Who Designed DNA And Activated It?

Oh, my Holy Spirit! Brooke submitted some very unique questions during our brief conversation at the Luang Prabang, Laos Post Office. A few created some recent posts and she promises to send in a long list of new ones. However, this one is a doozy and I sure wouldn’t know the answer if it had to come from me. Let’s see what The Holy Spirit says:

Oh my Holy Spirit! Here’s a question that I would never think to ask and it’s certainly impossible to anticipate what sort of an answer You will have. I just googled the subject of DNA, so that We both are up-to-date on the description of this chain of code within every cell, which determines the sort of creature that will develop from the combination of the DNA contributed by each parent; whether that should be elephants, storks, or human beings. All living things on this planet are made up of long, twisted strands of DNA, which form protein, the building block of cells. This forms Life!

What prompted Brooke to form the question:“Who Designed DNA and Activated It?” Can You tell us Who did? Or is it simply the obvious answer: God, The Great Creative Force?

“Yes and No! Obviously, the God of every planet invents and commands into Being, the life that will be found upon the surface of that planet. The same as humans make up their future experiences by telling Us what you hope for. We cannot tell you exactly how We do it, because We design it from the Outside-in, making sure to define all of the desired properties that We wish this creation to have and to display. We are visualizing “End Results” here and are not constructing the underlying creative machinery about how to achieve what We have visualized.

Just as you don’t design the airplane that you board to whisk you away to your destination, We don’t spell out to The Universe, to The Creator, exactly how to provide our creational wishes. It’s not necessary to know how it works “under the hood,” so to speak, in order to request the specific results. “Trust The Process” is the watchword here. So, We don’t put together the DNA of which Earth’s creatures are composed. It may, or may not be, Universal; but it does depend upon the mating of male and female, and not all planetary populations replicate in that fashion.

However, Brooke asks specifically about Earth, and all We can say is that the Earth Package specifies the cellular makeup of the creatures living upon its surface. These details are automatically determined by the Planet, Itself; as everything living upon it makes up its total genetic cellular structure. So, living Earth Creatures share the fact of DNA according to the custom of Earth’s conformity. It probably isn’t identical to the coding of residents of the other planets in your solar system, as they would have their own conditions of makeup and would be identifiable by their own equivalent of DNA.

This is a moot point at the moment, as your planetary populations have yet to mix. If indeed, they CAN mix! Even Earth occupants, sharing this definition of DNA, cannot mix species; though all are Earthly. As We have said many times before, there is no way to narrow this answer down to a “Who”, as the System of Creation is so vast that it takes care of many such details, Itself, as part of the entire, overall process.”

Me: And, actually, that confirms my own instant reaction when I heard the question. DNA is a building block of the entire, very complex, blueprint of a particular Earth design. We probably need a great deal more understanding of Creatorship in order to understand ANY of the components of the design of even this one planet, among the many millions of planets within even the Universe that we are aware of. Our existing earthly religions are quite simplistic in reducing the Heavenly characterizations to three: God, The Holy Spirit, and their own particular Manifestation of God. As Christians well know, this boils down to The Trinity: God, The Father; God, The Son; and God, The Holy Ghost.”

Me:The Manifestions of God: Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Baha’u’llah…. always come to earth to bring the same Truth of God, The Father, The Creator of All Things. And so, each of Them function and communicate singularly with mankind through the connecting power of The Holy Spirit. Period! End of Story! To heed Their Teachings, there are no other valid Stations (even as applying to each other) as espoused by these consequtive Revelators and their resulting religions, which sprang up as a result of Their Coming. So, even to suggest that there could be other places of life beyond Earth; or certainly, that there might be other Creative Forces or Intelligences beyond God! Or even, Heaven forbid, that Creation might be vaster than Earth conditions might suggest is just beyond the scope that most earthly brains can sustain. I suppose that some residents of some countries might suppose that their current President handles all details of all operations taking place in that vast land; but such is never actually the case! However, what harm can such generalizations do? Why confuse them with details? Is that the same approach we should take to this question of “Who designs DNA?”

“Well, not exactly, because it IS done by The Great Creative Force, or God. But then, to approach that Entity is another matter of impossibility. So, there We are! Back in the same ballpark, anyway!”

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