Where Is Hell? Does It Really Exist?

Blogs are chronologically backwards. That’s just the way that it is. What I write first, appears next in line to the one I’m writing now. Usually, the subjects are fairly disconnected, so the timing really doesn’t matter very much. But, in our linked question about Heaven and Hell, I would prefer that we deal with the more popular and pleasant topic of Heaven first. If you feel the same way, you can always read that blog before this one. That’s the way it appears in my dictation notes.

Dr. Romy Paredes, M.D., C.M.T., of the Wellnessland Wholeness Center in Cebu, Philippines, where I am staying this week, has asked several excellent questions, beginning with “What is Heaven. What is Hell? Do they actually exist?” The expostulation about Heaven ended with the quote:

“Let Us see what each person can do with unlimited possibilities. Do they waste their precious time, down there on Earth, at the drawing board? Do they come up with the wrong items, which will do them no good, once they leave the Earth Plane? Heaven is not Our Testing Ground! Earth is!

Many people focus on the wrong equipment to pack and that determines where they are sent. Beautiful passages are written in the scriptures about what it might be like, Up Here; but that is only posited in Earthly terms. Let’s put it this way:

Earth is like a factory where just about anything is possible; given the right combinations, of course. For instance, if the human being has always valued heavy physical objects, then they are prescribing for themselves a big warehouse environment, where they can’t bring those heavy objects, but which would be the dream of the worshipped object, if IT did have a Heaven. Thus, they have identified so completely with the thing they loved best in life, that they have, more or less, become the object of that intense devotion.

For instance, someone into sports cars, yachts, or expensive enjoyments; who literally, thinks in those terms, will wind up in a container for such things: a garage, a yacht basin, a big box. That would constitute Hell for a human; but would fit perfectly the inantimate object that they worshiped in life.”

Like a Security Deposit Vault which on Earth holds all their money? Do You mean that whatever we go after while on Earth by loving, or even worshipping it and aspiring for more and more, that we will take on those characteristics so that we need to be housed in that fashion in our next existence? Garages can be very cold, dark and lonely, can’t they? Plus, the motorcar, or whatever, wouldn’t be in there with you. You would be perpetually parked; as if you had aspired to become the car, itself.

What about someone who fixates on Food, or Drink, or Cigars, Heaven forbid? Do they wind up in an empty kitchen or bar? Is the dead human in danger of becoming the food, or are they simply knocking around in an empty room, waiting for someone else to prepare a dream meal or thirst-quencher for them?

“Yes, that would be it. If that’s how they spent their life, waiting for food to be miraculously prepared for their delicate and picky palate. This is the ultimate justice because they had seen themselves, primarily as the food they ordered; as the car they drove; as the companies they owned. As the power and energy they put into inanimate objects, instead of the human race, or spiritual goals and proper places to aspire to.

Heaven does exist, if you have crafted it for yourself. So does Hell, if you have decided that you were created to surround yourself with objects rather than people. You will, quite appropriately, be housed in a proper and very boring container; gradually losing all communication with humanity. It’s your decision but it must be made while you are on Earth!”

Hey, You Guys Up There really have a keen sense of humor! Or would that truly be an accurate sense of ultimate justice? This kind of knowledge about Hell is enough to scare anybody off! Especially, if the cigar box still had a lingering smell of that vaunted stogie! Sheer torture!

Also, the afficianado would have put in plenty of earth hours tinkering in a garage, a yacht basin, golf course or sports stadium. But, an empty one? No way to indulge the passion? A lovely bedroom for sex freaks? An empty mall for shoppers? A closed casino for gamblers?

Nothing but boredom! Teasing reminders everywhere! Is there any way to escape that Hellish Enclosure once you are dead?

“No, not really, because that’s not Our Testing Ground. That’s Our Receiving Ground. It doesn’t last that long though, if there’s no more sustaining energy coming from that enclosed dead human being. They create an empty box fairly quickly, as all of their force dissipates. Proving that earthly objects are not very dynamic focal points of worship.”

It sounds like pure physics to me! Entropy, perhaps? I’ll have to Google it.

EN-TRO-PY: A thermodynamic quality representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder, or randomness in the system. A lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder, deterioration, degeneration, decomposition, collapse, chaos.

Sounds like HELL to me! I also seem to have been very hard on the male tendencies. Maybe you can think of other examples?

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