What Would I Do In Any Given Situation?


How Would I Behave In Any Given Situation?”

Once there was a Great Creative Force. He was alone! There was nothing else in all existence other than Himself. He wished to know Himself. He wished o progress beyond the limits of His Perfection and the limitations of His aloneness. In other words, God was, and God was All That There Was!

How can God….or more accurately, The Great Creative Force….get to know Himself, or even to see and examine Himself in order to know how He would respond in a myriad situations? If only there was such a thing as a situation?

Here is the All-Powerful, the All-Beautiful, without so much as even a hand mirror to view Himself in. And, even if His great and all-competent Mind would conceive of a hand mirror, what is the image that it would reflect, if He is All-Potential, but not yet any particular specific which would pick up and reflect light back to the mirror in the shape of Created Form? And, since all objects exist only within His unexpressed Mind, which one shall He choose to have the mirror reflect?

And, that is but only one thing. He must know them all, in order to know Himself! This Source of All Being has had to become that, by creating All Being, in order to appreciate the fact that He IS the Source of All Being. And, what does this term, Being, imply unless He gets to work and fashions it, so that He may truly know and experience the meaning of the word by looking upon that word’s manifestation? In other words, what things have manifested through His Intention to establish “Being” in the Realm of Existence?

In fact, He has only in that moment, established “Being” Itself, because that Plane exuded out of the Intention, the Will of The Great Creative Force (GCF) to begin Creating! If He had never arrived at this decision, or had never been struck with curiosity about the behavior of matter (which comes forth when called, from within His Own Self) then, He would have remained Alone and Inviolable, within a vast nothingness, which offered Him no challenges, no defiance, no pain and no joy. No companionship and no discoveries. It would be the ultimate of Singleness!

Could His Contents truly be said to hold pre-matter, if there was never to be such a thing as Matter; because He had decided not to indulge in the risky business of Creation?

Mightn’t such a Great Creative Force have been compared to a great, clear jellyfish swimming in the empty ocean? Defined by His nearly-invisible outer skin, which simply separates His watery interior from its watery exterior? Imagine then, that our Jellyfish holds a mysterious substance within Himself, that we will call His Consciousness! He, Himself, is rather undefined with no bone structure and no distinct boundaries. Let us say that even His skin does not limit Him, being all-stretchy and fluid. He knows that His Consciousness is truly pre-matter, or pre-protoplasmic, because He is capable of imagining anything with His great and unlimited Consciousness. Once He decides to get into the business of life-production, and to create Being or Created Form, from within His Great Invisible Belly, then, all He needs to do is send forth a bubble from His mouth while He is thinking of a particular object. Voila! That object will then exist!

Now, that moment of creation comes and goes with Him and many are the ideas, hence, objects, formed by His fertile imagination. He´d be in a great bind if all of this matter stayed right before His very face. In fact, He would seal Himself away in some calcified region, if He did not perfect the technique of sending such matter spinning out into the ocean currents. For the sake of not becoming calcified in this illustration, we will not ask ourselves Who created the ocean; but will look upon it as simply the environment which most naturally contains, or floats, The Great Creative Force. Thus, Space or Salt Water could be called His outer shell.

Each bubble, which He deliberately blows from His Mouth contains not only the idea behind it, the form and function, even the name; but, His hopes and dreams for the future of that object. The bubble is a minute amount of His Own Consciousness, which now is contained within a defined form and which carries with it a slight reflection of His creative power. It is a tiny smattering of His Own “Be and It Is!” capacities. This is simply the ability to conceive of, and to build into enduring form, the products of its own imagination.

This Bubble also inherits His Immortality, although its matter-related protoplasmic form may, necessarily, go through many stages of renewal, which appear to be Birth and Death. GCF will curiously watch over His growing collection of bubbles, not interferring with their subsequent development beyond tinkering with their environments; trying to discover the optimum conditions for their growth. As He experiments, He finds new ideas to explore in this fascinating work of translating the unlimited supply of His Unknown Self, which sits waiting for expression within His Jellyfish Mind/Belly/Holding Tank, into a tangible reality that can be appreciated and studied by Him.

In one respect, these burgeoning creations, this vast wealth of bubbles, becomes the Hand Mirror, whereby He can examine and admire Himself. If He wonders: “How would I behave in such and such a circumstance?” all He has to do is to place some of His Creatures in such a situation and sit back to see how they perform. He is keenly interested in all of this; and yet, maintains, in general, a hands-off policy; knowing that they have, within themselves, the same ingredients that He contains. They can save themselves, from all dangers, if they will but USE their capacities!

                                            HOW EVIL HAPPENS!

The Great Creative Force understands that Physicality offers many, many opportunities for forgetfulness. Therefore, a great number of His Created Beings, His Own Children, His Bubbles of creation, will not make it through the cauldron, the hot oven of Life, and will have to be poured back into His Own Vast Container….never to be heard from again.

But, hey! Those are the terms of any manufacturing venture!

The sickness, which seemed for awhile, to have overwhelmed the smooth workings of this Great Creative Plan, was due to the fact that a great many Bubbles were not overcoming the initial shock of dealing with their own solid state. They were failing to rise upwards and were taking on the leaden properties of grosser values. They were becoming fascinated with the playtoy existence, and not the ultimate goal of returning to serve their Source, The Great Creative Force. They became sludge which clogged the plumbing; candidates for re absorption, and enemies of the necessary Cleansing ahead.

I look around this peaceful place, Earth, now and say to myself: “Oh, it couldn´t have been that bad!” But, I know my Earth´s history and beyond that, I know the extreme things that have been told to me on this Inner Hearing Channel, about how terrible a pass things had come to, in the Cosmos. Earth was facing execution, it was so desperate. And so, apparently, incurable!

We are now pulling out of that spot and the memory blurs. But, whoever has lived through the Depression or the Holocaust, can´t forget those evil days so easily, when Peace and Plenty reappear. They would have to acknowledge that things HAD been pretty bad!

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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