How Can One Inspire New Leadership In Society?

Robert asks: “How can I incorporate my Massage Therapy training with my love for Storytelling in order to create new leadership in the world?” At the age of 52, Robert is reawakening his psychic talents that he had damped down seventeen years ago for the sake of harmony in his marriage.  Now divorced, with two children to support, he is working two jobs which don’t draw upon his latent healing talents. He’s also training as a massage therapist, hoping to find ways to incorporate his psychic, as well as his storytelling, capacities into work that will develop leadership qualities in others. He would like Your advice and comments on how best to do that, Oh my Holy Spirit!

“I can tell you that Robert is beloved, beloved, beloved by All of Us, Up Here in these Upper Regions, just as you are beloved by All of Us. This is the way that it works among Intergalactics. They are each other’s best friends and they help each other to work their way through all of the puzzling realities of a life on this earthly plane of existence. Now, to your question about leadership: It is not a great big constitutional problem. It is an individual matter. So Robert will be affecting people’s leadership abilities, one on one, even in ways that he will not realize. There is nothing that he needs to worry about in lining up techniques to accomplish that goal. He will transcend this training process and will prepare himself for tackling people’s psyches, one on one. In the course of his human connections with massage, there will be certain people who recognize his qualities. Consequently, there will be conversations that lead, one thing at a time, into collective opportunities for explaining things in his fashion.

The Art of Storytelling is ancient and it is irresistible. If he can connect these Inner Truths that he is able to comprehend so well, and bring them into the everyday comprehension of other individuals through his speaking abilities, then he will have “married” the Inner with the Outer. Robert is developing the sensory abilities of the human body through the element of touch. If he can develop similar connections within the minds of the hearers, allowing him to touch them cognitively with his original self, then he would be touching them on dual levels and proving the existence of the Unseen.

This is what leadership really consists of: the opening of portals, hitherto unknown, so that others might use them. It is the ultimate sharing of the innermost personal truths because these gifts then become unforgettable to that individual. Tell personal and unforgettable stories and you will have shared some of your essence with an individual who will go forth remembering your light and your example for all time. Then, they will lead in their own inimitable fashion and in ways that you might never have predicted or expected. The most effective way is to be completely yourself, holding nothing back, if you have the inspiration to assist them in imaginative and creative ways.

But also, I’m surprised that you have any hesitance about your leadership, Robert, because you will be moved to do what is necessary at any given moment and you do not have to worry about anything against anything…ever… as you go through your life, finding your way back Home to Me; living your life as it must spin out here on Earth; and taking care of business; muddling along, as all humans have to do, but leaving indelible impressions on those whom you are definitely supposed to meet.

Many things will be simply too much for you to comprehend until you come Up Here to evaluate everything concerning the overall picture. But many things you will be able to sense, and sense, and sense, as they flow in and out of these dimensions. So, pay attention and pass those “sensings” on. Sometimes, with My Heroes, there is a definite period of time during which these talents go underground and are not front and center to their everyday reality. Some people never come back around from that “dark side of the moon,” but many of the best of My Loved Ones appear again, ripe and ready for difficult assignments. They will be very good at what they do. Not to worry about those waning and waxing periods of life. It is all for something and none of it is wasted.

You are the product of someone else’s leadership. You don’t know whose. And you will produce leaders of whom you won’t be aware. This is The Millennium and many secret things are coming to light. They will all result in stories. There are new stories to tell. As you discover these New Millennium Sagas, share them with others and this will create the new world that is aborning now but is not yet recognized. Stories are informational sources and everyone loves them because they cut to the quick, bypassing the person’s intellectual facilities and going straight to the heart.

You are already doing everything you need to do at the moment.”

Oh my Holy Spirit! In my journal, I summed this advice up as: “Share that which you know to be true; particularly New Millennium Truths. That will help  encourage others to do the same with any new truths which they might learn,  along their own way through life. Quiet leadership is what this concept is all about.”

Okay, that still relates mostly to the “talking” side of things. Robert is very intuitively attuned to the needs of people’s bodies and in finding ways by which his own healing touch can help them. The most effective massage is done in silence, with both consciousnesses meeting in the middle. Even the most eloquent storyteller can’t operate in that situation, since it’s a different part of the mind which stories and information will appeal to. In a way, these two elements: the energy-filled hands and the energy-filled mind, represent opposite ends of the spectrum and each of them need center stage all to themselves. Have you any suggestion for Robert as to ways to use both of these considerable talents in his desire to help other people come into their own?

“My God! That is so beautifully put! This is true and true and true and it represents the only dilemma that mankind faces on this material planet. I think that his true research should be in remote healing; touching the ethereal body instead of exclusively the physical body. Things are not so much solved on the outside of the human body, nor on the outside of the human mind. But they are very effectively addressed on the inside with the other person’s knowledge and permission. So, these things can be developed as he learns the physiology and becomes accredited to do massage and perhaps to teach massage. The cranium is an important part of the physical body which is probably given short shrift in massage training today. Have you ever had anyone massage your scalp, Linda Layli?”

Don’t think so. You would know if I had. Have I?

“Don’t think so, either. It would feel very good and is something that could be done in public as a chair massage. Not as many people specialize in that, and I’m not suggesting that Robert should exclusively focus on this arena. However, it might be a first step toward integrating the Inner and Outer human being and might bring about the chance to consult with his clients concerning heavy-duty issues involving their mental tensions, philosophies, belief structures or any negative elements which are affecting their consciousness.

This could lead to clearing their whole psyche of negative vibrations in a way (through touch on the cranium) which is less personal than a full-body massage. Perhaps it would lead, even more directly, to an eventual sharing of stories, ideas, concepts and images which possibly could replace those neglected parts sensed while treating their head, neck and shoulders. This is not a command to you, Robert, in any way, shape, or form; but it’s My thinking of you and new and different ways that you might be able to incorporate two, apparently opposite, but actually co-dependent upon each other, realms represented within all human beings.

Here is your leadership challenge! To explore your own potential to the fullest and to forge paths which satisfy the goals which you have set for yourself. We’ll All be eager to see how you do this.”

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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