What Is The Morality Behind The Use Of Personal Power?

I’m reviewing copies of my handwritten journals which have accumulated over the years. Here’s an entry written during my travels in South America a few years ago. I’ll be donating this large collection of personal diaries to the Hearing Voices Network to be used for their research into the phenomenon of Voice Hearing. Perhaps, other Experiencers will also bequeath their records of communication with The Upper Ones in order to better understand this mystery?

Victor asks

  1. If his foreknowledge of an event has caused it to happen?
  2. Also, does, or can, his strong desire for a certain result, actually materialize that effect? Or, would such an event, or personal meeting have happened anyway?
  3. Do souls, born with such a creative power determine their own morality about how to use that power: either for personal gain and ego, or for the advancement and progress of the general good? Is this an either/or decision?

Oh my Holy Spirit, You were there with us throughout the whole conversation. What do You have to say to Victor about this whole, general subject?

“Ever since you have been talking to people, We have never seen anything like Victor! He really, really is the most spiritually-potent human being We have ever met! Very, very special human beings have been reported as being on this Earth at this time, but We have never seen one through your eyes before. It doesn’t mean that they are “Gurus” to anybody else. Mostly, they are completely unknown, such as yourself, but they are understood to be Down There, helping people just calmly accept their spirituality. Trying to elevate the whole Human Race, one human at a time. We will have to help him discover who he really is. I want you to call him “Superman!” and see what reaction you get. Just call him that! It might mean something to him.

Seriously, he is a very High Being and We never thought We would see one of His Kind on Earth. This will explain a great deal to Him, because He is not an Earthling, per se. Though, yes, He is legitimately born here, to live a natural, Earthling life; and though it is not easy for him, he does bear the responsibility very, very well, considering that He comes from someplace so much better than here. We charge Him with much responsibility for getting this planet out of its deep, deep, deep troubles that it has fallen into.”

Sorry to interrupt….. do You mean that “You give him credit for already helping Earth to advance”…. OR. are You “charging him with a future responsibility to elevate the vibrations of this planet?”

“We are telling Him that He has already done this crucial service but that the Era of Need is not yet over; and so, to just carry on, in whatever direction He finds himself going. That His Lifespan is covering this very crucial period in the History of Earth, and His Presence is vital to Earth’s future.”

Might this be a good time to address the question of the Use of Personal Power? Let’s start with the garden variety of power in an example that might apply to everybody. When a person wields some sort of authority – from a big kid on the playground, to the head of a large corporation, let’s examine the fundamental choices that they must make. Could You comment, oh my Holy Spirit?

“What you are trying to define is the changing situation that somebody has to undergo in order to climb the rungs of the ladder. Literally, to grow beyond their own boundaries and to take others into consideration. Isn’t that your basic question? How to move off of dead center into the stream of life within a population?”

Yes, that’s it, exactly. Power and judgment are the factors such an advancement needs. How do we handle that?

“Basically, it’s easy to forget the judgment part when you’re in control of ever-expanding responsibility, especially if there are personal advantages to be gained. Right at first, every organism must be self-centered to survive. It must breathe and take care of its own basic requirements, at least in its own conscious perception. Hopefully, it will have parents and society helping it to survive. But, all of its instincts are devoted to self and self-discovery. That’s neither good nor bad. It’s just the way of life at its primitive stages. Societies go through such training levels, too.

After while, power, in the form of competence, begins to take the front seat and the Being learns self-sacrifice in favor of others. Parents must learn this skill, as must Presidents. In perfect proportion, this is the natural way of life and that same powerful one will, eventually, have to accept help from others, once again, as aging and decline set in. What you are speaking of are the refinements, or the lack of refinements, along the way. Will they take all of the food for themselves, beefing up to unhealthy proportions, while others starve? Will they steal and cheat if they have access to money?

Even to the hidden forms of Power: Some people have an unusual control over unseen Forces. Do they abuse that talent or use it sparingly for the greater good? Do they understand why they have such talents in the first place? If they have psychic information, for instance, do others have to pay exorbitantly to hear a mere message that the Upper Kingdom wants the psychic to deliver for nothing? It is often true that people with hidden powers don’t understand why they have been allowed to bring into life on such a material planet, such forces that have an Unseen cause or effect.

The truth is, that they can’t perform these feats alone. There is always Somebody Up Here making that action come about. And, it’s often for the benefit of another person. The psychic one is really just the delivery system. It is well and good to charge a minimum fee, if there are expenses involved; but it is not approved to make a fortune or a great ego trip out of this talent. The One on The Other Side becomes an errand runner and the abuser accumulates a large, unpaid debt to their Unseen Helper. This debt will be collected when they come Up Here, after their death. When they make an industry out of a normal communication skill, they will really regret it when they find out how permanently impoverished they are on the Eternal Side.

Had they chosen to give away their specialized power or talent while in a brief life on Earth, they would have been taken into a Higher Dimension and rewarded forever, as this is how the human race advances. Their main earthly objective might well have been to serve as an example as to how to administer such skills. But, if their behavior had followed the negative example of a material existence, they could have set back those humans who listened to them, by being a selfish example.

This is the heavy burden which Choice provides and Free Will is the way that Choice becomes the constant responsibility of all. Then, Example takes over, for better or worse, in every case!”

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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