What Is Cancer? Something That We Must Fight Or Nor Fight?

Here in Cebu City, Philippines, I am enjoying a healthy and restful week at Wellnessland Wholeness Center, learning all about organic food and natural medical treatment of human symptoms and diseases. Fortunately, I have proven to be quite healthy in spite of, and probably because of, my tendency to roam this planet alone, sampling people, places and platters, though my age is now climbing the extreme mountains of statistical normality. I’m good to my body and I’m a very happy person to be living such an adventure.

One great advantage to this nomadic life is that I meet heroes all over the world, such as Dr. Romy B. Paredes, M.D., C.M.T, founder-physician and pioneer of today’s new Organic Medicine, which relys upon plant-based cures and healthy foods. A classically-trained doctor, he understands both sides of today’s health problems which are often the result of runaway environmental issues.

Oh my Holy Spirit! Dr. Paredes asks: “What is Cancer? Is it something that we must fight or should not fight?”

“Well now, Linda Layli, Layli Linda, this is going to be a huge shock to most people but not to Dr. Paredes and yourself. Cancer is My wonderful tool to ask the question of every human being: “Are you ready to die and come with Me? I don’t say what their destination will be but they will pretty much know by that time. It is really a way to prepare them for the ending of this stage of life and the beginning of one so much more forgiving and delightful than this earthly world can ever pretend to be.”

Do You mean, kind of like allowing us to get out of the bathtub and prepare for a wonderful excursion or a party, or a trip somewhere exciting? We’ve known all along that the bath won’t last forever but we still like it a lot and resist getting out of the old, familiar tub?

“That’s right! Even when the water gets cold and dirty and leaves dark rings on the tub, humans prefer that to the unknown. As I told you a long time ago, every living thing gets a Voice, a say-so, about its demise. It must agree “to die and come with Me,” or I can’t take them to their next destination. That is just the way We work, Up Here.

Well, Cancer is a form of cellular agreement to go; before the mind can be convinced to let go of life on earth.”

Wait a minute, my Love! I can see how that could certainly apply to an Elderly Clinger, who simply refuses to give up on life; but babies and little children, and people in mid-life, also get cancer. How does that strong solution apply here?

“Wonderful question! Many of these young ones are very mature souls who are doing a quick pass-through on the earth plane. They don’t want to stay any longer than they have to and they design a good, terrible disease to guarantee that they won’t have to live a long life,”

Like I made my son, Randy, do when I prayed so vigorously for his recovery from a defective kidney at five days old. Was he on a quick turnaround plan?

“Yes, he was. Absolutely-tootly! And, he had to stay down for another forty-eight years, with a seriously debilitating neuro-muscular disease that crippled him, enormously. But, neither of you seemed to mind that, at all.”

Well, why didn’t You give him cancer to release him earlier? I’m not even sure what he died of, as they didn’t do an autopsy. Maybe, he did have cancer, undiagnosed?

“No, he just wore out. And he didn’t even want to leave you, either, since you and he were having such a good time living together in those eight years you were his caretaker. Anyway, he developed wonderfully, as you will see when you get Up Here. So, to return to your question. Cancer is not the Enemy but it’s not a Good Guy, either.”

Sort of like: this earth life is not the Good Guy that we think it is, but it’s not the Enemy, either? Is Cancer neutral, then? Like receiving the door keys, whether we plan to leave the house right away or not?

“Any time that cancer is detected, it will be felt within the whole family. Most cancers are not contageous, nor are they very predictable as to who might receive such a diagnosis, to what degree, and at what age. Also, there’s no predicting what the treatment might be or might become. Sometimes, it is refused or it fails to cure.

The bottom line is that death is not the Rogue that most humans think it is. After all, it’s your only transportation out of the station. There is always another train in your future and you may be boarding it way too late to meet your perfectly wonderful, fresh new body that was waiting for your originally-scheduled arrival. You might not be as excited about your “more well-seasoned” body that you will find when you do get there, having had all sorts of reminders and invitations along the way. Which you kept deferring with the help of very expensive medical treatment.”

Well, here am I, way old (80) and forgotten, Down Here In The Soup! Did my invitation get lost in the mail?

It’s…… It hasn’t been mailed yet. We are not eager to pull you off the Earth Plane yet. See, that’s the secret. Just get to working on something that will help the planet and We will let you stay there forever and forever!”

Oh no! Okay, back to the question: to fight or not to fight? I have a feeling that this is not a matter of “To Be Or Not To Be?” the way most people think.

“Ohmigod, no! Being is consistent, whatever dimension you are on! This is really a great question that has to do with “Perceived Survival.” The instinct of all consciousnesses is survival; so several dynamics are keeping attention focused on the earth plane. There are good reasons and bad reasons. The reasonable, therefore good, argument for living on, might be to care for family or to finish an important job for humankind. The bad reasons all include a quotient of the Fear of Death. Simply a wish to postpone the inevitable. Survival is never the issue because death has never killed anyone! So, why fight it?|

As a doctor, would You merely advise Dr. Paredes to help a patient to do what they wish to do? I guess that’s what already happens. I don’t have much experience with the issue.

“Right! And, as humanity matures, they will accept the movement between  Planes of Existence more than they do now.”

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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