What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Mermaids? If Any?

Chris Goodson, part-time fellow expat, here in San Miguel de Allende, had dinner with me last night, accompanied by her large and beautiful Standard Poodle, Sophie. We talked of many things, but she took the opportunity to ask about her recent Mermaid dream, which was almost-immediately reinforced when she stumbled across a gift shop filled with Mermaid dolls. This conjunction certainly got her attention but was puzzling as to its meaning. Put yourself in her place! How would you process this strong image? In the dream, she was undersea as a mermaid; but also, spent much time dancing naked on the beach in human form. To make things more abstract, we’re not near any seacoast,  as San Miguel is deep in the mountains of Central Mexico. Chris is a dedicated Salsa dancer, so that resonated. But, what did it all mean? I wondered too. But dream interpretation is not my specialty. So, we posed these questions:

  • Oh my Holy Spirit! What is the significance of Mermaids? Do they exist? Or, have they ever existed?

“N.O! They have never existed here on Earth. They come from somewhere else in the Galaxy and are an example of the way life differs on other planets.”

  • I guess we would have found skeletal and archaeological remains by this time, if they had ever lived here. So, You say that they are real creatures, but just not here on Earth?

“Yes, that is correct. Many species have been tried on every place of life and Mermaids are one of the most mythical of all time and place; because it’s a very difficult life to be a combination of species. Their two parts are not suited for the circumstances of either environment. An upper half that is air-breathing, with delicate nostrils and eyeballs, cannot survive in certain parts of the ocean, particularly the depths. However, they can’t walk upon the earth, due to their tails. So, they must have tremendous upper body strength, but cannot weigh, absolutely cannot weigh, too much. Or, that defeats them in both environments.

It was not a very good experiment, as far as human construction was concerned. You’ve never seen family groups of Mermaids portrayed; or even, male and female Mermaids shown together. This is because they are frequently lone individuals, unable to reproduce, sexually. In fact, the lone siren depiction of the attractive female Mermaid, seen sitting on the rocks beside a shore, was symbolized as a lure, meant to cause a ship to run aground. Sailors were tempted to sail too close to danger.  Then, the irony was that there would be no payoff. The ship would crash on the reef but where was the alluring, naked woman to “have made it all worth while?”

So, the Mermaid image was frequently seen as a symbol to a man to “know what you are getting into before you bet the farm on one night of promised bliss with an unknown woman.” Not a bad way to get such a message across to horny sailors in a foreign port. Eh what?”

  • Not bad at all. A big boy’s bedtime story, so to speak! You’re saying that Mermaids don’t exist now, here on Earth, but, how did they become so popular?

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying. However, the word, Mermaid, is familiar to each and all and many stories abound. So, they can do their work, such as it is, without making an appearance on this planet, which is a difficult assignment under the best of physical circumstances. I’m unable to tell you where they do exist, or whether that experiment has been permanently discontinued.”

  • What message could this have for us? For instance, can Chris find any meaning…or warning, in her own Mermaid Sighting?

“Well, in general, it may be that these beautiful, yet fragile, Mermaid women are depicting Gaia, the elegant personality of Earth, Herself. Naked and vulnerable, they appeal to mankind with outstretched arms and with siren song, to come closer and to love her. But, mankind is often in danger too, at that point; because in order to spot her, the sailors are usually standing on the deck of an exposed, wooden sailing ship that’s already perilously close to the rocks. Instead of a temptress, this fragile female-being, could actually be warning them away. She might be trying to save their lives but is being misinterpreted in the usual male way.

  • Hmmmmm? How often has MANkind been accused of “Rape” of the land?

“Indeed! Now, what if Gaia could contact the female side of the Earth Species? Those who were not blinded by testosterone and self-satisfaction? Isn’t that a fairly-accurate evaluation of why Earth is in so much trouble now? The rape, plundering and pillaging that male pirates have forced upon her? That single-minded intention of intoxicated seamen, hanging from the masthead as the ship sails, full blast ahead, for the hidden rocks, without any concern for safety?

What if that ship were sailed by women? They might be enchanted to see a Mermaid and could well approach slowly and respectfully to make friends and to learn from her.

This analogy could be a microcosm of the dangerous situation that mankind is in, as well as Gaia’s attempt to find some way to communicate with her renegade population. If men can’t get their mind out of their pants; then, find a woman to take over the operation of the ship! Truth is always best conveyed in story form!

  • You have always told me that we are not alone, down here on this planet.  What percentage of our human population, at any given time, is made up of Higher Beings or Aliens assuming human form?

“I don’t think We want to get into this subject. They are here, but in deep disguise. Most frequently, they don’t even realize it, themselves. They’re helping this planet to survive the crunch time as they have always been here to help, Let’s use the Mermaid symbol as a hint, that things may be swinging to the feminine energies, rather than the dominating, warlike, male energies.

Let’s just see it as a symbol to the future. Underestimated womankind is now rolling up her sleeves, ready to get to work! Earthling or Mermaid aside, she’ll no longer merely sit on the rocks, waving her misunderstood message to the passing sailors.

The “gloves are off!” Her tail is off! And she’s Salsa dancing on the beach!

Womankind is ready to take on her future and the future of her land! But, in a happy and graceful way!”

  • Ohmigosh! In the right hands, this story could be seen as a campaign pitch for Hilary Clinton, hoping to become the first female President of the United States! Who among the male opposition candidates best depicts the drunken sailor in the rigging, I wonder? 

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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