What Is Jesus’ Heavenly Position And Is He Really The Son Of God Or Just A Figurehead For The Church?

This is the third post answering Amanda’s many questions concerning Jesus Christ. She asks:

If He IS real, then what is His Heavenly position?p

“Well, He is real and He is still alive in the Earthly Heavenly Realm; and is very active in the spiritual lives of living Christians and those who, in death, have entered their promised Heavenly existence.

But, He is not exclusively the only One Who ever came upon Earth to bring these Teachings! Many others are historically known, loved, and followed, in present day Earth life. And many are yet to come! Spirituality and its great lessons are not, parsimoniously, meted-out to mankind through only one Seed-bearer. They are very generously rained upon the understandings of all human beings through men and women who have demonstrated an ability to recognize My Voice.

Then, the matter rests upon the Hearers of those many messages to live as They decide to; either ignoring, or incorporating, the Godly fertilizer that I have sprinkled upon Them all.”

Is Jesus really God’s Son or was He just a figurehead for the Christian Church?

“Wow, Linda Layli, this one is such a trick question! God, The Great Creative Force, is the Father of ALL of you! Every human male is the “Son of God!” It’s an analogy often used to describe Fatherhood by the gifting of a particle of The Creator’s Consciousness to every male or female lifeform, up and down the scale of creatures.

Let’s just say that The Church coined the description, The Son of God, in reference to Jesus. But, the reality is that The Trinity actually applies to every Being, because each one’s consciousness connects to its Creator through the slender thread of Myself, The Holy Spirit, Who can never be destroyed by the death, or transition, of that gift of consciousness.

So yes, through the exclusive use of the term, The Son of God, the Christian Church has created a figurehead out of Jesus.”

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