When Pets Die, What Shall Their Owners Do? The Third In A Series



This is a comment to a former posting …. What Happens To A Beloved Dog At Death? ( and Previously…Do Pets Reincarnate?)

“I have spent the past month since Flori my darling young yorkshire terrier past  over , asking that and many other the same questions as in DUKES story.. And at 64 yrs of age i can contest that in the few glorious months we spent on  this eartly plane,she (FLORI taught me more about LOVE than any other of my  varied lifes experiences . I must thank this article for giving me some ease  that FLORI  is well. For you see so wonderfull is/was our love if i knew for  sure Flori was unhappy and wanted me to come to her now i would have. So i close in many thanks and wonder how i may get to know if Flori wants me to have another dog and or just what are her wishes ?? God bless you all”

Oh my Holy Spirit, there is a great well of pain and sorrow out here in the world over the loss of a beloved pet. At such times, we humans have coped without the comfort and understanding, such as religion has provided, concerning the continuation of the Human Soul after death. The idea of an Animal Soul is foreign to most people, though pet owners do suspect that such exists because they witness it daily while their Noble One is alive. Even without speech, an animal can convey thoughts and deeds of such love and loyalty; often of a quality that humans simply don’t find in each other.

How fortunate is the Earthling who has deserved the love of an animal! Yet, common knowledge often discounts this great bond, or passes it off to mere sentimentality. That deeper level of devotion isn’t granted to everyone who simply feeds and shelters.

This is the third inquiry that we’ve received from a pet owner who has been completely undone by the death of his beloved dog. How many millions of broken hearts do these three individuals represent? What else can we tell them besides the delightful news that their sweet dog awaits their own arrival in the Next World and still accompanies them, even now, in spirit form with no change in eternal devotion? This man asks:

1. How can he possibly replace his Flori with another dog?

2. He is willing to arrange his own death if he thought that Flori needed him Over There.

What can You say to him, oh my Holy Spirit?

I love these sincere, loving questions. I have so many pets, Up Here, wanting to send this answer out to their owners. Oh, how they want to lick away the pain! Tell this man that whatever puppy he might choose to bring into his heart and his home will come with all of Flori’s love attached to it.

There is no competition in this business of pet love; just as there is no competition within a parent’s heart concerning each one of their children. Love at Ground Zero is pure and untainted. Here’s what your dear, sweet Flori wants you to know:

She has taught you how to love in this degree and she certainly wants you to keep on perfecting that exuberant quality. Why don’t you go on a bit of a Puppy Hunt? Let Flori choose the right little ball of fur for you. Your instincts will probably vary until you discern the exact one that she has chosen.

Make a game out of it…. as if this new pup is a stuffed toy that she has hidden for you to find. Talk to her all you want, the way you always have, and don’t be surprised if she answers you back. Now, her “Woof-woof; woof-woof; woof-woof” might make a lot more sense. (This statement is a direct quote from your Flori, herself, just now.)

Love and Playfulness are very much connected. Don’t let all of Flori’s lessons go up in smoke. She wants you to keep on practicing those talents and she has even more to teach  as you raise a playful new puppy dog.

Now, as to your generous, but totally undoglike, suggestion that you attack yourself, in order to appear, like something the cat dragged in, upon her doorstep: she barks a sharp order to Fuhgettaboudit!” Go take somebody for a walk, instead! She will see you….. and any troops that might be tagging along by that time…. when the Universe whistles for you and is good and ready to receive you….and not a minute before!

Sit, Boy!


But, DON’T rollover!”


In August, I was in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, and posted a question from Anthony about his dear Duke, who had just passed away. Now, Dave has just added a comment to that. Now, it applies to this letter from Ray about his beloved Flori.

“My heart goes out to you on your great loss. I lost my ‘Gretchen’ May 2011 and was devastated! To condense my experiences, my Gretchen is in my life daily (you can accept to believe this or not, but I receive physical signs with this every day), and she is guiding me to becoming an animal communicator to help people like yourself. I’m not sure of your beliefs, but I can atest that Duke is in a good place and watching over you. Pay close attention to little (odd) things, as he might be trying to let you know he is okay. Peace be to you, and I hope I can bring a little comfort to you knowing that Duke is in a wonderful place.”

Because of my crazy world-traveling schedule, I neglected to take dictation on the above comment, but I will soon rectify that and post a reaction from The Holy Spirit. Obviously, Dave is already becoming an Animal Communicator by reaching out to these other bereaved animal owners. Thanks, Guys!

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