What Are The Psychological Obstructions To Traveling Freely?

On Sunday afternoon, January 29, 2017, at 3 pm, Canary Island Time, I will be the Guest on the Reddit Solo Travel website, where members have been invited to submit questions on the AMA, “Ask Me Anything” Interview.  Since I am a full-time, solo, around-the-world, constant traveler, I don’t expect to be thrown by many questions….. unless it’s about a place that I haven’t any experience with.

Ultimately, as this introspective, metaphysical website proves, I like to get into the heart of the question and answer it in a way that satisfies the soul and not simply the body. In looking through my past blogs on my travel website, www.heyboomers.com, I found this old posting which does just that. So, I’m posting it again on both of my blogsites. Here it is … a traveler’s snack for the soul to munch upon while hiking new trails.:

Looking over an October, 2006, journal entry when I was planning a talk to the Newcomer’s Club, I see that I was pondering the reasons why there is often fear and hesitation about striking out on one’s own, to see the world in a very freeform and solo way. I narrowed things down to the three ongoing questions which a human being is always trying to solve – whether at home or away.

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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