What Is The Story About Transgender People?

Oh my Holy Spirit, Alexander asks about Transgender People who are born as one sex but who identify as the opposite sex. Many, nowadays, are undergoing sex change surgery and openly living their lives as the sex that they more truly identify with. However, not all people take those extreme measures and this Trans-identification is a large basket one, into which various behaviors and preferences fall. What can You tell us that will expand our understanding of Human Sexuality?

“Ohmigosh, I don’t think that I can deal with this important and serious subject, here in this bar, with that crazy music playing!”

I thought maybe not. Shall I take dictation back at the quiet hostel; maybe tomorrow?

“Y.E.S! I’ll see what I can learn about it in the meantime.

(the next day) This rainy weather is perfect for the Hermitage but I’m not attracted to Halls & Walls of Art. So, the topic of the day is “What is Attraction?” What is necessary for attraction to be present enough to generate action? All decisions require actions in order to enter the Plane of Reality. What are the mechanics of choice?

Foods that we eat; clothes that we wear; where we live; our college major…. Our choices define us. But, why can even identical twins choose to become radically-different as individuals? This indicates that it’s not our body making the choice. Otherwise, over-eating would be done to fill a big belly; not simply to create one, as a side effect, in the first place. Is it our brain that wants the food, or our digestive system, kicking us regularly into action?

Does our Soul Identity have any effect on our Body-Organ-Identity? What? How?

  1. If we are souls, temporarily occupying a body in a physical lifetime, do we bring our pre-determined tastes in with us? Our sexual orientation?
  2. If we are only physical bodies, carrying a mere consciousness to help us navigate, supply, and protect ourselves; then, our attractions would form within our body as it makes choices throughout our earthly lifetime. Appetites?

These are completely dichotomous points of view.

Most of the time, #2 seems to be the case in sexual selection. A male seeks a female, particularly because biology has matched their mating parts. He fits into her! She receives him comfortably! Both enjoy the interchange!

A female seeks a male for all of the above, but also for the sake of their progeny. She selects good genes – virility, strength, intelligence, because she has a maternal drive even stronger than her sexual drive.

However, sometimes, #1 seems to be the driver of choice…. the cause of attraction…. since a body that is similar to one’s own cannot provide the same sexual comfortable attraction without modification of anatomy or natural habit.

Heterosexuals probably feel a similar aversion to same-sex bodies that Homosexuals feel towards opposite-sex bodies!! I expect that this automatic, inner reaction is just there; and probably always has been, during the present life. What is there to be done about that?

  1. You can either make love to someone you are not attracted to, because of society; comfort-in-love-making; and the chance to produce children.
  2. You can make love to the body-type that you ARE attracted to, even though the build is not compatible with your own parts, because they are identical. Give up on making a child that is genetically your own; or choose surrogate parenting.
  3. You can surgically modify your own body, going through the considerable pain and expense to do that; and then, hope against hope, that you will meet the Right Person to make it all worthwhile! That good fortune often eludes most people; even if they’re born into a normal and workable combination of body and attraction type.

A Transgender Person can be either sex, but unless they have found someone with whom they are in love (and who could weather the complicated surgery and hormonal treatment), then, they may be gambling that a sex-change operation would cure everything. They might simply wind up as a Single Opposite; which could have been achieved with a haircut and clothing change, as far as the public is concerned. Enduring Love isn’t easy to come by.

To have transgender surgery seems to be aimed at creating Heterosexuality. Is that what it does create, Oh my Holy Spirit?

“Well, it looks like it would, if it gives that human body greater permission and greater physical convenience in love-making with one’s chosen partner; who would have the same physical conformity that the transgender person was born with. All of these people with sex issues have lived before, in possibly other Earth lives, or Other Dimensions. They might fall in love with an old friend, whom they have known somewhere else. But, that is more of an InterGalactic Friend (IGF) connection, than a sexual one.

They do have a core identity as male or female, but may have chosen to live a life as the opposite. That is risky because tastes and attractions are Soul Qualities, rather than coming from a physical, structural, and much more temporary, identity.”

Therefore, surgery can’t touch native tastes and preferences, can it?

“Yes, it might; but no, it probably won’t. Transgenders are trying to have a whole lifestyle in the body type that they identify with; rather than completing a lifetime which they may have planned during pre-birth in order to experience how the opposite sex feels from within. They should be happy with what they receive at birth and learn everything they can about that lifestyle. But, they will learn other things that will serve them just as well if they decide to change.

Bodies are great teachers, if we will simply pay attention to them!”

Yes, just now, walking home, I passed a group of four people. I noticed a man’s smile. I liked the way his mouth quirked up and I found it attractive… more so, than most people’s smiles. And, I thought of how many small things like that can add up to a total  called “Attraction.” Most people’s smiles simply elicit a positive, though generic, response in me and I think nothing of it

These flash impressions serve to teach us what our native tastes are; just as experience with food flavors and lifestyles eventually determine how we move through life. Animals eat that way…. by letting their noses tell them which foods to eat. We humans try to intellectualize everything, in order to understand it; or to broaden our approach and overcome mere attraction.

In the vast scope of things, how urgent is it for each of us to get our Sexuality Questions sorted out?

“Not at all important! That is a big surprise to most humans! But, if they can make peace with themselves, then they are encouraged to explore these differences and simply to know that they are a consistent Being on the inside; and they don’t have to always be recognizable to others and “put themselves back together” if they don’t understand why they have an unfamiliar body.

Perhaps, they need to feel a rush of unfamiliar sexual feelings in order to understand the life of the opposite sex? Lifetimes are not the end-all, be-all that Earthlings think they are. They will end, eventually, and that learning human will go back to more familiar territory to absorb the lessons that they recently came through.

Human graveyards are full of bodies that didn’t follow their owners out of the Earth Plane. In every case, the Human Spaceship will surround a returning soul and let that comforting familiarity settle in.”

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