thirty-one years and tries to explain this stuff; but she went and stuffed herself in a cocoon and doesn’t answer the phone. She is helping others but does not want to hear about my pain. I don’t understand how she doesn’t get pain. She just gets sleepy.

Sometimes, I feel my lungs are going to burst or my stomach. My biggest question here, and a doctor already answered it for me. If we are getting radiated, we are also getting cancer.  Correct? My fiance’s doctor says that as a species, we are supposed to live near the Equator. Also, is it true that our DNA is changing? Are we getting upgrades? Or is this just nonsense?

Oh, my Holy Spirit! This comment was sent in response to our previous blog about sun flares’ effects on the human body. So, though we don’t give specific, personal advice, can we generalize this question to apply to, at least, a segment of mankind, who might be particularly sensitive to the flares that periodically hit the Earth from the sun?

“I don’t know, Linda Layli. Let Me see if Someone Up Here can help Me.”

I have just re-read that original post which spurred this writer’s question. Perhaps, we can consider the question about our body’s DNA code. Are these flares instrumental in changing that and might it be intended to upgrade humans in this new millennium? Or, as You mentioned in that other post on this subject, is this an inevitable and ancient reality, having no personal inclination towards our population? But, rather that these  side-effects are the result of our proximity to a burning star?

Sometimes, in matters of such vast dimensions, Earthlings, think that it is “all about us.” When in truth, these are simply effects caused by conditions and life-spans of other large bodies in space, having nothing at all to do with us. For instance, in the far future, when the sun’s energy is exhausted and its heat can no longer provide Earth with the proper warmth and light range required to support life, the freezing humans still here, might interpret that as an Act of God, meant for them, alone. Truly, such a state might very well snuff out life on our planet, but we would merely be collateral damage in the overall sense. Any comments?

“My God, Linda Layli! Ancient, ancient, ancient truth is in you! I could not come up with any answer concerning a DNA upgrade, or what We were doing to the human race as a planetary population.

I think that there are people who are super-sensitive to flares, just as there are people who can’t ingest gluten in their diet; or are allergic to nuts or pollen in some seasons. Bodies are very delicate and it’s a wonder that your population does as well as you do. Life on Earth is hard for a large variety of reasons, so you must add solar flares to your list of grievances. At least, the sufferers, who identify that as a cause, can take comfort in the fact that they, themselves, are not guilty of some act that caused their distress.”

What about the theory of living at the Equator being beneficial to such sufferers? That’s the part of the planet that is closest to the sun. It seems as if that would make the effect worse? Perhaps, we should ask the doctor who made that statement to explain his theory.

“I think so. Frequently, We, in these Higher Dimensions, are not aware of every little detail of life way Down In The Soup where you live. And, if it’s not something arranged for mankind, but is simply a by-product of some environmental condition, We don’t have a clue as to its reality.

By now, you are speaking to a Dimension that is far above the planet, Earth, and not directly-involved with its affairs. If you were sensitive to solar flares, We would be more familiar with that odd affliction upon people here. It’s not at all likely that there is any personal intention here, deliberately-directed at Earth’s occupants, in this solar effect upon the planetary space bodies revolving around the sun.

But, this sounds like a good field for scientists to investigate as to how to help the percentage of humans who are affected.”

Wes, perhaps you could alleviate your symptoms if you became distracted into following their patterns and checking the scientific sites showing the actual timing of the emissions. This was what my friend, Leslie Fox, of Denver, was doing. By now, she may have learned a great deal. I plan to call her and catch up on what she might know by this time. Has this shown up in your families and might it be passed down, genetically?

If there’s not much medical understanding of this, you might well be doing a service to future researchers by taking notes. Especially, if there are two of you having simultaneous reactions. 

If you can’t beat ’em – join ’em!


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