What Is the Relationship Between Consciousness & Karma?



(Abadiania, Brazil) A few days ago, I met John Metatron, of New Zealand, who is traveling the world in the Service of God. When I mentioned that I could hear the Voice of The Holy Spirit and was collecting questions, he posed this one. It was very clear that he already knew the answer but wanted to see what I could come up with.

Oh, my Holy Spirit! What is the relationship between consciousness and karma?

“Òh My Linda Layli, Layli! Why didn´t you go ahead and finish your explanation to him? That is the answer.”

Well, we both decided not to converse about the subject because that would surely influence the answer that we might get from You and since he already knows the answer, he didn´t want to give away any of that angle. So, this way, we´re getting Your take on the subject. Personally, I feel sure that this topic is quite vast and probably reflects many approaches that You and I have never yet discussed. So, being a firm believer in the way that fresh questions can trigger unique answers, I´m expecting nothing less. Plus, You and I have never really dwelt upon karma in our talks because it seems a bit open and shut; but I can´t remember ever putting the two subjects together, so there must be many depths to be plumbed.

First, why don´t we discuss the subject of karma?

“Well, this is just a sort of a way that Earthlings have developed to explain the consequences of their actions.”

(He is speaking strangely…slowly and deliberately.) It sounds as if You are teasing me, Oh, my Holy Spirit!

“Well, I AM trying to  make this a profound discussion, since you obviously want to have something to say about karma. That´s all that karma is! Consequences of former actions. “Goes around/Comes around” works just as well as the more proprietary word, often spoken in hushed tones by followers of some of the religions; even though it has now spread into the general language.

It is not a term, or a reality, which developed in these Heavenly Realms. It´s simply an obvious warning, passed from human to human to warn the uninitiated away from negative thoughts or behavior. Grandmothers employ this same psychology to warn children away from touching fire. The only difference with the karma theory is that the payback is likely to happen in the next life; so that the danger is not so immediately sensed. Any Confuscious Saying has similar roots… just wisdom passed down through the generations as to how to be a human in a planetary situation where truth is not always easy to determine. Wisdom is passed this way and the concept of karma is in this category.”

We humans also use it as an explanation for things in our present life which seem to have no obvious reason. Many physical conditions are believed to be our way of working off a karmic debt. Are we usually correct in this, or do we tend to use it a a catch phrase to explain inexplicable catastrophe?

“Why, Linda, you know what? I don´t even want to talk about this subject because it´s just like your son´s trick questions designed to test our Earthly knowledge and I just don´t feel like jumping into that contest. Everything relates to consciousness! I guess that´s what makes it such a strange question. Without consciouness, there would be no creation; and creation determines its own direction. Without consciousness, creation wouldn´t exist.

All of My creatures have free will and they certainly exercise that in so many imaginative ways. This sets into motion action tracks, or pathways, which are determined by each consciousness´s unique creativity. Usually, there is no correct way to decide to go. All ways are permissable. The only time that some creature´s actions might be considered negative would be if, and when, they rob another creative being, a fellow creature, of his freedom to decide his own actions.

Over time, society has formed approval and disapproval for certain actions and has labled them good or bad. Then come the Rules…the do´s and the don´ts; the punishments and the rewards; and especially, the warnings and threats as to what happens to those who go against these over-riding laws of the land or of the religions.

I don´t enforce these man-made laws. Of course, there are many consequences from the myriad choices that life offers and most consciounesses do have at least a fuzzy perception of the risks they might be taking if they violate another person´s rights or property. But this is just common sense. It isn´t a system of religious or cosmic heirarchies backing up some society´s “I Told You So” System.

As far as bad things happening to good people: it´s too simplistic to look at these tragedies as having their roots in some past life´s terrible actions. There are far too many wheels and plans and purposes in operation to dismiss some present event as a pre-earned punishment. I wish people would forget that they had ever learned of this teaching of karma and that they would start thinking originally again.

John is a beautiful soul and he radiates love and acceptance of everyone and is so helpful to so many people that I challenge him to find new words and new avenues to bring people into this new millennium. He is absolutely correct in saying that, soon, more and more humans are going to be waking up to the new age that everyone has entered now.

Old words and old phrases of explanation need to be left in the past. They are like the word, “God,” which has now taken on so many meanings that today´s spiritually-awakened ones are finding their own ways of defining Him, as you have, by using the term: The Great Creative Force.

I encourage John to distill his language, as he has already done by calling men, “Beloveds” and women, “Goddesses.” He will then come up with many more new ways of teaching truth; such as those he has discovered while pondering consciousness.

I would much rather hear his fresh ideas, than to have to write a thesis on an old religious approach. It´s like asking Me to write a commentary on the Catholic Doctrine of Original Sin. That´s not My ruling! It´s the ruling of one of the many Power Force Fields operating in the world today. Let them hold forth on it!

It doesn´t exist as a belief Up Here!”

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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