The FIP Death of a Savannah Kitten Has Broken a Family’s Heart


                 BROKEN A FAMILY’S HEART


A reader named Rastakat has just written about the death of his beloved kitten:

“My F2 Savannah 6 mos old kitten just died of FIP….(Feline Infectious Peritonitis)… it was crewl and horrible. I also own her alomst 2 year old incredablely beautiful beautiful sister, Kaya. She is now pregnant and is GROWLING into nothing. They were so increatlably close and would sleep in the shape of a heart. We are all so heart broken!!! Can she give birth to her sisters spirit? AND what is she growling at at this moment, and since Naya died? I can’t even tell you how we ALL miss her. Enough to move her burrieal place from our creek to our home…. after she had been buried for 3 days. OMG… FIP is so unfair.”

(According to Wikipedia, a Savannah is a very attractive champion cat breed (since 1986) a hybrid between a domesticated cat (often a Siamese) with a Serval, a large-earred wild African cat. The size of a small dog and the largest of domesticated cats, Savannahs are very loyal and social and can be taught to fetch and walk on a leash.)

Oh my Holy Spirit! Can you answer both of these questions? Can Kaya give rebirth to Naya’s spirit in her baby kitten? What is Kaya growling about when nothing seems to be there?

“Yes, I can answer both questions. Definitely, this little Naya is going to come back into this family! She loves them so much and she loves her big sister like a mother. And so, that is what Kaya is going to be.

These diseases do strike once in a blue moon and they do make an animal suffer cruelly but that isn’t the end of the love which they have come into this world to help humans understand through their own special ways. I am so excited about these cats because now this one is with me. I did not know about this recently-developed breed. Thank you for pointing her out to Me.

Well, I think I also know why Kaya is growling. She is trying to communicate with Someone on The Other Side and she is talking to her sister as they plan their reunion. Whenever she is speaking to them, she does it in her own voice which may sound somewhat different than the one she uses on earth.

She is happy to be reunited with her sister again and will be extra-wonderful as a good mother to her babies. Remember that she has suffered extremely during Naya’s difficult illness. Now, she is lonely and communication is not easy, at all, between the two dimensions. She will be under strain, emotionally, until she delivers her kittens and then things will smooth out considerably.”

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One Response to The FIP Death of a Savannah Kitten Has Broken a Family’s Heart

  1. Rhonda-Lee Schroeder says:

    FIP has been the worse illness I have ever watched, her name was She-ma and she was a 4 month old Serval. I had the honor to be of her family for a short time and I never thought my Huskie Misty would be her best friend, where one was the other was right there until it was time to eat or go to bed. They would walk each other up and down the hall and in and out of every room. I had a basket that I would put stuffed animals in and one by one She-ma would take one out and put it in one of the bedrooms with Misty at her side, then I would refill the basket. She-ma every morning would go to my bedroom door to see if we were awake and if not she did play with the other cats, most were Savannahs. Then one evening Misty was laying at the side of the bed watching underneath, I called Misty out thinking She-Ma was sleeping. Well it was about 45 mins later and went to feed She-ma and all she could do was crawl out dragging her hind end, we went ballistic, wanting to know what happen. We called the vet for an emergency and she came in and it took us about 20min to get there. This vet said she had shaken baby sindrome and sent us home with injections of an anti inflamitory. I really didn’t like what the vet had to say, I even asked her could a seizure do this and she said no. She-ma started doing a little better and we called the vet and got some Prednisone. She-ma was kept in her kennel with pee-pads that were cleaned every time she went potty being very careful not to handle her too much. Four days later she was starting to swell, she ate and drank ok but we didn’t want her to get backed up with stool so we gave her a very little enema and she sat up shaking a little and let out 2 ok sized stools as we held her up, then she went to lay down and got back up as if to go some more and went over into a seizure. Trying to keep her from hurting herself and putting a hand on her talking to calm her. We called the vet as we were getting her in the car. As I was driving Deb said Rhonda we are loosing her, I said no no no, then Deb said she is gone. I pulled over and started CPR, I could not believe all the fluid that was coming out, I tried again and she wasn’t coming back. Back home we went with the best Serval whose life was cut too short. This is so hard to write while crying. I did some research and started putting things together, she had FIP. God bless her soul and some day may I know her again. She did come back in spirit about three days later, I could hear playing with Misty. I truely believe this. I really hope nobody ever has to go thru this, if you do God be with you and keep you strong. Rhonda


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