Did I Cause My Pets’ Deaths By My Negative Thinking? Is Magic Real?

                            DID I CAUSE MY PETS’ DEATHS BY
                                  MY NEGATIVE THINKING?
I have just received many good questions from the same person and I will ask The Holy Spirit for His Answer just as soon as I can.
Tomorrow, I’ll have a six-hour train journey between Vigo, Spain, and Madrid, and the next day, will fly to Oslo, Norway; so I should have plenty of quiet sitting time to take dictation. In the meantime, here are both of Kat’s posts:
Dear Linda…  Some how, I’ve managed to take in 4 dogs, 4 birds and we did have 4 cats, but down to 2 cats at the moment.  My question for the Holy Spirit is this:  Recently, we have lost 3 cats and 1 bird.  I go into deep depression over each loss.  I am mourning my cat Trigger currently.  I lost him 1 week ago to my neighbors’ 4 Malamutes.  They attacked him and he lost the battle with his life. 
I am so worried that some how I am to blame for their deaths.  Some times I feel over whelmed with all of our animals.  Did I cause Trigger’s death, and the others with my thinking?  I don’t want to lose any more of my precious pets due to my negative thinking.  I am scared to death that something else is going to happen. 
Would you please be able to shed some light on my situation?  Also, if you can, while you’re at it, could you please ask my boys Tristan, Cinco and Trigger how they’re doing?  I love and miss them soooo much!!!  I want to continue helping homeless animals, but at the same time, I’m afraid to.  I would love to have my boys back, but understand that they may not want to come back. 
I’m going to try to stop mourning after reading on your site that it hurts them and puts a barrier up between us.  I would appreciate any information or clarification you could give me.  Will any of them come back this life time or will I have to wait til I cross over?  I hope I’m not being selfish by asking this.  Thank you so very very much.  Much Love and Blessings…..Kat
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