An Interview With Commander Ashtar Sheran of The Galactic Federation


                                      OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION


John of God Healing Casa, Abadiania, Brazil – I have been asking my new friends for questions for this blogsite. I was completely unfamiliar with this topic when Yves posed this query. It´s taken a long time to finish the dictated answer, but it seems to be an interesting one, which in some way, seems to apply to four of us temporarily living here now.

 Yves, who asked this question a full month ago;  Elena of Slovenia, staying in the same pousada as Yves (and earlier, myself), who saw a spaceship in the sky in Slovenia in her girlhood; Edielson, our friend and Portuguese teacher, who also saw a spaceship above himself in Brazil during his youth; and myself, who wishes she had seen one too, but hasn´t yet.

Oh my Holy Spirit! Who is Ashtar Sheran to the four of us?

`This is Ashtar Sheran of the Galactic Federation and each of you has been called here to discuss the future with me. I want to commend you all for heeding this call to arrive in Abadiania at roughly the same time. That test was passed very neatly and yet, the odds against it were enormously great. They don´t seem to have been so difficult once an objective has been accomplished, especially unconsciously; but it bespeaks of your devotion and your talent for the work you have been chosen to do.

You have, literally, come to attend this meeting with me from many parts of the globe and you still would have missed the significance if Yves hadn´t called the meeting by asking his question … though he did not know of Edielson´s arrival, which had to have occurred in the same week that Yves asked the question on November 6. It took this whole month to learn that there was a connection between the four of you. Okay, this is the crux of the matter:

We don´t have much time left to wait and watch. Today is the 9th of December, 2011. Some of you will have scattered again when the Year 2012 begins. It doesn´t matter where you are on the planet as long as you are sensible and are engaged in the work you came to do. Some of you know exactly what that is. Some of you may still be trying to sort that out. You will find yourselves impelled into these perfect tracks, which will not be so difficult to understand, after all. Trust the process! It´s the same Force which so dependably and accurately brought you four together at this crucial preparatory time  before the beginning of the twelfth year after the millennial rollover.

The first dozen years of any new millennium, plus the initial zero year, (2000, the Bridge year), is the crucial span in any new time period, especially in reference to the survival of…not only the existing dominant species on that planet…. but more critically, of the civilizations present at the Millennial Rollover. Both of these conditions were in serious danger during the latter half of the Twentieth Century on  Planet Earth. Two world wars had decimated much of the population of a number of countries and a 3rd world war seemed to be a distinct possibility up until the last decade of the former millennium: 1990-2000. That is way too close for comfort and the danger is not entirely eliminated. It will not be completely cleared up, so that the Federation can declare the space around your planet again safe for more normal surveilance, until many current realities are permanently disarmed. As you have been told, a Third World War is a terminal planetary condition which is not allowed to continue. Such planets are put-down, or executed, in order to control and contain their contagion.

Congratulations  to Earth for maintaining peace during this always crucial, dozen-year period past the opening of the New Millennium! Your long-term prospects will be even greater, once the end of  2012 is gained and the planet has still not engaged in a reoccurance of a world-engulfing war. Everything that Peacemakers can do to bring about love between the individuals constituting their ever-shifting governments and representatives of the opposite political philosophies, will be a constant improvement of the Light Value which can nudge Earth away from the self-destruction towards which it has been careening for several centuries now.  Ever since war became the reflexive choice of your world leaders towards achieving their own personal goals of power, wealth and control; the planet has been more and more compromised in its overall ability to function as a member of its greater Galactic Society. The role of a planet within its own solar system, and by extension, within the vastness of its assigned galaxy, is usually not the concern of the individuals living out their relatively short epochs upon a planet´s surface.

However, mankind has chosen a course of aggression towards its own self, like a Being who eats its own limbs or a Mother who destroys her children. This is an abnormality within a dominant planetary population and cannot continue indefinitely. This monster must reform of its own accord or it must be eliminated so that it will not spread the cancer of disunity beyond its own self.

At the same time, however, Earth’s dominant species, Man, does have an excellent inner spiritual nature when that is allowed to flourish; even though these qualities have been powerless to ovecome the evil of selfishness and the darkness of ungodliness represented in the population as a whole. Rather than religious avenues, which have also found temptation in warfare, the powerful capacity for love towards an Unseen Creator remains a possible saving grace for Earthlings. This quality has always existed but not within a numerical majority of the population.

We want everyone working on the surface of the planet to keep their minds clean and clear of the things which are going to start boiling up in the news. Have you noticed how shallow and foolish the quality of the world news has grown lately? The internet has encouraged the degeneration of hard news and features only selected, sensational, gossip-filled, tidbits about celebrities; into which category all world leaders have now fallen. Stories are weighted equally, whether they cover an unusual animal, a horrific crime or traffic accident, or a decision by a political body which might affect millions.

In a very short time, the public has become mesmerized into reading only the most curiosity-inspiring and entertaining quips and they are jollied into believing that all is well. This is an Oz which has been foisted on people everywhere and the most-civilized populations are the most easily duped. You will see a spread of this effect as more and more information comes through personal computers and handheld devices. It will subsitute for information which used to be taken seriously and which was well-understood by thinking people. Now, every story is produced in the format of a tasty biscuit delivered onto your news plate in sound-bite quality. To learn more, one must look everywhere, usually finding only more small biscuits of later-breaking developments, with perhaps a few photos. Frequently, there might be a human interest story thrown in, to add a personal touch. All too often, these human poster stories substitute for real information, and soon, the topic disappears forever in the constant wash of fresh sensationalism.

Much has been written in the past to caution the human race about the dangers of extreme superficiality which will become the fate of certain information systems. Earth has fallen into a sort of a stupor where everyone in civilized countries has become addicted to this information stream, particularly their own role in it.

I know that for a fact! It´s a hardship to be living without a computer and to depend upon commercial internets, which aren`t always open. It´s not really so much the news, as my curiosity about email messages and my dedication to posting new blogs on my two websites. These are not necessary to my daily life, yet they certainly claim a part of it.  We would all agree with your description concerning the odd mix of stories that pass as news on these habit-forming computers, which more and more, pander to our tendency towards idle curiosity. What does all this have to do with the way that the human race needs to comport itself in the coming year of 2012?

“We don`t have any answers to give you. This is a New Dimension and you are on your own! Just be careful not to get lured into the zombie state that these new computer gadgets are promising. Don´t get lost in cyberspace! This is a problem which the Twentieth Century did not have to contend with; but it’s an insidious way to damage your own personal thinking capacity. Not every threat comes in the shape of a nuclear weapon. An utter uniformity of mental tendencies can be much more debilitating in the long run.

So, stay awake! Keep your brain exercised and anchored well in the sphere of reality. Dont look for entertainment and distraction and stick with those virtues which have always served mankind. An attack on a planet can begin with simple hypnotism. Just be aware of this and stick to your Plan.”

Oddly, it was during the Second World War that the term “Brainwashing” was first coined, as far as I know. We imagined the enemy tying a blindfolded captive into a chair and reading subversive literature to him until he cracked and switched to their side. And yet, within a hundred years, commercialism has brainwashed most of us and created willing consumers and restless entertainment junkies, totally dependent upon our electronic devices. Ideology itself boils down to an attractive delivery system – shortened, sweetened, and redesigned to appeal to the masses.   

Oh, my Holy Spirit! What do You think of this exchange?

“My God, Linda Layli! You have gone, lickety-split into an area which is of great concern to All of Us. Information is a good thing if it is valid and there is much excellent material on the internet which has put knowledge in the hands of every human and has destroyed the age-old boundaries caused by lack of education and lack of the means of the disemination of every type of knowledge as it becomes available to mankind. This creates a confusing flood which can result in “brain freeze” and total distraction, as well as the spread of dangerous knowledge. Ashtar is zeroing in on some of the main challenges of this early stage of the Twenty-First Century, which will need to be approached soon, before too many years are wasted:

1. How is Discernment to be cultivated?

2. How will Creativity be kept alive in the face of instant satisfaction?

3. How will the subtleties and beauty of language be salvaged and appreciated in the face of convenient shorthand already appearing, such as texting?

These questions haven´t even occurrd to most people and they seem trifling compared to the intensity of geographic changes which everyone will soon be contending with. But this is the subtle front which can erode your societal foundation if it is not tended to with the care of intelligent and creative leaders, such as every one of the Lightworkers sent down to assist the souls of mankind to survive the challenges which they now face. The fact that many of these challenges are self-induced … war, as well as petty pursuits which destroy the intellect… does not excuse the human race from, finally, getting down to business to elevate itself into a condition in which it will qualify for advancement into the Higher Dimensions.”

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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