What Is The Reason That Humans Experience Psychosis?

Oh my Holy Spirit! I have been talking to a friend about his own experience with Psychotic Episodes and his subsequent career as a Counsellor and Therapist. We have come up with a list of questions to help us get a handle on what might actually be occurring within humans who might have those upsetting and puzzling thoughts that enter our heads so unexpectedly; and usually, most disturbingly.

What is Psychosis and why does it happen to a human being?

“Oh My God! I cannot help but be so happy that someone finally has come to this Level to ask, exactly, that very particular question! This is because the Mental Health Profession has been entrusted with finding the solution to this confusing situation. It is not a physical problem; in that it does not have physical origins. It is a Spiritual dilemna!

But, the present-day Religions are not really qualified, either, to treat people who are confused with the wild sort of input that seems to float, fall, or slam, into the minds of the afflicted.

Psychosis is a big basket term which covers a very large waterfront. It is not exactly correct, either, because it labels these patients with a medical diagnosis and is considered, therefore, a sickness. Therapists don’t have the skills to encounter this condition without their training in a medical context, which has usually included drugs and pharmaceuticals. As you know, these are counter-productive. Unless, of course, the object is to go back to a normal human status.

Which is, of course, everyone’s goal.

There is no general, worldly, understanding of Our Dimension’s goal to select a prepared and talented human being, whom We can initiate as a Communicator between the Levels. Always, there is something promising about those who are chosen to hear My Voice. If they can survive the dangers posed by their own society toward these awakening souls, then they might become useful to Us in very significant ways.

It happens to special human beings who have the potential to develop into being Seers and Hearers within their society. Many do not survive the built-in mental hazards. But, a few of the lucky ones learn to live with their spiritual channels wide open, and then, We can begin to train them for ways that they can help Us while they are still alive on Earth.”

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