What Is The Source of God’s Consciousness? And, Why Not A Female God?


Karen and Erin, whom I met at Paz y Luz Resort in Pisac, Peru, asked the quintessential question: “Where Does God’s Consciousness come from?”  I took this rapid dictation while we were sitting together at breakfast, but there really wasn’t time to do it justice and when I read it to them, I saw that they weren’t overly impressed. Karen was also quite clear that she preferred to call God a “She,” rather than a “He.” Here’s the original attempt to answer that tough question.

Oh my Holy Spirit, what can You tell Karen and Erin about this?

“Oh, My Linda Layli, Layli Linda! I don’t know how to say anything to these beautiful souls, because I have not thought about this matter before. I don’t want to tell you that I Am male or female, because I Am neither one. I just Am, and that is just that! I don’t reproduce Myself in the sexual way, as all of My Creatures must do.  So, this is the only reason that sexuality exists….other than for pleasure, of course, and We do have love and sex in these Higher Realms. But, it is very different.”

You have described Upper Marriage to me and sexual coupling, before.

“I know, and it does exist. It’s just too complex to go into in a short answer.”

So, that was as far as we got that morning before the dining hall closed. Later, I continued the questioning, though, the girls were no longer with me. Karen asked the quintessential, Existential Question concerning the source of God’s Consciousness. What created it? How did the Beginning begin? Creation bespeaks a Creator, but is The Creator created?

Oh my Holy Spirit, in pondering this question, I think that I know why I haven’t asked it before.  I can feel my finite mind stopping short of attempting to tackle Infinity. It’s like trying to enter a Black Hole, certain that rationality can’t follow; or even words that would carry logical meaning for me. Is it because I have simply accepted the Existence of a Creator and don’t need the details? Is there any way that a human can relate to an explanation about the origin of The Creative Force behind all existence on any Plane, whatsoever?

“No, I don’t think so! That’s what I meant today. There is no way to get from here to there, logically, in any language conceivable to man’s mind….to the human’s mind. And, when people want logical proof, of the scientific sort, We may as well close up shop, right there.

It’s simply not available and that is one of the conditions governing the Created Realm that you live in. The mind can’t “get” this equation, but the heart, which can well up with love for an Unseen Force….for a concept taken on faith alone….is capable of that.

This is surely why you have not ever asked this question of Me. You don’t need that physical, logical, scientifically-couched, convincing proof of My Existence. You know Me, personally, so you are of the unquestioning human believers. No answer about the Source of The Source exists for this planet. You will understand much more once you leave the limitations imposed upon Earth residents. Ask the same question there, and you still won’t receive a more-definitive answer, but your ability to understand the answers you are given will be much greater.

Honestly, Linda Layli, Layli Linda, belief is at the core of understanding almost anything. Seriously, the  open-minded questing, (without the close-minded, “show-me” attitude), is very important. Many people can’t be open-minded with even each other’s origins and reasons-for-being, and yet they share a common humanity and biology. How can one Species possibly understand  another Species…..even their current feelings, let alone their earliest beginnings?

The many powerful Upper Beings, Who are denizens of the God Realm, are very different from earthly humans. There’s not much sense to go into details about Them to those residing upon Earth. In turn, even those Upper Beings don’t tread on the subject of what Their Heavenly Creator is made up of, or the……

….Actually, this is what the word, “Mystery,” applies to. There are many, many things impossible to comprehend from a more-reduced Level. The ability to wonder and ponder is a bridge to possible understanding, or at the very least, the willingness not to have to understand everything before accepting its reality.”

In trying to think of an Earthly analogy, I keep coming up with the word, Mathematics. And then, all of its finer manifestations, such as Physics and all of the miracles that numbers can create. Engineers and scientists, ancient and modern, of every people and cultures on Earth; use the same decimals to do miraculous creating. Peruvians can make physical change, or design bridges and roads, as well as Americans or Australians can. And their ancient Incan terraces and temples still endure through millennia.

We all accept Mathematics. But, WHO created it? Was it really only Pythagorus? Apparently not. Here’s what Princeton University has to say:*

Does it matter to present-day results that we nail the origin down? Is it any less-real, if we don’t know? Even if we ask and are told, “Who is the originator of Math?” would that name endure in memory, or even be accepted by the next guy?

I’m willing to take my chances that the numbers used to get my airplane launched, will also guarantee its landing safely down. That “Faith” then frees me to travel widely; just like the not-needing-to-know where God came from, frees me up to love him unabashedly.


* (And, ummmm, which explanation is more clear and to the point?)

The philosophy of mathematics is the branch of philosophy that studies the philosophical assumptions, foundations, and implications of mathematics. The aim of the philosophy of mathematics is to provide an account of the nature and methodology of mathematics and to understand the place of mathematics in people’s lives. The logical and structural nature of mathematics itself makes this study both broad and unique among its philosophical counterparts.

Recurrent themes include:

  • What are the sources of mathematical subject matter?
  • What is the ontological status of mathematical entities?
  • What does it mean to refer to a mathematical object?
  • What is the character of a mathematical proposition?
  • What is the relation between logic and mathematics?
  • What is the role of hermeneutics in mathematics?
  • What kinds of inquiry play a role in mathematics?
  • What are the objectives of mathematical inquiry?
  • What gives mathematics its hold on experience?
  • What are the human traits behind mathematics?
  • What is mathematical beauty?
  • What is the source and nature of mathematical truth?
  • What is the relationship between the abstract world of mathematics and the material universe?

The terms philosophy of mathematics and mathematical philosophy are frequently used as synonyms.[1] The latter, however, may be used to refer to several other areas of study. One refers to a project of formalising a philosophical subject matter, say, aesthetics, ethics, logic, metaphysics, or theology, in a purportedly more exact and rigorous form, as for example the labours of Scholastic theologians, or the systematic aims of Leibniz and Spinoza. Another refers to the working philosophy of an individual practitioner or a like-minded community of practicing mathematicians. Additionally, some understand the term “mathematical philosophy” to be an allusion to the approach taken by Bertrand Russell in his books The Principles of Mathematics and Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy.

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