We Love Comments & Questions…..Just Not Requests For Specific Psychic Pet Information. We Don’t Do That For Humans. Ler’s Don’t Do It For Animals.



Oh my Holy Spirit! By now, we have received enough questions from grieving pet owners to see that there is a great similarity in a person’s feelings immediately after they have lost a beloved dog or cat. Many owners feel guilty in one way or another and some hold out the hope of being reunited, almost immediately, through Reincarnation. I wonder if You and I have created this new idea of Animal Reincarnation in some of our previous answers?

Looking through our book, In Secret Diffusion, I see that there’s only one small mention about occasional pet reincarnation:

Do we see our beloved pets in Heaven? Are we reunited with them after we die?

“You can’t believe how many people think that they will never see their darling animals again. But they will if they have loved them sufficiently to make sure that this pet will want to come to be with them in another dimension. Pet’s don’t have a choice in this world below, but they do have choices in Higher Dimensions. Sometimes, they do not choose to connect with their owners again, so it’s not automatic. You see, they are not always required to be something that is almost a slave to a human being and they might choose to be unfettered in another lifetime.

Yes, animals, as well as humans, do have reincarnations and if there is a loving bond established between two hearts, then those hearts will hope to be reunited in the future and nothing can keep them apart. So, people needn’t worry. Loving pets will be with them, in the same familiar body, which they loved on Earth during a lifetime.”

Please bear in mind that The Holy Spirit is speaking of a reunion after your own death and not during this present lifetime. But, the letters that we are beginning to receive are interpreting that to mean a return as soon as possible in this very lifetime. I seem to remember a few exceptions promised in these early website answers but I certainly don’t want to make this column a means of getting around the standard procedure, which is that this doesn’t happen in your present lifetime. So, we’re clamping down on that impression right now. I’m sure you’ll understand.

Actually, the whole subject of human reincarnation is so very tenuous and unknown to earthlings, especially Westerners, that I’m feeling that we have done a disservice to even have mentioned it in relation to animals. Suddenly, these grieving owners grab hold of a very unlikely possibility and then want a definitive answer about it; even to the extent that they wish for a future child to really be a dog returning to them!  

Oh, my Holy Spirit, are You coming to the same conclusion that this has already gone too far? And if so, what can we do about it?

“Well, for one thing, let’s NOT open a new page on this website called The Dead Pet’s Society, as you were thinking! It’s true. The one small, original mention of the possibility that a pet would come back into its owner’s life, is responsible for all of these far-fetched dreams of a grieving person.

Death is really a Final Happening for all things. Even the humans who might eventually reincarnate don’t come back so quickly that they can simply pop back into their loved one’s lives as the same person, or one just like them. Years on Earth pass very quickly to those who have gone on to a more eternal realm. Nothing just dies and then conveniently reconstitutes to fill the gaping hole in the heart. If this were true, then it could be said that death had been Fixed & Conquered, once and for all, and that is simply not the case.

Questions, such as the ones we have been receiving lately about the return of a specific pet have suddenly become Pet Psychic Questions and since we don’t take specific psychic questions for humans, then it’s silly to start doing that for animals.

So People! Just let go of these ideas of immediate reunion with your beloved animals! Be happy that they shared time with you, here on Earth, and then turn to repopulating your life with another loveable, furry soul. Go back to a time before anyone had mentioned the term, Animal Reincarnation. This is much more in tune with a real world approach, as is the case with Human Reincarnation. Such is not at all a “Right” that anyone has; and is a matter of extreme consultation and qualification within the Realms Above….if and when it ever happens. But a human never returns within the same century. So, that pretty much takes care of that!

We are hereby resigning from the Role of specific Dead Pet Whisperer! It sort of got away with itself.

Meeting your pets at the Pearly Gates is an actual possibility but you have to wait until that comes about naturally. So, just get over your grief, as you must in any sadness and be grateful for the many living Beings who still surround you.”

Thank You! I agree. So, from now on, please don’t send individual pet-specific, psychic questions about how your honey is doing in the Next World. If you do send them, they might appear on the site but without an answer because it’s just not going to become a speciality of ours. That said, I invite you to read the many such postings here, that have already occurred in this line of questioning. You can extrapolate that this might well be happening in your case….or not.

The truly-interesting reality that you will find contained within all of these situations is their similarity. Grief for these little bits of Four-Legged Love is just as overwhelming as grief for any human being in your life. It’s okay to feel that way and it’s good to find other grieving pet owners who understand. Many of their letters contain so much wisdom and insight, as well as their own experiences in feeling their little darling’s presence around them. This is the sort of comment I‘m hoping for in the future, as well as more general questions that will expand our understanding of the whole concept. Just not what Fido, himself, happens to be feeling at that moment.

As you read what has already been replied to our early questioners, you will find that the answers are pretty standard: “Yes, your dead pet is happy! Yes, they will greet you upon your arrival in the Next World…if your bond was deeply mutual! No, they probably don’t really want to come back for another round at life, just to give you a chance to outlive them!” Life down here on Earth is a hardship, compared to their situation now. And you will find that to be true when you finally get out of here. One reincarnates because there are still spiritual lessons to be learned on this Plane. That doesn’t apply to these pure animal souls.

As in most of the important stages in life, it’s not given to you to know the future. It is simply your task to get there in the best way that you can. So, please don’t expect this site to predict it for you. There are probably lots of Psychics out there who will be happy to venture a guess. It’s just not me.

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