With Starseeds, It’s More Like A Caped Chromosome, Rather Than A Caped Crusader

The current conversation about Who Are Starseeds? and Where Are They From? has generated some new information about this mysterious subject. Since I love to work with analogies to illustrate metaphysical subject, I’ll offer this little story to bring the subject closer to home:

Let’s say that Dry Gulch Earth is a small, isolated,dusty town way out in a desert, far from any other cities or country borders. Founded centuries ago by the Hatfields and the McCoys, there are still hatreds fueled by racial and economic discrimination. Street fighting and gun battles erupt without warning. With primitive education standards and rival religious beliefs, Dry Gulch’s various families try to eradicate each other in order to take complete control over the town.

Some residents are born of ratttlesnake, lizard and gila monster antecedents who have evolved to walking on two legs in order to blend in. No one takes responsibility for cleaning the entire town and so the water is foul and forests and plant life are dying. The desert may well swallow up this area if nothing can be done to reverse the trend. Residents tend to deny that anything is amiss.

However, a contagious pestilence called WARtz has broken out in a rash of destruction blighting the faces and skin of the inhabitants. The Governing Body of the country within which Dry Gulch Earth is but an insignificant member, has become alarmed and is trying to repair the damage. They fear that this ugly outbreak  might spread to their own highly-advanced cities many miles away, which are, so far, only known to the Hatfields and McCoys as mysterious, mythical places with exotic names. With no transportation linking these cities with the desert, they may as well be in Outer Space.

Little did the feisty hicks know that their own little dustbowl was slated for oblivion. Missles  were poised in their direction and the government kept close watch by satellite and radar, and sometimes, spies passed through disguised as locals.

Those sophisticated cities were called Stars, due to their radiating neighborhoods, full of cultural graces and very happy people. They feared an airborne outbreak of WARtz and worried each time a street fight began anew in the distant dry gulch. Earth was a hellhole that needed reformation; so they called for volunteers from among their brightest and best and created a Foreign Service to cure this unremitting problem.

Through very advanced scientific technology, they harvested the seeds of these brave volunteers, willing to send their unborn children to the town on the Edge of Nowhere, to be raised as locals in the Badlands. Their sperm and egg cells were inseminated into the bodies of the Ignorant Ones and nature took its course. The resulting children could pass for natives and the dusty town’s population grew and grew.

Monitors in the Star Cities watched carefully and held their breath. Though many of their own still came down with WARtz; many did not. At last, the pestilence was contained within Earth’s borders, no longer releasing itself far and wide on passing winds. Each sign of progress brought hope of possible advancement for this primitive Earth Race.

Next, it was decided to ramp up those brave positive ovum and spermatozoa with greater and greater intelligence; not merely placidity and slowness to anger. Teachers contributed their seeds; singers, theirs. Poets knew that their best efforts would turn into country western, but they went down anyway. The human seeds that took birth in the town of Earth soon had a new richness which was always the talent mix of two Star City donors.

And suddenly, there were sidewalks along the dusty streets! A women’s suffrage committee outlawed outlaws! The Star Donors did high fives that day! And, so did their Earthly offspring, as the first Square Dance squared off. And, we’ve been dosey-doing ever since!

Oh, my Holy Spirit! What would You like to say about my fanciful Western storytelling?

“It’s a beautiful story, Linda, and We think it captures things quite nicely. You have been told again and again and again, just how poverty-stricken this little planet is. It is not Up There with any of these surrounding Star Cities and it nearly was extinguished because it was so close to a Third World War. And, you have gotten it correctly as to the history of these Starseeds …. little, protoplasmic volunteers to the earthling’s DNA; now so well-woven into Earth’s being that they don’t recognize their origins.

The beautiful thing is that your Earth’s population is dancing together for the first time in history and We will keep those fiddles playing to help things along. It’s complicated to be a social experiment as earth has been. When things don’t go right, the scientists often want to pull the plug; but We do trust that these Starseeds have elevated this whole society to a much more genteel quality.  We love you so much and We thank you so much, Linda Layli, for the illustration.

This is what We want you to do when difficult assignments come along. Illustrate them in story form so everyone can get their minds around the abstract report. We said that it wasn’t through space ships that these Starseeds came to Earth, subtly and permanently. This is not a temporary assignment, though Starseeds will find their home when they leave the earth at death and they will be well-loved for their volunteer services to bring peace and happiness to the Universe.

This idea of heroic intervention in planetary affairs has gone on long enough. That’s why We don’t encourage talking much about these Starseed subjects. The truth doesn’t really suit the reputation that has adhered to the subject since it became released by the New Agers. Really, this is a good time to pop a few balloons!

Other than a few specific instances where human society has not been able to handle some emergency, would ever, ever, ever, a so-called Alien (meaning not born as an earthling) be allowed to come disguised in an earthling’s approximate body. In such a case, a temporary body would not last more than three days and, thus, it does not allow lingering in any way, shape, or form.

Thus, all humans claiming Starseed status must have gained their characteristics through a normal conception and birth process involving the male and female, sexually-mixed, DNA components. This gives them an unknown percentage of celestial identity from a mixed-bag of celestial locations. Do you see how hard it must be to make a hard and fast statement about lineage, whether earthly or galactic, when Our original intention has been for a generous mix of backgrounds? Osmosis was the idea in the first place and that has been achieved.

After death is the time when Our Heroes and Heroines will learn the details of their Earth Assignment. Until then, all suppositions are mere speculation. This is why specific personal questions are almost impossible to answer and wouldn’t fit the popular lore, anyway.”

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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