Panic Attacks! What In The World Are They?

Dr. Romy Paredes, MD, of the Wellnessland Wholeness Center in Cebu City, Philippines, wonders about panic attacks,  which can descend upon  one without any warning or apparent cause. 

Oh my Holy Spirit, what is the story behind human panic attacks? Why do they come? What do they accomplish?

“Oh My Linda Layli, Layli Linda! We will share a long story with you and if you have to interrupt it to eat lunch, We might lose the thread. So, try to write and eat at the same time.”

Okay, I can do that.

“Okay, once upon a time, all of the people were doing bad things to each other. They used to tell each other tales of threats and recriminations. And yesterday, We had not known about this question, so there was nothing planned for answering it.”

Well, we’re now aboard the ship, and so much has happened. It’s too noisy now; even in the luxury lounge. Let’s do this later.


A few days later, we continued the conversation:

Oh my Holy Spirit, we didn’t finish the Panic Attack Discussion. Is there really anything to say or is it simply what it appears to be: the mind dealing with some frightened Inner Self?

“Well, not exactly! It’s just one of the many things which lurks due to a person’s ongoing spiritual history; even going back to previous lives. It can consist of Negative Energies, either seeking expression in a current life; or fearing exposure in a present life!

This explosion of a panic attack  releases pent- up emotion but doesn’t solve anything. It’s usually downright frustrating because most cultures don’t believe in previous lives. So, that is the end of that avenue, which might have relieved the pressure, if explored. There are  usually reasons behind these attacks but fear clamps a lid on them and heavy drugs attempt to keep them at bay.”

This adds to the list of mental health issues, doesn’t it? Violent symptoms erupting from  within the very persona. Quite different fom the perception of an externalized invisible  Speaker, which a Voice Hearer reports. Can they be lumped together?

“Yes and no! We don’t want to go into all of this, because We want the human beings to figure this out from their own experiences. We don’t do your psychology for you!

The human race is ready to evolve; but it will reject something coming “From Above” unless it has observed the proof in its own scientific way. That’s why Experiencers have been called together. Panic Attack victims should record every little thing they remember and create a body of work worth studying. Only this way, will a growing Humankind be willing to admit that a person’s memory can long predate their birth.

Then, possibly, We can speak of it and confirm or redirect scientific conclusions. Otherwise, Medicine prefers to obliterate these uncomfortable, psychiatric opportunities.”

Ten days later, I picked up this topic again: Oh my Holy Spirit! We have neglected one of Romy’s earlier questions and I’d like to continue it now. He sometimes has mysterious panic attacks that seem to descend upon him from time to time. Two ladies at the meeting yesterday described themselves as Empaths and felt sudden onsets, too. So maybe, he is picking up these strong, disturbing reactions from someone else, merely standing nearby.

This must fall into the mysterious category of Metaphysical Sensations, unless it is coming from some deeply- rooted seat of fear within themselves. Which certainly isn’t  evident in their presence.  Oh my Loves Above! Oh my Holy Spirit and The Great Creative Force! What is a Panic Attack?

“My God, Linda Layli, Layli Linda! We don’t have any pat answer for this question. This is the one question We just aren’t prepared to answer!”


“Because, it will be giving away too much and We haven’t gone over it in a long time. You don’t panic because your  mind is clear; but, We try to induce panic attacks now and then, just to see where a person’s breaking point is.

That is why We don’t want you humans to know that it is Us blocking your way some of the time. So that you can cope with new and unexpected circumstances that land in your path now and then. We need to see what you do when you are not in control of your circumstances or your life.

Does that scare you at all? If so, We’ve located a weak spot that needs repair. Just like those cardiovascular weak spots that the cholesterol rushes to fill in. And then, the body overdoes the fix and kills the patient when it “panics” and piles the stuff on, making a blockage.

The “well-meaning,” gluey fixative becomes the new problem; just as the panic attack snuffs out the human’s ability to think straight. The cure actually kills the patient! Like a driver who loses control, just when you need him to think clearly.”

Then, I would expect that a tendency to panic will wash-out the candidates in your Spiritual Navy Seals Training Program and Earth Boot Camp! Is that the secret?

“No, it is not! We never punish them for having these panic attacks. We simply teach them to let go of their iron-fisted grip in that area of their life.”

So, Your reason for keeping this secret is that you don’t want the humans to know that it is You behind their worst nightmare?

“N.O! That’s not the case, at all! But it is why We don’t rush in and “save their skin” every time something goes wrong in their life. That’s why they curse at Us a lot and blame God for extracting His “ten pounds of suffering,” rather than excusing them from it. This is a very common reaction and it goes alongside, and is part of, a full-blown panic attack.

Now, We will have to keep on investigating their limits because they haven’t yet shown Us where their strengths lie. It’s too confusing for most people to figure out; so We just don’t discuss this subject.”

How about Empaths? Might they be “reading”  other peoples’ strong, frightened emotions when standing nearby? This would puzzle them if there is absolutely no explanation for a suddenly-strong blast of negative feeling.

“Yes, I think that’s what is going on here with Romy and those two empathetic women in the retreat. If they can see behind this frightening Visitation and ” pull it off” of the people generating it; then, they can help heal them.”

I just visualized a fisherman’s net being hauled in, full of wriggling, writhing catch. If they each invented a scenario…like dumping those shrimp or minnows into a catch basin and selling or cooking them, then, they  would be processing those energies into positive channels and taking them permanently away from their originators.

“This is the way that you operate, isn’t it, Linda Layli, Layli Linda? Storytelling! Works like a charm every time! And, you know what? Anybody can use that technique. Even the originators of their own panic attacks. Use these tangible feelings as an outline of the problem at hand and then write, and act out, a skit about them. Voila! That’s what will be enacted!

Shrimp dinner, Anyone?”

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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