What is the Difference Between Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences?

One of my neighbors, Kim, is reading my In Secret Diffusion book and she came over to discuss an answer I had received about out-of-body experiences because these happen to her spontaneously. In the book, I’d asked Him to compare dreams with times when someone might leave their body. His brief answer had said:

1) Out-of-body practices shouldn’t be attempted by anybody;

2) there is a great risk when this is done deliberately;

3) out-of-body episodes are dangerous because they “might not be done in the right direction or in the right manner.”;

4) we should leave it alone.

5) if one is supposed to do it, they would be protected;

6) but it’s risky business to fool around with because accidents do happen in the interdimensional fields.  

7) negative entities might take over an unprotected body and those are then hard to dislodge;

So, even though I’d only devoted two paragraphs to that subject in the book, I see that we packed a lot in, actually. But I promised Kim to dig a little deeper.

Oh, my Holy Spirit! You were with me yesterday as I spoke to Kim about so many subjects and she described the spontaneous, out-of-body dreams that she remembers; as well as times when receiving acupuncture or massage that she separates from her body and floats away. She also described the sudden and painful return to her body when she crashes back into it. It  has always required a long time to recover from that shock of re-entry.

It doesn’t sound as if she’s deliberately doing this or if she has ever been occupied by negative entities while “absent.” It does sound as if she needs to practice her landing approach to become a better body pilot but that wasn’t one of the dangers covered in Your answer. How would You advise Kim on the sort of flying she seems to do naturally?

“Okay, Linda Layli, let’s begin with a serious discussion about out-of-body experiences.  You are preparing your home now for an extended trip that you are planning to make. There’s a good analogy between a home and a physical body. If someone should leave their home suddenly without making provisions for its safety while they are away, then many unforeseen things might befall it. If no one can account for what is transpiring during many days and nights and seasons, it’s dangerous to leave your property unprotected.

This is a simple analogy and doesn’t fit every instance but in the real world, there certainly are people who need housing but have no legitimate way to get it. They might take advantage over people who leave their property unprotected. The owner then returns to a really bad situation. Things could be destroyed or the owner might be liable for what was done to others while they were away. It’s simply not advisable to open yourself to that risk if you value your home. Similarly, each human being should love and take care of the body to which they have been legitimately entrusted by birth.

Developing a fascination with these out-of-body episodes is like Ouija board use, which became very popular decades ago but then fell out of favor when people realized and acknowledged that it opens a portal to a negative realm which becomes very hard to close up again. After that, Ouija boards were feared by the regular population although many people on the fringes of belief still defy convention and use Ouija boards; sometimes much to their dismay. After the damage is done, they are not proponents of it anymore but they may have convinced others to try it during their days of enthusiasm and so the usual cautions against it are superseded by those looking for shortcuts to the Next World.

The problem is that they are not seeking help from the Positive Realm, from the Regions of the Great Beyond where reside Angels and Helpers and Holy Ones who would help them in a gentle fashion. No, they seek the sensational, the easy way, which leads downwards instead of upwards in human evolution towards a greater and greater nearness to God and The Great Creative Force.

Now, let’s talk about the spontaneous and involuntary processes of leaving a body; those which are “visited upon the occupant and which come as a great surprise” though not without pleasure and amazement. These processes are totally different, completely different from those people who go after these sensations of disconnecting themselves from the physical realm or who seek to travel to specific places… like the remote viewers do for human and imperfect reasons, usually connected with spying or for advantageous knowledge that can be turned into economic or political return. Now, those people are risking everything and often do pay heavily for encroaching upon those things which are forbidden but not impossible for humans to practice.

But, back to these involuntary departures: They could be training exercises to convince that soul that energy is with them even when they do not have a functioning body to command. It is very brief, usually, and only done at certain times and in certain ways, with entities watching out for both the astral body and the human receptacle and they are designed to foster trust between the human and the Unseen Realm…to create familiarity and love between the Upper and the Earth Level beings.

These experiences cannot be administered by the one who is being transferred up and down and it isn’t wise to teach others how to do this, since it’s not under the control of the astral traveler, even though they may think that it is.  They have been selected for this training but they have no authority to select anyone else. Only if they are instructed to do so, might they be asked to recruit others and that is a delicate arena in this time of such massive mass communications. Pop New Age Theories abound and everyone has a platform to recruit people to their little gimmick.  Something that’s truly genuine with one pure and innocent personality could quickly run amok if they naively tried to circulate the secret of how to do this wonderful thing which happens to them regularly and so easily, pleasantly and educationally.

It’s not meant for everybody and it won’t necessarily continue for them beyond the time needed to train them in whatever We want them to understand. Linda Layli, you know this very well. After your heady training days were over… (and they took a long time, relatively) you didn’t experience those same wonderful, crazy-acting moments anymore.”

Wish I did!

“Well, that’s not going to happen because you have moved on and We have proven Our point to you. These are not fun and games, you know. Now, let’s discuss this landing process. A hard and fast landing is part of the lesson and a difficult return to the “Real world” proves that this wasn’t a dream. Energy has expanded exponentially out there and it’s hard for anyone to return to a limited shell of a body. So, this is proof in itself that something real has happened. Tell her to enjoy these energy lessons while they are still being conducted. Energy lessons are not very uncommon among those who are here to do Energy Work. Ever since time began, there have been categories of workers coming to planets of Our choice and now is Earth’s time.

Do not think, Kim, that you are about to be excused from your duties on the surface of this planet Earth. (She had mentioned to me that she felt she didn’t have much longer to live.) You are not about to die but you are sensing something that is approaching which will call for a lot of new ideas and new energies to work with; so you are right in one respect. Something about your life will be different but you will still be here to raise your son and teach him whatever he needs to learn and to help the people of this Earth in your own quiet, hands-on way.

It is okay that you missed out on knowing these neighbors of yours (We’ve just met after living nearby for quite a while)Soon,the ripples on this pond which they (me and my son, Randy) set into motion, will be invisible again. Together they impacted your world so briefly and lightly that you are left to follow your own path to Me or wherever you want it to take you. Don’t worry that you have missed anything, at all. This is the new way that things are being done: circulating in the ether like gentle breezes that blow lightly but steer certain boats which have their sails in place at that moment. And then, they just disappear again, as if they never were, leaving you to wonder whether it was a real experience or just a dream?

Can you insist that other people buy into these explanations? No! Not if you want the world’s “Religion Era” to be over, at last. This is the New Way, where We are getting involved in opening hearts, one by one, and where no one has the right to heavy-handedly insist that someone else try to emulate them or their particular successful practices. This is the New Day which this New Millennium ushers in. It is the gift of 2012 – a day when no one is expert and everyone is an individual student of Mine.  Their ticket to My Class lies within their own particular deep recesses of their own particular heart. The only way to help each other is by a spontaneous combustion of enthusiasm, when it appears spontaneously; and then, you just enjoy life, wherever it leads you, doing whatever you might find yourself doing at that particular moment.

No one has to start a New Movement any more. No one has to establish a New Religion any more. That time has ended forever. So, We will be the new religion as We were the old religions until those became their own Power Force Fields. This is the New Age and it will be different. That is the “death” and the “ending” that you are sensing and feeling. It doesn’t apply to the length of your life. It applies on a wider scale than you can ever imagine and change is already well-established and underway.

Since the year 2000, many great things have occurred. People looked for significance at that time, expecting the End of the World. It apparently didn’t happen, according to many fundamentalists, though those folks are still prophesying its appearance.  This twelve year mark (2000-2012) is an opening, consciously, to many things of the New Era and many new ways of life.  It is, as you said, a “New Beginning” and if you checked-out, you would miss it. The party is just getting started! Happy Birthday, Kim! (Her 42nd birthday was the next day) Have fun with your son for a long time to come!”

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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