A Hearing Voices Community Awaits Those With Extrasensory Perception!

 Oh my Holy Spirit, how can people strengthen their extrasensory perception?

“You don’t have to “Do” anything, except to let this develop naturally and elevate the Earth’s atmosphere through your happy spirituality. I urge you to get in touch with the international Hearing Voices Network (HVN), as well as INTERVOICE, both of which are magnificent developments in the future of this planet. They might also be able to refer you to other Voice Hearers and Experiencers in your vicinity. Everything will turn out wonderfully well, as this growing group of concerned friends becomes more and more able to meet their brothers and sisters, with whom they share these mysterious talents.

Their comforting message is that these abilities are normal, and not abnormal, as Medicine has proclaimed. Now, this relatively-new organization of fellow-experiencers will provide all with an avenue for participation. If it isn’t yet represented in your city; perhaps they can tell you how to find others nearby or through the internet. The secret to working with these remarkable gifts turns out to be finding a community where it’s safe and permissible to speak freely and to learn from each other. There’s no need to fix anything, as no one is broken!

However, most people, Hearers or not, are puzzled by much of what occurs to them. So, now they can swap stories and solutions. Probably, the most common problem is the NEGATIVE VOICES, which everyone hears, either all the time, or from time to time.  These come regularly, in addition to the GOOD VOICES. This, too, is normal and there is now a growing explanation as to their presence and what to do about them.”

Yes. As a matter of fact, that’s the subject of the Workshop I led during this conference….the annoying factors that come along with all these talents. Negative Entities, trying to make us afraid; sleepless nights (as that’s when we are being spoken to); being treated as a sick person who needs curing, etc. Everybody deals with the same Ball of Wax! Now, we can share solutions and cheer each other along the path. Here is the contact information for these Hearing Voices websites. Do sign up for their newsletters or inquire as to members in your region. This is the way things happen! One soul at a time!

Hearing Voices Network – www.hearing-voices.org

INTERVOICE – http://www.intervoiceonline.org/

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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