A Comment From A Bereaved Pet Owner, Recovering From The Death Of His Precious Yorkie Dog




This is a departure from my usual practice on this blog, but things are moving in a certain direction here because of an earlier question from an owner whose beloved dog had just died. In a wonderful way, this site is becoming a meeting place for others who wonder about Life After Death for their pets.

Oh my Holy Spirit! Ray has written several times since little Flori died. Is there anything You would like to say to this wonderful letter?

“Oh My God! This is the best thing you could ever say to Me! Here is what life on Earth is all about! These animals are here to teach exactly this and Ray is learning this truth so perfectly and so sincerely and he will become the human teacher for this message, which his dear dog, Flori, brought to him. It is as if she has now gained a voice into the human world and she has now passed on because how could Ray have learned this precious lesson any other way?

Don’t worry, Ray, if you can feel her presence, or not. Maybe you should just forget about that point and just relax. It doesn’t matter to her because her presence doesn’t depend upon your awareness. It’s FREE! She doesn’t mind if you forget her …but she knows you won’t. She has accomplished her mission in life and now she gets to relax. So, it’s all okay. Thanks for writing in again!”

Ray’s new comment:

Hi All .First may all you bereaved owner have found some peace,i know for me one turning point was when i read these words.Blessed are the grieved for the WILL be comforted!!! From the moment i read that my almost constant tears turned to random times and in a week of reading my tears have a special day of the week.Well still not fully accepted Flori (My passed over heavenly yorki girl) is by my side at all times in spirit should anyone know how/if i can enhance that please post . Well i was given a minature yorki a few weeks back FI FI a mini yorki very very cute very timid and VERY funny. Though i could not manage to bond with her infact i think i kept myself from that at the time in fear of another loss.So as my eldest daughter and partner were looking for a companion for thier cockapoo,who fif fi loved to play and rest with i gave her to them,. Even that gift of spirit created a few tears as i felt i had let her down and more than that had refused a gift from GOD ???? .Also after letting fi fi go i have realised my heart does have the capacity to do my best to give that pure love back to another canine so im on the lookout again….To have such an effect on humans to be able to get on heart to heart terms and to be blessed with the gift of being able to understand dogs on a deep level is THE best i have ever known.LOVE like that can only come from GOD. So my friends if your canine friend has a little accident in the home dont admonish him/her sternly/and if he/she dawdles when walking out,please dont keep saying come on come on!!! be patient !!!! because that is what GOD is trying to say >>>Your dog is telling you you are short on patience itself a gift to be nutured.GOD BLESS you all canine feline all sentient beings.. Thank you for being here .

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