Where Do Our Prayers `Go`? Exactly What Do They `Do`?


(Abadiania, Brazil) My pousada here in the little rural town where the John of God´s Healing Casa is located, receives many wonderful and interesting guests from all over the world. Naturally, we all become great friends and, eventually, they learn that I am seeking new questions to ask The Holy Spirit. These will always find their way into this blog and soon, into my second book on the subject.

Oh my Holy Spirit! Patrice asks: `What happens with our prayers when they reach Your Side? Where do they `go`and exactly what do they `do`?

Linda Layli, these are such original questions that even I don´t know all of the answers until I investigate these matters from Up Here. I think that I can safely attempt an answer….

(Suddenly, there is such an implosion… a vacuum-feeling… in my ears.)  What was that I just felt? 

“Would you like Me to explain it to you? I Am The Great Creative Force and I LOVE this question so much! Do these women know how much I welcome these questions? Please tell them to keep thinking up new ones because this is how the veils between Me and My Beloved Creation become thinner and thinner and possibly, their minds will be able to grasp Me more securely.

It is very complicated… this region between myself and the material world where I live within every sort of body occupying every sort of unimaginable place where life occurs: on many planets and under many oceans and in many jungles, cities and deserts. Places where things are very different. However, prayer exists between us in all of these radically-varied environments.

Call it Connection; call it Thought Transmissions, or call it Words, Songs, Hopes and Dreams. Call it Needs Realized and Needs Communicated. All of this is prayer. It´s connection, simply connection; and sometimes, that connection has a theme attached to it and that acts a bit like sending a telegram directly into My Heart. You want healing for yourself or for somebody else. You have a long-standing wish or desire and you finally get around to imploring for My help to enable you to realize this hope in your heart. Which I already know, by the way.

So, it´s very simple as to what happens the minute you form a prayer deep within your heart and direct that message to Me, no matter what form it takes. Maybe you are on your knees; maybe you are lighting a candle, or reading and reciting words taught to you by a religion. Those beautiful prayers, by the way, are only effective for you if you say them with mindful attention and hold their intent firmly in your heart. Just repeating the words, absent-mindedly, doesn´t have any true access to My Mind at the moment. It´s the heartfelt intent that I Am listening for.

When I hear your sincere prayer, I always do something, but it might not be to deliver exactly what you ask for. If it will help you or those involved, you might receive the instant miracle you are longing for. Maybe I will do this by putting the perfect obstacle in your path so that you will learn the necessary lesson more quickly; or I might see that you are already on your way to obtaining what your life plan is calling for. Or, I might simply love you all the more and arrange for My warmth to envelope you in a fuller and deeper way, but leave the matter of your prayers unsolved for the moment.

It is the attempt at communication which prayer provides which is the true object of praying. When you believe in Me, you pray. When you don´t believe in Me, you don´t pray. Or else, you use prayer like a chess piece, hoping to prove My existence to yourself  but more easily believing  that Im not a true reality if a prayer does not deliver the goods.

Sometimes, I just wait and see and sometimes, it wouldn´t be wise to supply what somebody asks for. Many people pray for death in order to end their suffering but death isn´t what they need; since only a continuation of life can provide them with a chance to learn the lessons that life is trying, at that very moment, to teach them.

So, to answer your question, all sincere prayers go immediately to the Ear of God. What then happens will be just exactly what should happen in that particular instance. There are many things and conditions that a human can not know about, behind the scenes, but what always results is an outpouring of more of My Love felt for the person who does the praying and for the object of their prayer, whether that is a person, place or thing. It focuses My attention there and builds up Our relationship. So, prayer is always beneficial because you and I wind up always holding hands.

What I desire most is for you to come to Me with casual, heartfelt words, even when you have nothing to request of Me. Just include Me in your daily – and nightly – life. Nothing formal. Just a cheery, `Hi Ya, God! I´m doing fine! Thanks a lot for everything! Bye now. Love, Me.`That would make My day if even a few humans started making Me their New Best Friend. I could get a lot of mileage out of that!

After all, I´m the Author of this book which they are writing with their occupancy of my universe. I´m the Architect of this universe, which surrounds them. I would so love to be included in the life they are living within My Creation.

Thank you for asking this question! I really don´t enjoy being an Invisible Host, standing right here at all times; but being so soundly ignored by all the humans who come to live in My House. Sometimes, the only words/prayers I hear from them are demands for `more hot water or better food,`or nothing but complaints about their surroundings. Many prayers are simply demanding maid service, when they are perfectly capable of doing the work themselves.

So, think of Me as your gracious host and treat Me as politely as you would the owner of any lovely mansion where you happen to be a guest. Talk to Me any time you think of Me. I give you free run of My house and grounds, but sometimes you will encounter Me, looking after things or checking up on your welfare. Please don´t slam your door and deny My Reality.

I will be your good friend, if only you will let Me. If you like, we could even make a game of leaving little notes for each other, stuck in the garden wall, hidden in a secret place…however you feel comfortable connecting with Me. I`m not so high and mighty that I Am inaccessible to all the human guests in my beautiful mansion, this Earthly planet, and all the others that I also make My residence upon.”

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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