When Will God Deliver My New Car?

                                WHEN WILL GOD DELIVER MY NEW CAR?


Kelly Dube recently sent two questions through our comment box on this site and although they’ re not the sort we deal with, because they are more appropriate for a psychic, I thought that they also revolve around a cosmic truth for all humans. So, here they are…

1. “Will I stay at my house and job or will I go to Oklahoma as my heart says I will? I never know if it’s my own wishes or God’s Dreams for me in my heart.”

2. “I NEED to know if I will get my Honda Pilot that I’m praying for this year. My birthday is April 30th. Will I have it by then or soon thereafter? I need to know if it’s my sins blocking this or it’s just not the right time.”

Okay, as part of our answer to Kelly, I’d like to paint a picture of my situation just at this minute because it sort of helps to illustrate the point in what The Holy Spirit has to tell her. I’m writing this particular blog in a busy hostel way down in Patagonia in southern Chile in a small lake town called Puento Varas because I am currently on a very long, solo, around-the-world trek. Nothing is very predictable from one day to the next, until I do the homework and plan the next step and then the next….ad infinitum.  I’m in a dorm room to save money but that’s a bit like being back in college with a lot of hustle and bustle and no privacy….as in, no really quiet place to take dictation for this blog. So, before we answer Kelly’s question, let me share a bit of the personal discussion which preceded it. Bear with us, it seems to apply.

After speaking of the various choices I could make, I say, “What do You want me to do?” He says… “My God, Linda, We don’t want you to leave here in such a hurry. We want you to hang out here for a long, long, long time. At least this one week because We can do so much down here close to Antarctica, so just go ahead and make a reservations for a week’s stay and the money will be fine.”

Okay, so I found a way to stay six more days in this region. Then we bounced around from a chilly bench to a lunch table. Shall we tackle Kelly Dube’s two earnest questions? They are the future-predicting sort we steer clear of,  but I sense that We do have something to tell her. Am I right?

“My God! This room is very noisy. I just don’t think that we can talk under these circumstances.”

“I’ll go to the dorm room. Oops, two girls are here but let’s try. Okay, let’s focus on Kelly. My first impression is that she knows what she wants…to go to Oklahoma and a particular car, a Honda Pilot, but she believes that You, or The Universe, will simply deliver them to her…if she’s a good girl. She waits for someone to give her the car for her birthday and she also wonders if You want freedom for her (Oklahoma) or if it’s only her own wishes.

Oh my Holy Spirit! Probably many people approach their life this way, by balancing on a point between waiting and doing. Can You explain how to handle a human life here on the planet while, at the same time, fully believing-in and depending-upon You?

“Oh My Linda Layli! Will you type all of this struggle into the computer on your blog, in answering this question?”

Do You mean even with the two young women chittering away in this dorm room, planning their travels together?

“Oh yes, even them. Life is just messy to get anything done the way you’d ideally like to have it. Do you think that I will come down there to Puerto Varas, Chile, and set you up in a nice quiet hotel room? Only if you go out and pay the bigger bucks for it, will you ever get that solitude that we often need, but don’t always get. It’s up to you in the long run. I’m perfectly satisfied with whatever you choose because I know that you and I are completely one in our purpose and that we can work under almost any circumstance.”

Plus, we have all the time we need in which to accomplish anything we set out to do, so the only rush is the one I impose upon myself. You are always there.

“Excuse Me! We should start answering Kelly’s questions or she will get bored and stop reading this column. Kelly, I want you to know that you have free will and, because you came to Earth with that gift, you are required to use it in every aspect of your life. However, I will say that many times I do seed ideas into the minds of My loved ones, suggesting possibilities that they might like to try. It is then up to you to make your own choices and I am happy with whatever you decide to make happen.

Hopefully, it will take your life in the right direction but I never interfere unless you ask Me for help. Even then, I don’t reach down from My Dimension to yours and move little chess pieces around. Life with God is much more subtle than that and it involves a whole lot more work on your part. Prayer can work wonders but in this material plane of existence, it’s mostly the human who makes his or her own reality.

When you ask Me for something, I can’t just deliver it to you. That’s not the job of the Upper Kingdom. Think of the earlier humans who first populated this planet. They had to invent everything that surrounds you now. Only the basic raw materials were available to them. In one way, every new human born today must go through the same learning curve of how to provide for their own needs, and then the needs of their family, as well as the collective needs of society.

So, to expect a brand-new car to be magically delivered to you, on or before your birthday, depends solely upon the generosity and practices of your parents or your spouse…but not upon The Universe or God. I simply don’t do that for anyone. The same goes for whether you are to stay in your current home or move somewhere else. These are personal decisions but it is wise to listen to your heart. Only you can decide such matters because every change is full of consequences and dealing with these becomes your own responsibility. That’s exactly why you decided to live in a material dimension….to make your own moves. 

A chess player learns nothing if some Invisible Magician moves the pieces on the board. It’s the same with every human life though there are Invisible Ones watching and hoping you will choose wisely. Don’t be nervous about your choices. There isn’t just one, you know. There are many, many possibilities for every stage of your life. You are only limited by your own imagination and you truly ARE the architect of your own dreams.

Obviously, you feel God’s closeness in your heart. I Am The Holy Spirit, and therefore, I Am your connection to Him. If you wish to talk to Us as you go through the days of your life, We will be there for you in every way possible, giving you courage and even advice if you should, somehow, develop the ability to sense or to hear Us. Just “Go With God!” and all will be well. But remember, you are the architect of your own life and We are not even going to be a Home Depot in helping you to do the building.”

Kelly, I always think of what I can do for Him, instead of what He can do for me. That way, life becomes pro-active instead of re-active. It’s pretty easy to figure out what your standards should be…in fact, that’s one of the advantages of developing a close inner connection. It’s very easy and instant to know when your actions are pleasing or displeasing to God. Then, worrying about your sins won’t be a factor and your work, your location, and your type of car will all fall into place.

The truth is, that these physical things are always changing. You will live in many places, hold many jobs, and drive all sorts of cars. So, learn to work with Him. Not by putting Him in the role of a supplier, but in the Role of your Best Friend and Lover. The one commodity which He IS able to pass on to you, through the veils which divide these dimensions, is happiness and contentment with where you are right now in life.

That’s a whole lot better than a Honda Pilot. Plus, you get much better mileage!



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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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