What Is Meant By The Removal of Consciousness? To Whom Is This Ever Done?

                                                   WHAT IS MEANT BY THE REMOVAL OF CONSCIOUSNESS?
                                                                        TO WHOM IS THIS EVER DONE?
Abadiania, Brazil – Recently, I wrote the three blogs on the subject of Consciousness because of a question for The Holy Spirit submitted by John Metatron, of New Zealand.  I sent him an email with the links to the three blogs as he had already left the area of John of God´s Healing Casa to travel to Germany. Here is his comment on those postings and an equally good new question:
Hi Linda,
Finally got to read the three links you sent… Certainly opened the doorway to a key aspect and bought through what I would say is, great discussion and offering. The point being… More about what can be heard and what will a Beloved interpret for themselves without buying into old paradigms – got that myself from the first message, now I have over 2000 years of release to enact upon very quickly.
As to the unfolding of the discourse, the third offering (Is Consciousness A Magnetic Force?) is aligned to the aspect of what I know and it is up to the Beloveds to empower this positive change within themselves and not the projection outside themselves. Like protesting about non nuclear use… It serves it’s own purpose however the higher aspect and more aligned to the magnetism of particles in Love comes from holding the invocation within self expression (physical body) and containing it so that it becomes the source holder thus emanating to others and filling them with like aligned energy. No need for the expression to anything other than itself.
Thus a fusion of Love can exist… Not before that can it exist… Harmony comes in the way of a flood… Filling, expanding and opening… Taking away that which does not serve and that which is destructive to the greater source of Love – for me still God.
It presents no limitation to accept God… It is a vehicle by which others and myself can create the matrix of energy that surpasses our current timeline (2011) and opens the realm of the limitless source of creation. 
One offering and question might add another flavor to the mix… Not so different is – removal of consciousness is what and to whom? 
This is a very direct and purposeful offering that again could open doorways.
God Bless,
John Metatron
Hi John,
You really GOT what those three blogs contained and I am so grateful for your question. Please let me know your answer to that first question on Consciousness & Karma, which you already knew.
As far as the new question about the removal of souls, that might warrant a blog to itself. I think that it has been covered in previous blogs and in my book…. at least, I´ve talked about it a lot with The Holy Spirit, so have grown old-shoe about it. But, it´s not something that appears anywhere else.
Basically, it is brand-new since we entered the new millennium and is the aftermath of the closure of the long testing period for mankind. In our aspect as  “a grand laboratory experiment” as humans in this dimension; the Test was to see if we could/would spiritualize. Each of us was given many lifetimes and much assistance to do that, but if we still had failed by the time the test was ended, we lost the chance to try yet again. The penalty is a permanent loss of the gift of His Consciousness bestowed upon us when we were originally created. It had proven dull and unresponsive under our care, it will be taken back into the Mind of God upon our death from this current lifetime.
The first chapter of my book, In Secret Diffusion, describes the premise which God used to define this great human experiment. God asks Himself:
1. How would I behave in any given situation?
To find out, he parceled off bits of his consciousness, clothed them in human forms, and placed them in myriad situations. Then he watched what they/He would do with free will under all sorts of conditions.
2. Would I/Could I, turn around and recognize Myself through the Murk of Materiality?
Basically, would He believe in God if he was a mere man in a material existence with no real proof  that anything existed greater than what his senses taught him?
(Which side won? Do believers outnumber non-believers? I don´t really think so.)
No scientific experiment goes on forever. There comes a point when the evidence is clear, so the test is ended; the successful strains are collected to propagate new fields, and the failed lines are discarded. That´s what this Removal is about.
Nothing actually damaged the God Consciousness carried by those negative, or non-positive, ones. They simply never turned it on. So, that Consciousness is reclaimed by God and life goes on….but not for the failed experiments. Imagine a lightbulb warehouse where an employee tests every bulb by screwing it into a power source. Worthy bulbs will light up right away….but dud bulbs short out because their system isn´t prepared for the power. They are tossed as un-useful to the future.
The analogy breaks down right there, unless we have bulbs whose filaments can be removed and used in the factory (God´s Mind), but it works up to that point.
 Must run,
Love, Linda

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