Why Do We Refer To Earth As Being “Down In The Soup?”


In answer to our previous post, Wes writes again:


Thank you so much for an answer and how cool that you are from another dimension. Soup bowl? Are humans a messy planet? I hear we are. Our own worst enemies at times.

Yes I have been monitoring the solar activity to my body for a year and I do have terrible physical conditions from it. Doctors think I am nuts if I bring it up, so I don’t. A friend who is a doctor knows this to be true. Knows solar flares effect our nervous system therefore making the people who have pain worse. My teeth clench up. The flares wake myself and my partner up In the middle of the night. It’s hard to be on the planet or anywhere. Right now, it’s everyday and night that we have these.

I wonder where, or who, would be interested in this to explain this more; but also who would want the research? Doctors, scientists etc? And how, without seeming insane in the process?

Are there bigger beings than the sun? Is a planet a being? I can tell you symptoms of these flares all day but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Now we are talking about the soup bowl and other things that of course I am so interested in. Thanks so much! Sent with love.

Dear Wes,

Many of us, “Down Here In The Soup,” are higher dimensional beings, and it’s very likely that you both are too, since you are reacting to something that most of us know nothing about. “Skinlessness” is the way that The Holy Spirit once described it. This is mentioned in a previous post: I believe: https://www.insecretdiffusion.com/site/?p=1248. That writer doesn’t mention pain, but a high level of distraction always in her life.  

And it wasn’t me referred to in that high dimension reference in my last post, it was the Being that I communicate with. Over the thirty-five years that I have been speaking to the Invisible Realm, I have elevated in my understanding and inner experience, to more cosmic, higher surroundings than, just the immediate vicinity of Earth allows. So, my accompanying Beings deal with vaster universal levels than just this planet. Thus, They may have to look into a question about something specific happening here.

And yes, Earth is a very basic, low level, strongly-material place. It’s also a Hell Realm for the upper levels.  They send their failures down here; just as we envision our wipe-outs going to some lower level than Earth. But, this is also a very efficient Boot Camp for those who wish to advance rapidly in their spiritual lessons…..if it doesn’t break them in the process. So, we can’t assume that all Earthlings are failures from other levels; because  many are Angels in Disguise, or Lightworkers, or Starseeds, or those who choose a fast track to test themselves on and to grow rapidly or whatever else they might be.

Compared to The Above, we are all down here in the Muck, or the Soup, where we can’t see clearly through everything else that gets in our way. A bit like living underwater.

The reality is, that we usually can’t figure out these finer points, nor are we supposed to. Memories of our former levels have been erased and we’re all down here as equals to see what sort of qualities will develop under the pressures of this enormous life challenge. Which choices will we make when using our Free Will? All around us, people are deciding to be negative or positive, often in response to the very same stimuli. Some will emerge stronger; others will be destroyed here…. even Higher Beings, if they can’t take the heat in the kitchen. There’s equal opportunity to both succeed and to fail and it seems that the less we know about these Inner Details, the more free we are to respond to the promptings of our own heart. If we get a whiff of something that might sound like an advantage “sent from Above,” we might start playing politics with it.

The truth is, that we simply can’t know the whole story from this physical point of view, just as toddlers can’t understand or deal with their parents’ situation. Or a first-grader couldn’t cope with high school physics. We can’t adequately handle vaster information, even if it was spoon-fed to us. But, we’re assured that we’ll get the whole story the minute we graduate and return to the Heavenly Level.

The one “Sheep From Goats” factor seems to be the degree to which each human believes in the existence of God. With so much REALITY blinding us to the Inner Realities, many of us ask for material proof before assigning our loyalties and this sometimes prevents our advancement. The secret to getting through this Clandestine Midnight Assignment of an earth life, is to establish radio contact with Headquarters, early on, and use it as a beacon to show us the way to the end of the stress test. By turning our navigation over to a superior force, we are then free to look around and appreciate the glories here, without the fears that non-seeing creates. That one act might just be the whole reason we were sent to this assignment.  

I like to imagine The Creator, early on, wondering “How would I behave in any given situation?” so, he doles His Consciousness out to so many forms in different situations. And then, His second question to Himself was: “Would I….could I…..turn around and recognize Myself through the murk of materiality?”  Thus, He watches us all to see what the answers to those two creational questions will turn out to be.

Apparently, planets are Beings with their own problems to solve. Earth has a bacterial skin fungus (human overpopulation) and she is beginning to take measures to get us under control. Think massive weather events and plagues. And yes, the Sun is a minor space body when you look at the entire universe, of which our understanding is only a portion of what really exists. The whole could well be the inside of a body of simply ONE individual residing on another plane of life. We, ourselves, can’t possibly be the center of all existence, although it serves us to think that way, for now.  

As to your sun flare data…. keep gathering and analyzing it. Mostly just to get clues to yourselves. I’ll bet there are others who feel as isolated as you do. Is a Facebook page the answer? So, you can all compare notes. Don’t expect much of the medical community. Having been married to a doctor, I know that they rely upon what they learned at medical school. And well they should, to maintain some quality among them. But radically new information, such as my Voice Hearing tendencies, will not make it onto that curriculum for a great long time. Recently, Voice Hearers are forming networks to be able to compare notes. Perhaps this will happen with sun flare sufferers too? Meanwhile, are there sun scientists from whom you can learn the basics of that flare activity. Plus, the Internet is a miracle tool for disseminating your conclusions as well as collecting more data. You might just become highly grateful for the fact that your body is such a sensitive scientific gauge for such remote behavior so far out into space. Maybe your attitude about it can determine, or even lessen, the level of pain.

You know the saying that the observer of a phenomenon cannot help but influence that phenomenon. Even electrons or quarks act differently when being watched.

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