What Should One Do About Burying A Beloved Dead Pet? Is Cremation Alright?

Claudine writes: “Me again! I was re-reading your book and came across the section about burial practices. What do we do with our little pet’s body, now that the soul is away? The Vet Clinic recommends cremation. What is The Holy Spirit’s view on this?”

Oh My Holy Spirit! I’m in a hostel in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and using their public computer in the lobby. Can we try to take dictation this way, without my writing it in the journal? The music isn’t too loud today. How would You answer Claudine? Should we do something special with an animal’s body?

“Yes, it is fine to try this dictation in here. Let’s see…. what would I like to say? I think this reference to an old post will provide more than enough information. So, it is just best to do whatever you are moved to do to take care of your darling pet. You can cremate at some cost to yourself; or you can simply dig a simple grave anywhere it would be appropriate. In your yard or a pet cemetery or wherever it won’t interfere with public health issues or run the risk that other animals would dig it up.”

So, Pet Owners, there are no rules! Just your own considerate wishes. Here’s a link to an old post on this site with a whole lot of related information.

Do Pets Reincarnate And Do They Choose Their Owners?

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