Why Don’t We Live A More Integrated Life With The Different Kingdoms On Earth?

Brooke #22: Why don’t we live a more integrated life with different Kingdoms on Earth? For instance, why in myths, are there part-humans and part-animals? Why such strong boundaries between the Kingdoms if there is so much to learn from them? Oh my Holy Spirit, is this just the stuff of legends or are there ever mixed human and animal combinations in either the human race or animal population?

“Oh My Linda Layli, Layli Linda! We just don’t want to answer these questions which have nothing to do with the Snake Question asked by the same questioner a few posts back. She is so brilliant that We wonder who she really is. Anyway, good on her for bringing this up. Ever since Time began, We have tested this Earth stringently. And, We haven’t yet been able to erase some tendencies, that We wanted to, from the mixed population of the human experiments that were transplanted to Earth at the beginning.

So, We have humans who would prefer to be animals and who want to live as animals; but have very little opportunity to do that, thank goodness! They are capable of many disgusting things. A few times in the past this might have resulted in some hybrids but that door has been shut and those experiments ended, as neither species appreciated the joys of either type.”

How about Plant-Human hybrids? Are there smart plants that we should be aware of?

“Yes, there are; and no, there aren’t! We have been doing a lot of experiments on all forms of life; just as your own scientists do. But, that has been discontinued for some time. This is really out of the Human Race’s arena for making judgements about.”

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