A Grieving Owner Believes She Killed Her Little Pet With A Commercial Flea Product

Oh my Holy Spirit, Claudine asks about the death of her pet Ferret, whom she thinks died because of her well-meaning application of a flea and tick repellent. She wonders why, when we pray our hearts out for a human or a pet, that most of the time, they die anyway? Then people curse at God or their faith fades away. Now, she wonders if God really is the One answering prayers and she is scared and angry and cannot pray any more. Her ferret Plushie had told her, somehow, that their time was almost over; but she took such good care of her. So, why did she die, anyway?

Also, would You comment on the general effect that a survivor’s grief has upon the departed one, human or animal?

Yes, I will. You see, everything is connected to everything else. Death and Life are simply portals to different dimensions and the smaller the animal, the shorter the lifespan needs to be. In fact, the suffering is much harder when they overstay their planned life span. Naturally, Earth Beings don’t know that life length in advance.

So, Claudine, stop worrying and release Plushie so that she can now enjoy her new existence without worrying about you so constantly. Death is never as bad as the grief that the Loved One bestows upon them. That can be excrutiating! Every time you call her name, her little soul is interrupted in her new happiness and is thrown back down to deal with your wet, tear-stained face. And, she licks a little bit, and then, just gives up, overwhelmed with your sadness. And, what do you think that the rest of your Ferret family, which still lives with you, must feel? Can you feel happy about them and love them as you used to do? Or, are you crying constantly in their direction?

And don’t take this out on the petcare business or their producst. Warn pet owners, if you like; but beware of bitterness and vengeance creeping into your emotions.

Give her a sweet farewell and get on with your life. Otherwise, you negate all of the good things that she accomplished by coming down to Earth. This is excellent general advice that humans need to learn concerning the death of their Loved Ones, whether animal or human. Don’t let yourself get Up Here when your time comes, and then have to witness the burning destruction that grief, alone, causes! This may be Plushie’s main message to you. Consider it delivered and pick up the pieces of your life. Become normal again! If you can accomplish that, she will be happy. If you stay in this emotional ditch which you have carved for yourself, then her life was for naught!

And by the way, this personal experience has nothing to do with the Existence of God! He should never be blamed for the personal tragedies in someone’s life.

It is kind of like: When the Butler doesn’t bring your morning coffee and the newspaper on a tray; you mentally fire him immediately, or deny that He ever existed! Grow up! Get a life! Get out of bed and do it yourself! The Butler still exists, but He might have quit your employ!

You are not guilty for your Baby’s death! Plushie is not guilty! God is not guilty! This is Life! This is Nature! Fit into it, or kick it in the teeth! It is your choice, but these two choices lead in two very different directions.


What does your heart tell you to do about it right now?”

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