Why Do So Many Souls Of Different Capacities Come To Earth And Why Is There Both Extreme Pain and Extreme Beauty?

I talked to a good-looking, young Italian couple who own a sweet shop/bakery here. Alberto is a High Entity, who is so full of Gaia Earth conclusions that he can’t even pose a sensible question…. turns everything into a long lecture, just in the process of trying to ask something. His lovely wife did better.  Let’s see if we can do a little dictation on last night’s question from Alberto? Oh my Holy Spirit!  Let’s try for Alberto’s specific question about

Why do so many souls of different capacities come to Earth?

“That is a very succinct question, when this Italian fellow has so much general information of an interplanetary variety, that he can’t sort it out in the way that he must be trying to. We would recommend that he not try to solve the entire picture all at once, but to categorize his knowledge, bit by bit, into chapters. He can put his Energy Descriptions in one chapter; his Light and Dark Images in another; Gaia’s History in yet another. He must try not to overlap them in this initial exercise. Right now, he’s trying to describe dozens of movie plots, simultaneously, as one reminds him of another. The result is absolute confusion in the listener and his own loosing the thread of his topic as another point suggests itself.”

That happens a lot to me, too! So much comprehension, so little time and so few willing listeners!

“Absolutely-tootly! Imagine how We feel when We find a willing and open Hearing Channel down there on Earth. TMI or Too Much Information is so often the case. But, if Alberto will act like an Archaeologist or a Research Scientist and put his files in order, he might make some independent conclusions, which he could, at least, test through future pondering and observation.

Okay, now about the varying capacities of Earth residents. Carefully, We will tiptoe around this vast, general subject because there are so many capacities there for so many different reasons, which are not obvious to any Earthly observer. Some of the most humble Beings are, perhaps, from the most High Dimensions. Some of the greatest suffering is felt by those to Whom this planet is a very difficult assignment.

But, certainly not always, because Earth is not high on the evolutionary scale, when you consider the more-advanced civilizations in the Galaxies; which are so far, unexplored by Earthlings. It could also be a Hell Realm where some souls come to learn lessons; in one last chance to keep their consciousnesses in an individuated form.”

Well, that leads right into his next question:

Why is Earth so full of both extreme pain and extreme beauty?

“Because everything is very dependent upon Spirituality. Everything is created spiritually, through the impulsive love and imagination of The Creator. Much of the “Beauty” that immediately comes to mind is supplied by Earth’s natural environment, is it not?  Great landscapes and seascapes and mountain ranges and forests and fields of flowers that one is exposed to when they roam the wild places.

Much of the pain is both felt by, and caused by, those who occupy the planet at any given time. But, don’t forget that Nature is a volatile Creator, when her seismic work causes continents to buckle and landmasses to disappear undersea. Your impressions of Natural Beauty are merely snapshots of her places of finished work.

Your own body looks much different in closeup; compared to, say, a microbe or a skin bacteria, living upon it, when the hours between a shave might constitute several lifetimes, or generations, in their society. The Human Race, as you are experiencing it, is merely a microscopic colony on your Gaia. Every now and then, she might wash her hair or shave her legs. Or apply some medication to get an itchy skin infection under control, in order to maintain her own status as a very beautiful woman! It’s all in your point of view!”

Well is there a predestined outcome for all of this? Either in planetary terms or in our own lives as humans trying to survive on Planet Earth? Do You have an overall plan that will eventually come true in Galactic Terms? No matter how the various universes, solar systems, planets and/or their fleeting group memberships play out their opportunities or individual moments on the Great Stage of Life?

“My God, this is a new idea, because We are often asked about the future or outcome of someone’s life. And, Our Answer has always been to ‘Show Us whatcha’ got!” In other words, they have been granted a chance to try their luck at getting things right. And they have been supplied with everything they need to succeed; if they will but use their creative ingenuity to bring out their own potential. We are not going to do that for them. But, if they learn how to ask for Our help, they will have it in abundance.

But, yes, there is an overall goal to Creation, itself, and everything serves that goal in the long run. Failures fall away, while Up-and-Comers may take things in surprising directions. Creation is made up, ultimately, of creators, in all of the size dimensions. The overall good will be realized by the push and pull of supply and demand. That which serves the greatest good will be preserved in the evolutionary selection process. Creation can be trusted to survive and thrive, even though the birth and subsequent growth process might appear to be long, painful and messy. So yes, there is an ultimate destiny of perfection for everything!”

So, we must always Trust The Process! Right?

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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