Which Chakra Are You Working Out Of?

                         WHICH CHAKRA ARE YOU WORKING OUT OF?


Today, I shall tackle the last grown-cold, yellow-pad notes I jotted down many days ago. At the time, I was on a roll with analogies, though I didn’t have any immediate need for them. Not wanting to waste a good idea, I captured them sketchily, and this last one actually got a bit of fleshing-out at the time, so here goes:

Let’s say that some New Age Analyst gave you a survey sheet to fill out. There’s this question about “Which chakra are you working out of?” which many people have chosen to leave blank because they don’t deal with the modern terminology brought by the gurus, and they have no idea what a chakra is. They don’t know about the seven, invisible, spinning light vortexes along the human spine, which go from the red root chakra at the tailbone, all the way to the bright white light beaming from the top of the skull. They don’t know that people tend to favor one region of their spiritual development and might even be stuck in a chakra, without knowing it.

Those who operate out of the root chakra, lead with their raw emotions and are heavily into the material side of life. Traveling up through the orange and yellow chakras in the abdomen and solar plexus, one combines the personal, emotional, material outlook with a growing concern for others, until the green heart chakra begins to care more for the general welfare than one’s own. The blue throat chakra expresses that concern outwardly through the voice, and the purple third eye of the forehead sees into the spiritual natural of all things. Finally, the brilliant crown chakra indicates a direct concern with God. So, the question as to which is your current chakra address really is an evaluation of where your energy is being directed.

But, what if our New Age Census Taker has figured out a way to get around this problem of our American general unfamiliarity with that line of questioning? What if they have couched this in the way of a shopping guide for an imaginary condominium? Let’s see if it would work:

Imagine yourself coming to a fine new condo complex prepared to buy a new apartment. You will be shown around by an agent and, according to your tastes, needs, and budget, you will pick out the one choice that is best suited for you. Here is the tour you’ll be taken on:

Basement studios – These are the least expensive – small, modern efficiencies which allow pets and are attractive but have no natural light or windows. These units are very convenient to the outside street, pool, and yard. Nearby liquor store, fast food court, grocery, and subway access puts all city conveniences at your fingertips. However, it’s noisy, because of the popular nightclub in that same basement, which operates till early morning hours. Consequently, there’s a fairly rapid turnover of neighbors. The upside is that you will not be asked to take on any building management responsibility. They also infer that you can sneak in overnight guests and no one will be the wiser.

Ground Floor One-Bedroom Apartments – These are larger, plain, modern window apartments, still very affordable. There’s a nice lobby and even though there’s still noise from street and the entry traffic, it is popular because it’s the pool, yard, and cafe level. Pets and one child allowed. There’s a rapid turnover and you tend not to know the neighbors very well, but you have no building responsibilities.

2nd – 10th Floors – Two & Three Bedroom Apartments – Family floors, larger and pricier, much nicer apartments with friendly neighbors, pets okay. There’s a Montessori play school at one end of the third floor and a beautiful social lounge and a classy, quiet, fine-dining restaurant are located on the 6th floor. Very little turnover, and these owners are part of the building cooperative with a stake in the ownership and running of the condominium, therefore, they share some responsibility. They all enjoy large windows and beautiful  views with very little outside or inside noise.

11th Floor Executive Apartments – These are the balcony, exclusive apartments, with their own elevators, expensive, very elegant and quiet; pets and children are not allowed and neighbors are  non-intrusive and stable. These residents have a large stake in the building ownership and a very active part in its management, as well as the profit generated.

The Penthouse – Very large and elegant, surrounded by a lush roof garden with its own pool. Quiet and lovely. Extremely expensive. No neighbors. No children, no pets. Private elevator. The one choosing this apartment has controlling ownership in the building and is the president of the Residents Association. They carry the overall responsibility for the success of the venture. A yacht slip at the nearby marina is included.

So, at the end of your tour, simply fill out your form and select your apartment. Of course, in real life, all of us are constrained by the realities of the pocketbook. But, we also have personal tastes which tell us what floor we might actually more completely enjoy living on. That’s the side you must listen to when filling out this form. What lifestyle best speaks to you, right at this moment?

That will very likely match the chakra that you are now working out of.


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