Perhaps This Is Why We Can’t “Feel” Our Beloveds Around Us After Their Deaths



There are now a few posts in the string referring to Ray’s sweet Yorkie, Flori, who recently died. The Holy Spirit assured him that she is still in his presence and he replied that he cannot “sense” her there, try as he might. He’s taking that news on faith, but it does bother him not to feel her. In the meantime, he’s learning many things about Love, knowing the profound quality that she has stirred up in his heart. Plus, he is beginning to advise other dog owners not to lose patience with their pets if they have an accident on the carpet or dawdle in the doorway; surely remembering old attitudes of his own. So, he’s growing a great deal. Now, his endless tears only fill one day a week, instead of seven.

Pondering his last comment, I suddenly saw that it’s a total blessing that he cannot sense her presence in a tangible way. The same would go for any loved one, human or animal, that may hover near a griever. Here’s the reason that we should say a prayer of thanks for that merciful protection:

Because of my own long history of inner talking to all sorts of disembodied Visitors who have passed through my days since my Hearing Channels opened, I can categorically say that none of them exhibit the psychic energy for me to literally “feel” their presence. I hear their voices and react to that by think-talking to them privately. This way, I can relate normally to the outside world at all times.

The very few times that I have ever localized them within my space (and I’m not sure how that worked as it was neither sight nor sense), I have automatically changed in my behavior. I begin to speak out loud and use hand gestures while addressing them, as I would do to a living being. I try not to bump into them or to shut a door before they come through. It’s a normal human reaction to adapt to their presence though no one else can see them.

Ray, if you could see and sense Flori with you, then you would revert back to pet ownership of her. You would “talk to the air” or tell people, “Don’t sit in that chair! She’s in it!” In other words, you would go into madness, as far as this world is concerned.

There isn’t any need for that. You are here. She is there. For awhile. You are not absent from each other’s thoughts and your strong ones, literally, pull her to you. Which is fine; but you’re in different dimensions right now and we, on earth, are protected from crossing that barrier while still in the body. It’s a great favor to us because we can focus on living instead of tipping over into mental disassociation. This is why you can’t feel her with you and that is as it should be.

What else is Faith about, but trusting in The Unseen?  Think of how much closer to God you have become because of Flori’s death. Just as you say, she’s quite a teacher. So, relax on the Seeing bit. You really wouldn’t want it.

When I share tips from my own personal experience, when my Inner Hearing Channels powed open, it’s important for me to remember that what happened in my case, is not, necessarily, going on within you. An infinite variety of expressions lead each of us along our own mystic path. But all these paths lead to the same place and we, fellow travelers, can, and do, share helpful tips.

Right now in my development, I realize that I am accompanied/surrounded by Those With Whom I communicate. But, I sure wouldn’t want to actually SEE Them! Please understand that this is coming from a Clairaudient who doesn’t “see” anything innerly. Maybe a Clairvoyant makes peace with the fact that dozens are right there in the shower with her. But, I haven’t grown to that Level yet.

Oh my Holy Spirit! What is Your take on this subject of Sensing or Seeing a disembodied Being in our own physical presence?

“It is not supposed to be happening to the Living on earth. They are supposed to remain ignorant of these people in the Next World and their close associations with every human life. This would be like checking the inside of a watch and trying to tell what time it is. Humans are only given the power to see the clock face and not the mechanism that makes it keep time. Any time that the veil is stripped away, the one on the human level is shaken quite seriously. Especially, because no one else can see through that veil and they quickly dismiss the seer as falling into madness. Not much is gained by these glimpses of the complexity that underlies the everyday. And this is why most humans cannot penetrate these mysteries until they leave the earth plane. Beloved Angels do surround them and the glue which Love creates is very potent. But, both sides are free to do their Work when they do not have to interrelate in their former earthly way.

Dear Flori has now become more than a simple animal who is your pet. But, if you could feel her in your presence, both of you would take up those familiar roles. Just as is the case between human lovers when one passes into the Higher Realm, they change into Beings who can assist their earthly loved ones. But, they do this from their advanced position; not the limited embodiment which the grieving ones long to see again.

It’s all going to come out well in the long run and that quality of Patience, which you are advising other pet owners to employ, is the exact and perfect quality which this whole experience is helping you to perfect in your own life. But, on a larger scale!”

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