What Are The Reasons That A Soul Reincarnates?



I asked many questions about Reincarnation in my book, In Secret Diffusion: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth. Here are a few:

What are the reasons that a soul reincarnates?

“To advance spiritually or psychologically. Not many are capable of advancing very far spiritually, because it is a difficult thing to do in the physical world. Many have tried and wound up in a reduced position because of the hardships and the effect on their psyche. A great number of people try to control their psychological development and many do not succeed in this path either.”

Do we ever design a happy, comfortable and favorable lifestyle, or is that not the purpose of reincarnating?

“Yes, if you are going in for psychological advancement. But that is not the true purpose of reincarnating, which is to gain spiritual advancement. That’s usually not done in comfortable circumstances.”

You refer to two tracks: spiritual advancement with a choice of a hard life, and psychological advancement, with a choice of an easy life. But you say it won’t be very effective if done for one goal or the other; but will be effective if done to solve both goals, simultaneously. I’m puzzled….unless the type of lifestyle isn’t that important. They seem to lead in opposite directions. Can You clarify this?

“Oh that’s right. It’s not easy to talk about these goals because they are sort of combined, anyway. People come down to advance themselves spiritually, but they often have a lot of trouble relating to other people and that has to be cleared up before they can progress very far on any spiritual goal. All have to learn how to love and that’s not easy to do when they can’t get along with the people in their lives. Many times, life’s circumstances shift about and easy, comfortable lives become unbearably hard, or difficult lives work out well. Don’t get confused with these exterior details and don’t presume to interpret someone’s life course, just by what you see about them at that moment.”

Do Earthlings stay on Earth in their reincarnating cycle and others stay on their own planets, or is there cross-planetary reincarnation, as a rule, or ever?

“Yes, Earthlings do stay on Earth, but those from other planets may reincarnate on Earth, depending on what they have to do. Their reasons for reincarnating are often very different. Earthlings don’t go to other planets until they are finished with Earth, which could be at the end of a completed life cycle.”

Please define life cycle.

“A life cycle is made up of many lifetimes over many millennia. It is a very long period of time and it contains many lifetimes. Most people do not complete one life cycle. It’s a rare thing but it can happen, to go into a second life cycle.”

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