What Is The Meaning of A Soft Spot Over The Crown Chakra?



Oh my Holy Spirit! Elena, my friend here in Abadiania, Brazil, mother of Gregory with the StarSeed Eyes (see previous post), asked a question for You about the top of her head. She has a round spot at her crown chakra which has never completely closed, so it is a soft spot at the top of her skull. When she presses it, she likes the feeling. We are wondering if You can define this for her?

“Yes, I can, but she will not like the answer. It is because she has not completed her Work here on this planet. When someone is finished with their `Tour of Duty`on the Planet Earth, then their skull over the crown chakra closes. When they will be reborn, then it is wide open and when they will die for the last time, then it will be closed for that lifetime.

You see, We are in touch with everyone through their crown chakra, whether the bone is closed or open, and when it closes for their last lifetime, We determine whether they will live or die in the Next World. Most people do not come back to life after their crown chakra closes because they have finished the term for which they were born in the very beginning of their Life Cycles (many, many lives) through the material plane of existence.  So, most people will never have another life again, and a lot of lives are culminating at this juncture in time. Some people will go to sleep and never wake up anywhere because they didn´t spiritualize during any of their lifetimes. Others will go on to another Life Cycle on another planet in a Higher Dimension; and others will simply stay in the Heavenly Realm until they decide what they want to do next.

But anyone with an open chakra, like Elena´s, has not finished their plan for coming to Earth in the first place and they will be reborn after some little time in-between lives for a planning session. And she will not want to come down to Earth again because she will be so happy-glappy (He often uses this word combination to express happiness…maybe as an emphasis) to be with her son in the next world because he will not materialize back on Earth again for another thousand years. So, she will not see him again after this life for a long, long time. But, she could pray to release herself from this cycle of returning to Earth and maybe she will be able to break free of this rotation after this lifetime, if she completes what she came down here to do.”

How can anyone learn that?

“I don´t think it´s very easy to find out but there must be something that she wants to do badly and has never done it in her previous lives. If she does it this time around, perhaps that will take care of her objective.I

Will her chakra close?

“I don´t know, but maybe it might not be open the next time around. If she accomplishes her goal in this lifetime, she might not have to come back, anyway. Tell her to think deeply on her heart´s desire and she will know what task she has set for herself.”

She wants to establish a spiritual center in Slovenia. Could that be it?

“Maybe, if she wants it badly. You can usually tell when there is a passion and a great deal of difficulty in bringing it to fruition. These people usually do know what they have come in for; but circumstances are not only unfavorable, lifetime to lifetime, they are dangerous. And it is not an easy goal to fulfill.

That is why these chakras are left open. We need to be in touch with her and she is spiritualizing beautifully. All that is needed is the Will and the Right Circumstances and she will be happy-glappy to realize her dream.

Maybe this is why her son has joined her in this lifetime: to help her get this dream off the launchpad and into reality. Her family was not going to be very helpful until this boy changed the atmosphere, somehow. So, she may be able to do this……

(Interruption:) Òf course she can! This is The Great Creative Force! She is wonderfully spiritual now and We can guarantee her success. All she has to do is to put things into place with her superior organizational skills and her youthful beauty will carry the day.

All of Slovenia is waiting for this Center! This country has so much capacity just waiting to be tapped and here she is, with such a job to do for All Humanity! She can get this job done in this part of her lifetime and then go on to a new Life Cycle, once she has completed this teeny-tiny little assignment and has taken her place in the Ranks of Heaven Above!

Tell her that We will help her all that We can and ask her to start writing down her conversations with Us, even if they are not very satisfactory right at first. There is always a training period after a person gets talking with Us. We will help her find a way to start that Center, if this feels like it is the answer to her heart´s desire….this assignment that she came in with.”

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