Why Do Some People Feel Reactions To Solar Flares In Their Bodies?


                                        THEIR  BODIES


I’ve had several appointments with Leslie Fox, a Quantum Energy Healing Therapist and we have had some wonderful conversations about the relationships between the  spiritual dimensions and our material life on Earth. She then asked about the effect of Solar Flares upon the human body.

Oh my Holy Spirit! Leslie Fox mentions that both she and a friend react with uncomfortable, and even painful, symptoms whenever there is intense solar flare activity, such as has been very frequent during the month of October, 2013. Her friend has severe migraine headaches at those peak times. Leslie feels increased pressure inside of her head; sleeplessness with full-body Restless Leg Syndrome activity and even unexplained episodes of anxiety throughout her midsection. Once they realized the solar connection, they started checking a tracking website, which confirmed their suspicions.

Could You comment about the effect of the sun upon the earth and its inhabitants, particularly the effect on our physical bodies?

Oh, My Linda Layli, Layli Linda! What a beautiful question this is. Thank you for googling this subject just now and I want to explain to Leslie why I could not give any satisfactory answer yesterday while you were undergoing the Quantum Energy work on her therapy table. It was impossible to concentrate on the subject at hand under those different concentrations of energy.  It would have interrupted the work she was doing in conjunction with your energy body and it would not have been recorded in writing. So, I did not want to open the subject to the examination process which I must go through to make these answers pertinent to your questions. We have not done any public, unrecorded dictation and it wouldn’t come out the same way as when you write in private.

Solar flares have been occurring since the space bodies were created to circle their stars. In fact, ever since these burning masses of gas in the universe were created, this phenomenon has been a part of creation. All things are created from pure energy and at some point, they obtain mass and display physical properties. But there are these same characteristics occurring throughout nature on both massive and minute scale, simultaneously, in a wonderful coordinated dance of the combination of pure energy and molecular structure, which at its center is pure energy.

You will find this dance occurring with exact timing all up and down the scale of size-relativity. The sun is  known to activate its intensity every eleven earth years. These pulses are true of all existence. Your heart beats at a predictable rate. Your brain has electrical sparks going on within it throughout your life. No one thinks of these rhythms as at all strange. In fact, without them, there could be no life.

What you are witnessing with the sun’s flares is a very small piece of evidence of the life of a much larger Being than any small particle of intelligence on this universal plane could ever imagine or cope with. However, there is a direct effect on the atmosphere of Earth and the energies of her inhabitants whenever there is a stepping-up or a calming-down of one of those pulses of your nearby star, which is merely an electron of a much greater body.”

Wow! That goes along with a chapter in our In Secret Diffusion book….The Big Bang Beginning of Our Universe…. which I will copy here in the next blog instalment. Concerning the sun’s ongoing activity, it sounds as if Earth reacts in noticeable ways… storms, civil unrest, northern lights, bodily symptoms… which can later be graphed to match the daily activity of the sun as Leslie has done with her weird physical reactions. There must be many others affected, knowingly or unknowingly.

We know that the moon pulls the oceans back and forth in their predictable tides; that wolves howl to the full moon; and that humans can be affected by lunar magnetism on the water content of their bodies. If an inactive rock orbiting the planet can have such an influence, then the sun’s effect would be much heavier. To say nothing of the energy of sunshine upon all life here. Absolute dependence. If the sun’s rays can’t reach us, we die very quickly as a planet. It’s not surprising that explosions sending increased radiation barrelling towards us should be sensed by certain individuals, as well as radio waves, simple cell phones and airplane guidance systems. So, my Holy Spirit! Do You see this ability to sense the sun’s energy as a perfectly natural human quality? Certainly not everyone feels it.

“Yes, that’s true. All people are not completely alike and it concerns the proper distribution of Sensitive Ones, who are similar to the caged canaries in a mine shaft. They serve as early warning signals to the rest of humanity. Though there is no way they can prevent the eruptions; someday, they may help earthlings protect themselves against the harmful radiation by allowing time for shielding. Even today, science has devised protective measures. But the problem is knowing when and where to implement them. This will improve as time goes by.”

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