Why “Forgiveness” Is Important….And Who Should Do It

ellclaire asks: “If someone has done something truly bad to you, is forgiveness always needed or are there other possibilities?”

Oh my Holy Spirit, what should one do if another person has been really bad to you?

“I can’t think of any other thing than the forgiving of them that would clear the effect of that  event from your own aura, which is the whole object of forgiveness. When someone is terrible towards someone else, then they don’t seek forgiveness from their victim. If they  had wanted to be clear of their transgression, then they wouldn’t have committed it in the first place.

So, withholding forgiveness from the transgressor doesn’t matter, in the least, as far as they’re  concerned. But, it holds the harm and pain in your own heart until you let go of it…..which is the act of forgiveness. It’s much more about you than about them!”

I can’t even think of what other possibilities there would be. Forgetting about it would be forgiveness, essentially, wouldn’t it?

“Yes-ish. But, not exactly. You don’t have to do anything formal in order to forgive, but it does need to be done inside of yourself in some kind of formal way; such as turning the whole matter over to Me and simply letting go of the matter in all emotional ways.

Otherwise, “forgetting” results in buried resentment, which could be very damaging to your physical and mental health.”

I’m trying to identify with the situation and I guess I haven’t had anyone do something so terrible to me that I would need to forgive them. How crucial is it for the person to inform their offender that they have forgiven the deed?

“I don’t know. I think it would be better if the problem was put on the table and openly discussed. Whatever the other person might feel; at least, they would  know that their victim isn’t nursing the problem between them. I think that removes many of the Stingers that might linger otherwise.”

There must be a fairly heavy dose of psychic component between people who have negative experiences between themselves. Even if neither one calls themselves psychic, is it true that a sudden flare of anger could tap into the mind of someone connected with that emotion?

Do people, unwittingly, continue to stir the pot long after their original incident?

“Why don’t you realize that everything relates to everything else, especially where strong emotions are concerned? When something is left unresolved, then it will haunt everyone  deeply connected within that web. Love and Hate are the most likely emotions to create these long-lasting ties.

Even Love can become overwhelming if it stays in an unresolved state. Parent-Child bonds need to be modified over time. Illicit affairs need to end. Crippling dependency in the  name of Love can’t be allowed to continue. So, even if it claims to be noble or beneficial, it may not be healthy without necessary adjustment. What is at stake is the individual’s own  freedom. Often, the receiver must take steps to adjust their input.

In negative exchanges, the secret is to forgive and then quickly move on. This benefits the one doing the forgiving in greater measure than the one receiving it. But, it also clears the air and the atmosphere remarkably.”

I’m reminded of the phrase: “WHAT IF THEY GAVE A WAR AND NOBODY CAME?” 

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