What About The Use of Tarot Cards?



Oh my Holy Spirit! How do You feel about the use of Tarot Cards?

“I don’t think that they are very good sources of psychic information, Myself, though it does depend on the person using them. They are an attempt to contact Somebody, Somewhere in another Realm beyond Earth and that’s a step in the right direction. But, they often become formulaic in the hands of a novice.

In other words, each card contains a symbol and the reader could simply be parroting the “slogan” associated with the card and not actually drawing any upper advice specific to the client. Plus, that word, “client” says it all. This is a service usually charged well for, and can be operated merely for profit, which is the arena into which so much psychic talent has fallen.

So, the cards are neither here, nor there; it’s the questionable use which they might be put to, where the medium doesn’t even have to be psychic in order to fabricate a pretty good story for the listener.

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